I hope folks didn’t miss The Miz calling out Shane McMahon dominating airtime for months this week

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RAW Superstar The Miz made an appearance on Smackdown Live this week (via the Wildcard Rule which has rendered the brand split  outside titles moot until October anyways) and he said what the dirtsheets have been saying for months: Shane McMahon has been dominating screen time on RAW and Smackdown since his Heel turn earlier this year.

When The Miz said it, he got a huge pop from the audience in reaction. Kudos to WWE for allowing it to be said on the air and more than likely, we will see storyline changes sooner than later.

It probably won’t be due to feedback from Superstars though. Vince is known to be super protective of WWE Creative and outright rejects any ideas that even suggests a current storyline is not working (hint: It probably isn’t!). Yikes. According to various rumors, despite a report from earlier this week that WWE would listen to feedback from talent, they’re shutting down 99% of pitches sent their way. Ouch!

This is a REAL BAD look to say the least.

The latest longterm rumor to emerge involving Shane is he will beat Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship and then lose the title to another babyface. Not a good idea. At all. Yeah he’s a credible Heel simply for being a McMahon at this point but McMahon Fatigue is a real thing. LOL. Pushing Elias to take the title from Kofi would be a better look and could make for a nice swerve if Vince is willing to do it. You could then have Elias drop the title to Roman Reigns or even Ali.


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On a related note, kudos to Bayley for calling out Alexa Bliss for her track record of befriending and then turning on people on this week’s Smackdown Live. Clearly another backstab involving Nikki Cross is being set up but that’s probably gonna have to change now.

Oh and no it’s not likely Alexa Bliss will win the Smackdown Women’s Championship from Bayley. Why a RAW Superstar is challenging for the Smackdown Women’s Championship aside, the match itself isn’t a bad idea. Ignoring the bran split is and more so since we know Bayley will retain.


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Speaking of NXT Call Ups.

I wasn’t paying attention until last week but EC3 is getting buried by WWE Management on purpose. Jon Moxley revealed the likely reason why in his Chris Jericho Podcast last month is because of their short-lived feud in February. The original plan was for EC3 to be put over as a babyface against Moxley, who was fighting as a Heel. The crowd was having NONE of it and booed him out the building while cheering for Moxley. His Midcard to Low-Tier push is clearly in retaliation for that.

It’s a damned shame and more so given so many were against him being moved to the main roster earlier this year. Bully Ray (aka Bubba Ray Dudley) said EC3 should have been given another year in NXT to develop before being moved to the main roster. Given we are seeing talent who spent time on the main roster now going to NXT, that’s a fair point.

I do think if EC3 can weather the storm that is Low-Tier Purgatory, he could earn a push to the Midcard and then Main Event. It may be a year or two though given Vince reportedly wasn’t feeling him from the beginning though.

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It was announced this afternoon Lars Sullivan will be out for 6 to 9 months after suffering a serious knee injury. Given Vince had huge plans for him, it goes without saying it’s a HUGE setback for The Freak.

…It’s also a HUGE opportunity for him to have a reboot when he eventually returns. The earliest he could return is next year’s Royal Rumble and the latest is Wrestlemania 36. I heard the original John Cena appearance was supposed to involved Lars Sullivan but that ended up not happening.

Whenever Lars Sullivan returns, he has to make an immediate impact.

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Various websites are calling it a “must-miss” Pay Per View. Given WWE is struggling to sell tickets and most of the matches on the card are Super Show Down, Money in the Bank and even Wrestlemania 35 rematches, that’s a fair arguement to make. It also doesn’t help the name of the Pay Per View itself is very underwhelming to boot–pun intended.

Of course, I will watch via WWE Network. The main reason I haven’t consistently done match results this year is pure laziness. A second reason is I have been following other things including original content on WWE Network.

Speaking of, a lot of folks forget the current roster doesn’t just perform on their respective WWE Brand but they also record original content for WWE Network. You’re not only trying to fight for airtime but you have non-match obligations as well. If you’ve never seen Ride Along, Table for 3, Chronicle, WWE 24/7 or Chronicle you’re missing out on a lot. I’ll just put it like that.



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I hope folks didn’t miss The Miz calling out Shane McMahon dominating airtime for months this week

Before I forget, yes I am on Twitter

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If you already follow me on Twitter, you’ll see this same post and another one multiple times since I posted them on ALL of my WordPress blogs at once.

I’ll keep this one short, though. Assuming you’re reading this first from WordPress, my Twitter handle is @LaVonDavis617. Feel free to Direct Message me on Twitter if you’d like–I only recently found out what and how to DM on that note–and I’ll get back to you when I can.

The easiest way to get in touch with me without knowing my phone number is via Google Hangouts or iMessage. I have an Android Phone but I also have an iPad. I can text an iPhone as long as I know the number but if you wanted to text my iPad first, you will need to know my iCloud Email. It’s the same with Google Hangouts, which requires either an Android Phone number or a Gmail account.

  • My iCloud is btboston1@gmail.com
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…My iPad is Wi-Fi only but I’m pretty good at getting back to people fairly quickly. This way, everyone has at least 3 different ways to get in touch with me. Of course, you can also just email me if you want.

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Before I forget, yes I am on Twitter

In general, I like to be consistent in what I do and say

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When I first launched this blog 7 years ago, it was meant to be a backup to my old website Serene Adventure.net. I never would have imagined back then that I would have gone on to make 10–soon to be 11–more blogs on WordPress. I spent almost $500 on just operating costs with my original website over an 8 year period. I was able to do WAY more than that for free these past 7 years with WordPress.

My personal life has been in limbo over the last three–no, five–years in particular. Even so, I have learned a lot over the last 3 years I have been unemployed. My work as an Independent Consultant is a new venture I started late last year. I’ve got some big aspirations but I am also realistic. I know my limitations but I don’t think that disqualifies me from needing and wanting to make some big life changes.

Priority #1 is being able to support myself financially. To that end, I decided to start a Consulting Firm. Of course it’s not currently licensed or registered but that will change once I have the money to make it happen. At the same time, I am still looking for employment. The money I do make as an Independent Consultant isn’t much and isn’t consistent enough to really be considered income. I can’t even report it for tax purposes or I would have already.

This is something I have been saying to the people I’ve met in the last few years a lot lately: People have learned to love things and use people when it should be the other way around. You’re not rich until you have something money can’t buy. I have no interest in being rich or famous. Doing things for others makes me happy at the end of the day. At the same time, I am far more likely to go out of my way for someone who I know will appreciate the help I provide.

Every time I get a Like for one of my blog posts, I know someone appreciated the effort I put into it as well as the content. I have written almost 1,000 articles across my 11 blogs. I took my time putting every single one of them together.

For almost two years now, you’ve seen this at the end of every article:

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In general, I like to be consistent in what I do and say

Jon Moxley is the latest ex-WWE Superstar to openly criticize WWE Creative



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Former WWE Superstar and new AEW talent Jon Moxley–Dean Ambrose in WWE–is the latest former WWE Superstar to openly criticize Vince McMahon’s creative team. News broke late last year Moxley elected not to renew his contract with WWE shortly after his return from injury that kept him sidelined for most of 2018. He revealed in interviews shortly afterward he “hates doing hokey shit” and “left a lot of money on the table”, indicating he wanted to leave for personal and professional reasons.

In a recent interview on fellow former WWE Superstar and AEW talen  Chris Jericho’s podcast, Moxley confirmed WWE tried to bury his character (Dean Ambrose) by feeding him to EC3 and Drew McIntyre but the fans weren’t having any of it. His former Shield brothers Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins hinted during the Final Ride storyline they tried to talk him out of leaving but were unsuccessful.

Moxley is married to RAW Commentator Rene Young and though she obviously knew what he was going to do next in advance, it’s not like she could publicly say. I’ll put it like this: Sami Zayn named-dropped AEW on RAW on Monday and took heat from Vince for it. So…yeah.

Jon Moxley (real name Jonathan Goode) competed as Dean Ambrose in WWE for 8 years and prettymuch did everything there is to do. His new look when he returned from injury seemed to be the prelude to a huge push to come. He reintroduced himself as Jon Moxley in April. It’s the name he competed with before his time in WWE. Moxley is booked to compete in NJPW for the IPGW title next month.

Image result for WWE Creative

Getting back to WWE Creative. Triple H said in an interview last month he doesn’t think Vince McMahon will ever give up working on the WWE Creative Team. As it stands, nothing storyline-related happens without his knowledge or approval. You basically have to earn the right to not use a script as it stands though recent firings and resignations with Creative have seen some changes in that regard.

Many people assumed when Vince, Shane, Stephanie and Triple H announced last year that they would be collaborating in running the five brands–RAW, Smackdown Live, NXT, NXT UK and 205 Live–that Vince was initiating a hostile takeover of everything. As we’ve seen, that is certainly not the case.

The new Wildcard Rule nullified the Brand Split but I do believe that’s only until Smackdown Live moves to FOX later this year. Vince has also clearly shown that he is willing to concede more creative control to the superstars themselves. Becky Lynch more than earned her place as the hottest Superstar in the comany and still one of the hottest in the industry today. Vince candidly bought in as revealed in Lynch’s Chronicle episode backstage.

Veteran superstar Kofi Kingston becoming WWE Champion for the first time after 11 years with the company and then having a successful major title defense at a PPV…that right there says a lot about how much Vince is willing to trust the talent more.

…Then there’s Sami Zayn name-dropping AEW on RAW. I do feel like at this point, Vince needs to let that go. Obviously the fans are talking about AEW since the brand launched last year. Obviously the superstars are talking about it in private. Everyone agrees Kayfabe is dead.

AEW threw the ball in Vince’s court and right now they’re doing him the courtesy of time to address the same issues that have led to CM Punk, Pac (Neville in WWE), Tye Dillinger, Stu Bennett (Wade Barrett in WWE), Cody Rhodes and now Jon Moxley (Deam Ambrose) leaving the company: Creative, Overwork, being Underused and barred from competing Indie.

The one difference Pro Wrestling in general has from pro sports is there is no 4 to 7 month offseason (the NBA has the shortest offseason with 4 months between July and October while the NFL has the longest with 7 months between February and August). WWE now allows all Superstars to take time off for as long as they want or need. The company’s getting with the times slowly but surely.

The current RAW and Smackdown rosters have enough good talent to allow big names to take extended time off. Becky Lynch, Kofi Kingston and to a lesser extent the NXT Callups easily benefited the most from Roman Reigns’ recent 5 month absence. Planned breaks for some superstars–with enough notice of course–could be worked out quickly. As long as it’s explained and they don’t just disappear, I doubt anyone will care. Given more and more superstars and talking about being out for a while due to an injury on Twitter lately, it would be easy to set up for a superstar being away for a few months.

You just wrap up their storyline and then they’ll say they’re taking some much needed time off but they will be back before you know it. Of course, title holders would likely be forced to drop their title unless you use “The Brock Lesnar Rule”. Said rule could be used to allow a title to be taken out of the picture with its current holder to allow the focus to be on specific talent or ongoing storylines they’re not directly involved in. Finn Balor, who is the current Intercontinental Champion is another example. You’d only do it when it makes sense though since you want the title to be defended.

Anywho, giving planned breaks to everyone would help cut down in the overwork a reduce the wear and tear somewhat. At the same time you’re creating holes for other talent to step up and prove themselves. It’s win-win, low risk and high reward.

As for allowing superstars under contract with WWE to compete in other promotions or in Indie matches. Brock Lesnar personally asked Vince McMahon for permission to step away from WWE and compete in what ended up being his final UFC match in 2017 against Mark Hunt at UFC 200. Lesnar convinced Vince it would be good for WWE and not just himself and UFC. A few months after his UFC match, Ronda Rousey and other former MMA talent came to WWE.

Cross Promotion works when done well, planned well and the right people are involved on all levels. I look at former NJPW and TNA talent now with WWE like AJ Styles, Luke Gallows + Karl Anderson, Matt Hardy and Samoa Joe.

I do feel like at this point, Vince McMahon may have no choice but to allow active talent to work Indie shows and make non-WWE bookings or public appearances. Everyone knows by now Vince was PISSED with The Undertaker over Starcast though it was also true ‘Taker was not booked to be on the Wrestlemania 35 card.

‘Taker removed all mentions of WWE from his Twitter and Instagram accounts in March and is soliciting non-compete bookings. He is still contracted with WWE but it’s because of who he is that Vince can’t and won’t do a damn thing about it. Younger superstars, on the other hand…I do think it’s time for Vince to allow it.


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Jon Moxley is the latest ex-WWE Superstar to openly criticize WWE Creative

AEW’s Double or Nothing PPV was a clear statement to WWE: “We’re Here”

Image result for AEW Double or Nothing

Cody Rhodes taking a Sledgehammer to a throne at the top of the ramp was a clear shot at Triple H, who is the Executive Vince President of WWE and co-heir alongside his wife Stephanie McMahon.

All Elite Wrestling’s mission statement is to “Disrupt the Status Quo.” When you have many of WWE’s top stars Tweeting about AEW–Big E actually plugged it Saturday afternoon–it would be fair to say mission accomplished (of course, they did not outright use the phrases “AEW” or “All Elite Wrestling”).

Two of the biggest moments came from a WWE Superstar and  WWE Hall of Famer:

Image result for AEW Double or Nothing

This probably didn’t surprise anyone.

Jonathan Goode–Dean Ambrose in WWE–debuted on AEW last night as Jon Moxley. It’s the name he used in Indie promotions before his time in WWE. He released a teaser online in late April, reintroducing himself to the wrestling world as Jon Moxley.

He’s clearly a proven Superstar in WWE, having won every title in the business. He elected not to renew his WWE contract late last year because he “hates doing hokey shit”. Many fans thought it was a Work. His debut at Double or Nothing was a statement to them saying in short “I’m done with WWE”.

WWE RAW commentator Renee Young actually let it slip after his exit was used in a storyline a few months back her husband was “moving on to greener pastures”. Contrary to how he was used for the early part of his WWE career, Moxley is no fool. WWE likely saw this coming and rather than make him look bad, they gave him quite the sendoff in a last-ditch effort to get him to stay on.

Moxley will be a huge draw for AEW to say the least. He’s the main event talent AEW’s gonna need to build the company around. Because they know if they don’t keep him happy, he knows WWE would welcome him back with open arms.

Image result for WWE AJ Styles RAW

Former longtime Indie wrestler and current WWE Superstar AJ Styles revealed in a recent interview he’s staying with WWE for the rest of his career. Styles recently signed a new contract with WWE just before Wrestlemania 35, putting to rest speculation about his future with the company.

Since coming to WWE back in 2014, AJ Styles has become a cornerstone of the current roster. The fact that The Phenominal One held the WWE Championship for over a year speaks to how much Vince loves him. The sky’s the limit for him at this point. He’s showed no signs of slowing down anytime soon despite having competed at Wrestlemania 35 with an injury.

As for what’s next, I have a hunch he will soon do one of the few things he hasn’t done yet and that’s beat Brock Lesnar. You have to believe that’s coming at some point.


Related image

I would be concerned with Sasha Banks leaving for AEW if I’m WWE. Banks hasn’t been on TV since she and Bayley dropped the Women’s Tag Team titles at Wrestlemania 35. She was reportedly so upset when she was told they were going to drop the titles, she wanted to quit. Her husband, who also works in WWE convinced her to take some time off to think things over. The Boss was reportedly very upset since apparently she had been assured she and Bayley would hold the titles for a long time to give the new titles legitimacy.

Sasha Banks responded to a fan’s Tweet two weeks ago speculating she quit WWE and denied the rumors. If she wanted to quit, she knows WWE will make her wait out the rest of her contract like they did when Neville–Pac in AEW–walked out early last year.

Apparently, WWE is backing up the Brinks truck to make up for Wrestlemania 35 and more so in the aftermath of AEW’s debut. Banks is likely to make her return to TV sooner than later on that note. She will likely stay on RAW since Bayley is clearly being built to feud with Charlotte. WWE has a track record of keeping the Four Horsewomen of WWE split two apiece between RAW and Smackdown. Lynch vs. Banks is clearly what’s to come at some point sooner than later.


Image result for AEW Double or Nothing

This is a moment WWE probably will remember for a long time to come.

May 24 is actually the 20th Anniversary of the untimely death of his brother Owen Hart. Owen Hart died in a freak accident during his entrance at a PPV event and fell to his death. WWE took a lot of heat externally for continuing the show after the accident as if it never happened even after his death was officially announced later in the night. To this day, I have never seen or watched the footage out of respect for the Hart family myself.

The Hitman, who was with WCW at the time would suffer a career-ending injury a few months later. While Bret Hart holds no beef with WWE over the untimely death of his brother–Owen’s widow still does on that note–his appearance is AEW is pretty surreal at the end of the day.

Bret Hart was just inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame for the second time earlier this year alongside his brother in law and Natalya’s father, the late Jim “The Anvil Neidhart. The Hart Family has quite the estranged relationship with WWE to say the least. Clearly Bret Hart is daring Vince to say something to him the next time he’s on WWE TV.

While active WWE Superstars are prettymuch banned from promoting other wrestling promotions publicly, the same is not true for WWE Legends and Hall of Famers. For example Mark Henry was also at Double or Nothing.


Image result for AEW Double or Nothing


Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes built Double or Nothing to basically be AEW’s equivalent of Wrestlemania. They knew they needed to give people something to remember ahead of AEW’s TV debut. Mission accomplished to say the least.

AEW is here and assuming they play their cards right, it’ll be here for a long time to come. I will repeat what I said in a previous post: AEW is NOT dumb enough to try to compete head to head with WWE TV. They know the history and they know it’s a fight they’re 100% guaranteed to lose.

What I think is more likely to happen at some point down the road is cross-promotion between WWE and AEW. I’m saying it now and it would be win-win for both. 20 years ago, you would’ve been crazy if someone told you WWE would own their competition WCW 3 years later. Anything’s possible.

I look at Hell in the Cell, Summer Slam, Evolution and Survivor Series as a few Pay Per View events that could be cross-promotion. It could be real interesting to say the least.

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AEW’s Double or Nothing PPV was a clear statement to WWE: “We’re Here”

Brock Lesnar becoming the Beast in the Bank clearly sets up for a Deja Vu Cash In

Image result for WWE Brock Lesnar Money in the Bank


…The only thing scarier than Braun Strowman becoming the Monster in the Bank last year is easily Brock Lesnar becoming the Beast in the Bank this year.

Here’s a bit of a refresher:


…I’m sweating bullets if I’m Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston.

Paul Heyman and Brock Lensar confirmed on the RAW after Money in the Bank the briefcase can be cashed in for either title. So, Lesnar could randomly pop up on Smackdown Live to cash in for the WWE Championship. Lesnar could also cleanly lose to Seth Rollins at Super Showdown, beat him senseless after the bell and THEN cash it in if he feels like it.

According to the latest rumors, the plan is for Lesnar to cash it in on Rollins at some point during Super Show Down on June 7. Of course, it’s just a rumor. Even if it’s revealed to be true, it’s possible WWE could make history by having two back to back failed cash-ins of the Men’s Briefcase (Braun Strowman had a failed cash in last year). It will be interesting to see if WWE–and Lesnar–would be willing to put Rollins or Kingston Over like that.


Image result for WWE 24/7 Title


Mick Foley introduced a new title on RAW: The 24/7 Championship.

The rules for the title are as follows:

  1. The title is defended anytime and anywhere a referee is present (Falls Count Anywhere).
  2. Superstars from RAW, Smackdown, 205 Live, NXT, NXT UK and even WWE Legends or Hall of Famers are eligable to win/defend the title.
  3. Once you win the title, you’re fair game as long as a referee is present.

After a 5-minute melee, Titus O’Neil crabbed the title from the middle of the ring to became the Inaugural Champion. 15 seconds later, Robert Roode ambushed him on the ramp and then pinned him to become the new 24/7 Champion. He then immediately booked it into the backstage area with about 8 superstars (and 205 Live GM Drake Maverick) hot on his heels. Before the night ended, R-Truth took the title from Roode and will be bringing it to Smackdown.

It seems the intention is for the title to change hands very quick and add a level of unpredictability.  WWE confirmed Tuesday morning the title is for comedic purposes and it will primarily ping-pong between RAW and Smackdown. In short, it’s not meant to be taken too seriously. Low risk, high reward.

Image result for WWE Becky Lynch


Becky Lynch’s WWE 24, which aired after Money in the Bank was a reminder to everyone of how irrelevant she was until last summer. Clearly, it had been in the works for far longer than her Chronicle episode was because of how far back it went.

As a reminder to those with short memories:

  • Lynch along with Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss were the three masked women who were a part of Triple H’s entrance at Wrestlemania 30.
  • She was part of the Triple Threat Match for the then new RAW Women’s Championship back at Wrestlemania 31 that also involved Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair (the last Divas Champion). That match set up a feud involving Banks and Flair for the rest of the year.
  • Lynch was the first woman drafted to Smackdown. Her first two Smackdown Women’s title reigns were mostly forgettable as she was fed to other superstars.
  • As mentioned, Lynch was dissed to her face by Mattel when Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair dolls were unveiled right in front of her.
  • Lynch would either put Over other Superstars or be passed over in favor of other Superstars for Championship opportunities.
  • Lynch was involved in the Women’s Battle Royale at Wrestlemania 34, which was a part of the Pre-Show.
  • Going into the Triple Threat Match at Summer Slam 2018 involving Lynch, Flair and Carmella the original plan was for Lynch to Heel turn by attacking Flair after the match.

…What everyone except The Man herself didn’t anticipate was the WWE Universe rallying around the long overlooked and underappreciated Rebecca Quinn when she attacked Charlotte after the match. That moment changed the direction of her career, WWE and the industry forever.

Vince had two choices after that: Go into uncharted territory and Trust Lynch to give the people what they want or go with the original plan. The original plan was to build Charlotte into a credible Face for Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series and then again in a Wrestlemania match.

History recorded a different outcome in which The Man made Vince a believer:

  • Lynch beat Charlotte for the Smackdown Women’s title at Hell in a Cell and then defended it at Super Show Down and Evolution.
  • Lynch would make Smackdown must-see TV for months, prettymuch running the Blue Brand hostage until the Royal Rumble. Lynch would revolutionize storylines by using Twitter to build and continue her feud with Ronda Rousey that didn’t end until Wrestlemania 35.
  • The original plan was obviously for Lynch to face against Rousey at Survivor Series but Nia Jax messed that up. Charlotte would Heel turn at Survivor Series at the end of her match with Rousey.
  • Rousey would get involved in the TLC Triple Threat Match involving Lynch, Flair and Asuka, costing Lynch the title (Asuka would win the title. Earlier in the night, Lynch would get even with Nia Jax backstage for giving her a concussion the previous month.
  • Lynch would get a match with Asuka at the Royal Rumble but lost the match via Submission. She would then enter the Royal Rumble to replace an injured Lana and go on to win the Royal Rumble Match.
  • Lynch didn’t wait long to let Rousey know she will be her Wrestlemania 35 opponent.
  • Vince McMahon would get involved, throwing a few roadblocks in Lynch’s way on The Road to Wrestlemania.
  • Charlotte Flair would get her record-setting 8th title reign by defeating Asuka on Smackdown live a few weeks after Fastlane, breaking the tie she had with WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus (7-time Women’s Champion).
  • The Main Event for Wrestlemania 35 would be a Triple Threat Match involving Lynch, Charlotte and Rousey in a Winner Takes All Match. It would be the first time women main event Wrestlemania in the company’s history.
  • Lynch would pin Rousey to win the RAW and Smackdown Women’s titles.
  • Lynch would become the first person in 5 years to defend two titles in the same night against two different opponents at Money in the Bank. She would successfully defend the RAW Women’s Championship against Lacey Evans but lost the Smackdown Women’s Championship to Charlotte. Charlotte would lose the Smackdown Women’s Championship a few minutes later after Bayley cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase she won earlier in the night.
  • Lynch and Bayley would team up to face Charlotte and Lacey Evans in a tag team match on the Smackdown after Money in the Bank.

…All this happened in the span of amost 10 months. Even though she no longer has the Smackdown Women’s Championship, Lynch is clearly going to be crossbrand for most of the year and that’s what the new Wildcard Rule is for.

WWE also clearly has big plans for Bayley. She saw for herself what a change in attitude from Becky Lynch did for her career. Bayley hasn’t been relevant almost for as long as Lynch so…yeah. The rest of the year is sure to be interesting.



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Brock Lesnar becoming the Beast in the Bank clearly sets up for a Deja Vu Cash In

The Man and The Man confirm they’re dating + Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia on June 7!

Image result for WWE Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins

Universal Champion Seth Rollins broke the news via Twitter and Instagram that he and Former Double Women’s Champion Becky Lynch are in fact dating overnight. Lynch was in the midst of a Twitter Beef with the recently active WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix when she asked if it’s ok “to get their men involved”. We knew she was referring to Phoenix’s husband, fellow WWE Hall of Famer Adam “Edge” Copeland.

That was just half of it.

Seth Rollins tweeted in response, sharing a picture of him and Lynch sharing a kiss backstage after he won the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania 35. Becky Lynch would win the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships in the main event. Now that they’ve gone public, The Man and The Man are now WWE’s hottest power couple. They hold 3 of the four top titles in the business between them. Even before they went public with their relationship, I don’t see them dropping their titles until Summer Slam at least.

We may find out as soon as the RAW after Money in the Bank if their relationship will be added to their storylines. Becky Lynch got her mother Over via Twitter last weekend so anything’s possible. I think of that time a few years back when Rusev and Lana announced their engagement via Instagram. It killed the proxy feud they were having with each other that involved Summer Rae and Dolph Ziggler at the time. LOL. Of course, this is different.

Image result for WWE Super Showdown 2019

WWE revealed Monday afternoon the name of the June 7 event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia will be Super Showdown. Not to be confused with last year’s Super Show Down in Melbourne, Australia, It’s basically last year’s Greatest Royal Rumble with a different name.

A few matches were also announced:

  • The Undertaker vs. Goldberg
  • Triple H vs. Randy Orton
  • Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley
  • The Demon Finn Balor vs. Andrade for the Intercontinental Championship
  • 50-Man Battle Royal (Presumably the main event)

AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston are also booked for the event. Obvious “Card Subject to Change”, WWE is clearly planning around the likelihood Daniel Bryan will skip the event. He along with John Cena famously boycotted The Crown Jewel PPV last year to protest the killing of a journalist whose death is believed to have been at the hands of the Saudi Government.

WWE took heat for both Saudi events last year because of the fact the country’s laws bar Female Superstars from participating on the card. Women are basically second class citizens in Saudi Arabia in short and visitors are not exempt. WWE entered a 10-year deal with The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia last year and they are committed to hosting at least two major WWE events each year. Said events are carried internationally by WWE Network.

…I agree with what Triple H said the day before last year’s Greatest Royal Rumble. It will take longer than we’d like but we will see women allowed to compete in Saudia Arabia sooner than later. Two years back, Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks competed in a match in Morocco while wearing body suits in accordance with the laws that forbid them from wearing their usual ring gear. We will likely see a compromise like that in Saudi Arabia.

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TNT and AEW jointly announced their partnership last week. In the days leading up the the weekend Chris Jericho, Jim Ross and Cody Rhodes–all of which spent time in WWE–wasted no time once again shooting down speculation they would be competing with WWE.

Of course, this is not the first time TNT has carried a Wrestling Promotion. WCW ran on TNT from 1993 until they were bought by WWE in 2001. Everyone remembers the legendary Monday Night Wars. for 83 straight weeks, WCW was beating WWE in the ratings war between 1997 and 1998.

Vince McMahon weathered that onslaught and ultimately out maneuvered Ted Turner’s WCW. The latter billionaire, who owned TNT at the time wrote a blank check to WCW until he lost majority ownership and WCW folded not long afterward. Most of WCW’s top talent went to WWE either before the collapse (Big Show, Chris Jericho) or afterward (Booker T, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Goldberg) or in the case of Sting, almost 14 years later. WWE honored former WCW Superstars by inducting them into the WWE Hall of Fame. Most recently, Booker T became a 2-Time WWE Hall of Famer when he was inducted alongside his brother as a part of the 10-Time WCW Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat.

…No other promotion threatened WWE like WCW before or since the Monday Night Wars.

Of course, other promotions have tried to fill the void left by WCW. Most notably Ring of Honor (ROH) and TNA. Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and The Hardy Boys are four Superstars who made a name for themselves on both TNA and WWE. AEW Co-Founders Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks also made names for themselves in TNA. When it folded, those who didn’t go to WWE, ROH or New Japan Pro Wrestling  (NJPW) returned to working Indie Promotions.

Last year, the three came together and created AEW with the backing of a Millionaire. I’ll say it again: AEW has ZERO interest in competing with WWE. They’ve said since Day One. Their only interest is running a promotion for wrestlers who want to take a different path but still want a platform to showcase their skills. While WWE’s emphasis is storylines, AEW’s is telling the story in the ring.

On that note, it IS true that WWE has been pushing deeper and deeper into the athletic aspects and likely ahead of Smackdown going to FOX in October. WWE is constantly evolving and getting better at adjusting on the fly. Vince is learning to let Superstars do their thing and it’s pretty refreshing. Kayfabe is dead in WWE obviously.


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