Confirmed: Becky Lynch’s injury was NOT planned, Nia Jax took backstage heat for injury

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…This is Nia Jaxx’s right hand shortly after she cold-cocked Becky Lynch in the face on RAW, forcing the Smackdown Women’s Champion to miss her Survivor Series match with RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey. Nia tweeted the picture after Lynch and Rousey, now unable to have their match because of her took their (Kayfabe) beef to Twitter. Lynch responded, saying she’ll get some payback later.

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…Charlotte’s quip at the end is just priceless.


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…Mind you, Lynch and Rousey WILL have their day in the ring. The delay sucks but kudos to WWE for allowing the beef to continue online. That may be a sign the intended match could happen sooner than later. At the very least I am expecting the beef to continue on-screen the RAW after Survivor Series.

As for Nia Jax…whew.

The heat she has been taking since the incident has been intense not just from the wrestling world and fans but backstage, too. More so given this is not the first time she badly injured a superstar just this year. Zelina Vega missed a few weeks after Jax threw her on Tamina at Evolution. Alexa Bliss missed a few weeks after being injured during their match at Wrestlemania 34.

The unfortunate reality is Jax is getting a reputation as a dirty wrestler and that may be one of the reasons for the sudden Heel turn two weeks ago. Of course, no one is calling for her to be fired–and let’s be honest, no way in hell will WWE risk pissing off Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson by firing her–but she should and likely will be punished.

Kayfabe having her lose her title opportunity and then being taken out of the title picture until after Wrestlemania 35 makes the most sense to me. She has a feud with her now former friend Ember Moon. She could be forced to put her status as #1 Contender on the line in a match, then lose. She’s then demoted to putting over Midcards in the Women’s Division and let’s be honest, the RAW Women’s Division needs a solo credible Heel (The Riott Squad is a team) and more so with Alexa Bliss on the shelf. Mickie James and Alicia Fox aren’t strong enough so…yeah.

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…This screenshot though.

Becky Lynch doing another invasion SOON needs to happen. If I remember right, Lynch should clear the Concussion Protocol by this time next week (I believe it’s 7 to 10 days). For those who don’t understand why she’s in the protocol, WWE is not taking any chances after what happened to Daniel Bryan (missed 2 and a half years) and Paige (Same injury as Edge in short) and it’s the right call. She’s the biggest superstar in WWE right now. You can be damned sure they learned from how they handled Stone Cold Steve Austin (suffered a career-shortening injury before his mega push during the Attitude Era) to protect superstars even from themselves.

She will be back and back very soon.


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Confirmed: Becky Lynch’s injury was NOT planned, Nia Jax took backstage heat for injury

The Ripple Effect from Roman Reigns’ absence extends to Smackdown Live

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…That is the best way to describe the RAW and Smackdown before Survivor Series.

Daniel Bryan’s Heel turn- comes hot on the heels of Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch being removed from the Women’s Champion match with RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series.  The buildup got real personal real quick and after the Smackdown invasion on RAW, the last thing anyone wanted or expected was for there to be a last-minute change.

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..,This shot RIGHT HERE.

The Internet EXPLODED when Lynch pulled a Stone Cold and took on the ENTIRE RAW Women’s Team and this was AFTER she DESTROYED Ronda Rousey backstage:

It is revealed on Smackdown the shot to the face Lynch took from Nia Jaxx put her in the Concussion Protocol and will not be cleared to compete at Survivor Series.

For those who may be wondering, Alexa Bliss is also not cleared to wrestle and that’s why she got out the ring when all hell broke lose. She was injured at a live event just before Evolution and was forced to withdraw from the tag match that also involved Mickie James, Lita and Trish Stratus. Alicia Fox took her place in that match and she was at ringside.

Anywho, I think it’s clear we WILL see Lynch and Rousey clash sooner than later. If not TLC then the Royal Rumble or even Wrestlemania. We did  see a crossbrand match between Charlotte and Asuka, who was on RAW at the time at Wrestlemania 34. In other words, there is a precident and the foundation to build the match is already in place.

Looking beyond Survivor Series now. We already know Nia Jaxx has first dibs on the RAW Women’s Champion. On Smackdown, it’s not as clear. Becky Lynch is technically a babyface Heel but her new badass “I am THE MAN” persona has the WWE Universe in love with her since she Turned. She is NOT losing the Smackdown Women’s title anytime soon. As for potential feuds, there is some potential with Sonya DeVille (seems to turning into a Face), Mandy Rose (Seems to be getting a Push) and Lana (To help get her Over). I don’t think Charlotte will be in the title picture again until the buildup to Wrestlemania personally.

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…Getting back to the NEW WWE Champion. Clearly AJ Styles will get his rematch, likely at the TLC PPV. D-Bry’s Heel turn inevitable for two reasons: His wife’s Heel turn last month and more directly, AJ Styles being a babyface. Smackdown has been without a credible top Heel not named The Miz or Randy Orton prettymuch all year. D-Bry’s Heel turn changes that and more so now that the feud between him and Styles is personal.

As for the Universal Championship, obviously Lesnar is just holding it until Roman Reigns returns or he drops it to Braun Strowman, whichever happens first.



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The Ripple Effect from Roman Reigns’ absence extends to Smackdown Live

Developing Story: John Cena and Daniel Bryan refuse to work Crown Jewel PPV

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The story apparently broke sometime Thursday.

Sources within WWE confirmed Friday morning both John Cena and Daniel Bryan are refusing to travel to Saudi Arabia in reaction to the murder of Washington Post Journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The journalist was brutally murdered in the Saudi Consulate in Turkey by Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. The crown prince denies responsability for the murder and has promised to investigate the journalist’s murder personally.

If the name sounds familiar, he was the deciding factor in both The Greatest Royal Rumble and Crown Jewel taking place in Saudi Arabia. The timing sucks hard for WWE in the aftermath of Roman Reigns being forced to step away from WWE due to his Lukemia coming back. This is on top of Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe both being out due to injury as well as Bobby Lashley reportedly having a separated shoulder.

On RAW, Baron Corbin appointed Bobby Lashley as John Cena’s replacement at Crown Jewel, indirectly referencing the situation by stating he is replacing someone who never earned their spot.

The following night on Smackdown, AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan opened the night with their match originally meant for Crown Jewel. AJ Styles retained after a match that lasted 30 minutes. Samoa Joe, who was reportedly out with an injury for a few weeks attacked Styles and D-Bry after their match. Later that night, AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe for the title at Crown Jewel was set.

Kudos to WWE for responding quickly while also not taking the WWE Championship match off the card. Obviously D-Bry would be booked to lose the match on Smackdown since he wouldn’t be going to Saudi Arabia (and I suspect he was booked to lose at Crown Jewel originally too). Plus it was the perfect excuse to reintroduce Shane McMahon as the Smackdown GM. Paige held it down at Evolution so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was just given the night off.

Back on topic and in closing though. Cena and D-Bry will obviously not be punished for refusing to work Crown Jewel. There’s only a handful of Active superstars who can basically back out at the last minute like they did despite the matches they’re involved in being built up for almost a month straight. Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, Triple H (though he wouldn’t obviously), The Undertaker (same as Triple H), Rey Mysterio, The Miz and Brock Lesnar all come to mind. Everyone else would be severely punished. Folks need to be mindful Baron Corbin’s botched cash-in last year was punishment for arguing with a guest speaker backstage in front of the Smackdown roster. So…yeah.

Anywho, the show will go on. Shane McMahon promising to fire the Smackdown Superstar who loses tells me a Smackdown superstar will win Best in the World Tournament at the Crown Jewel PPV. My money’s on Randy Orton or Rey Mysterio winning personally. The Blue Brand can’t afford to lose Orton (second best Heel on the roster) or the Miz (best Heel on the roster).

Mysterio being cut from the Smackdown Roster to compete on 205 Live would give the Cruiserweight Division the badly needed star power they were hoping for when Enzo Amore was brought in from RAW. You can believe folks would tune in just to watch him perform if he loses in the final round.

From the RAW side, I do see Bobby Lashley or Kurt Angle winning in the end. Ziggler doesn’t make sense given he’s clearly about to split from Drew McIntyre sooner than later. Rollins is booked to defend the Intercontinental Championship against Dean Ambrose at TLC so…yeah.

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Developing Story: John Cena and Daniel Bryan refuse to work Crown Jewel PPV

Dean Ambrose turning Heel was clearly intended for a later time

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Dean Ambrose joins Bobby Lashley, The Bella Twins and (likely Ember Moon soon) as the latest Babyface on RAW to Heel Turn this month.

It’s pretty obvious Ambrose turning Heel was teased for weeks but they weren’t planning to pull the trigger yet. Roman Reigns suddenly being forced to step away from WWE moved up his Heel turn. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vince and Stephanie made the call just before the tag team match. It will likely be explained as Ambrose felt he was forgotten while he was out and felt like the third wheel when he returned.

This coming RAW just got a lot more interesting!


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Dean Ambrose turning Heel was clearly intended for a later time

Breaking News: Roman Reigns announces he will be stepping away from WWE on RAW

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Romain Reigns–real name Joe Anoa’i–opened tonight’s episode of RAW with the shocking anouncement he will be stepping away from WWE due to the return of Leukemia. Reigns revealed he had been Initially diagnosed 11 years ago at the age of 22 and it had been in remission until a recent test revealed it’s back. He made it clear his announcement is not a retirement speech and he will be back “soon”.

The commentator team’s reaction to the news and the expressions of Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins when they came on to the ramp made it clear to me this was not pre-planned and no one knew he was going to say what he said. My guess is Reigns just found out either today or over the weekend and told Vince, who helped him make the announcement to open RAW.

…It goes without saying Roman Reigns vacated the Universal Championship before exiting the ring. The Crown Jewel PPV match is now a 1 on 1 between Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar for the title. Reigns was clearly being set up to retain through the rest of the year so by default, Strowman will win the title at Crown Jewel. Not unless WWE decides to add Finn Balor to the match to keep it a Triple Threat, then let him win the title.

As for when Reigns will return, assuming things go well he should be back by the Royal Rumble the latest. The title will be vacant for the next 12 days. We will know by next Monday how WWE plans to market the Crown Jewel Match for the Universal Championship. Either Strowman Face turns or a Face is added to the match. Finn Balor makes the most sense but Dean Ambrose could also work. We’ll certainly find out sooner than later.


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Breaking News: Roman Reigns announces he will be stepping away from WWE on RAW

Smackdown 1000 makes it clear: The Blue Brand has been built to stand strong

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…Noticably absent were both John Cena (who appeared via a pre-recorded message) and The Rock (who tweeted) and I did suspect ther absences was intentional. Kurt Angle, who is a part of RAW did make an appearance on Smackdown to watch the second Qualifying match of the night involving (current U.S. Champion) Shinsuke Nakamura and the returning Rey Mysterio.

We also saw the return of Shane McMahon, who hadn’t been seen since he appointed Paige the new Smackdown GM 6 months ago (!). Most interesting to me was the exchange between Batista and Triple H, clearly laying the groundwork for a future match berween them. The four members of Evolution (including Randy Orton and Ric Flair) cut a promo in the ring and reuniting for the first time in over 10 years (Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista got together 4 years ago to feud with The Shield).

Batista wasn’t just Talking Smack when he said Triple H has never beaten him either. I had to go fact-check it so…yeah. There is credible speculation Batista’s recurring role in the DC Movie Universe might be ending soon so he definitely could come back to WWE for another run before he gets another movie offer. I would not be surprised at all if we see Triple H vs. Batista as soon as Survivor Series (Triple H is already on the card for the Crown Jewel PPV as a reminder) though TLC or the February PPV is possible, too.

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The Big Show joining The Bar (as a Heel) was well played and more so after he officially joined The Blue Brand last week. The New Day being a 3-Man group meant they always had a numbers advantage against 2-man tag teams. Well, excluding their brief cross-brand feud with The Shield last year of course.

The Big Show joining The Bar means we will see some epic clashes between them and The New Day. Presumably, it’ll be The Usos’ turn to do Live Shows by default (The Bar disappeared from TV for months but they were doing Live Shows) though Jimmy Uso is participating in The Mixed Match Challenge alongside his wife Naomi.

Speaking of Smackdown’s Women’s Division. We are seeing the same thing we saw a few years back when Charlotte and Sasha Banks were The Women’s Division on RAW. This time it’s Charlotte and Becky Lynch. No one can deny Becky Lynch’s Heel turn came at the right time to make her relevant again. More so with her now being Smackdown Women’s Champion. I do see her retaining at Evolution–clearly Charlotte is putting her Over–and likely we will see Lynch feud with Asuka or Naomi next.

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I don’t think I announced this on my blog yet but WWE Smackdown will be moving to Fox Sports 1 starting Friday, October 4, 2019 in a 5-year deal. WWE has reportedly been looking to move Smackdown to a different network and time slot so they can bring NXT to USA Network in Smackdown’s current slot. This is aside from reports RAW could be moving to NBC but same time slot.

Now, Smackdown debuted on UPN 20 years ago (now The CW) before eventually moving to USA Network a few years back. Personally I would prefer Smackdown being earlier in the week though I do understand why WWE wants to move Smackdown out of Tuesday nights at this point. Corey Graves does commentary for both RAW and Smackdown for one. For crossbrand promos, having a bit more time makes sense.

I just wish it wasn’t Fridays personally because of Sunday PPVs first and international PPVs second. I don’t plan to watch Fridays since I have other things I’d rather do on a Friday evening and I know most folks do, too. The ratings will take a hit especially on the new network so here’s hoping they switch to Thursdays in time on Fox Sports.


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Smackdown 1000 makes it clear: The Blue Brand has been built to stand strong

September Rumors, News and Updates

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Quite a few stuff going on with both brands as well as the usual cross-brand stuff.

First, here’s some injury updates:


  • Jeff Hardy, who took a nasty fall during his HIAC Match with Randy Orton Tweeted he was ok. His message came several minutes after his brother Matt Tweeted an animated Gif of the last time Jeff face-planted through a table several years ago.
  • Eric Rowan will be on the shelf for months due injury. His partner Luke Harper recently competed on NXT at a live show. It’s not a bad idea as at least WWE is finding a way to use Harper.
  • The latest news on Jason Jordan indicates his injury was more severe than initially thought and in fact it may have been career ending. Jason Jordan suffered a neck injury earlier this year. He has been seen backstage in recent days but is not cleared to wrestle. Apparently, the plan was for him to eventually be reunited with Chad Gable as a Tag Team. Jordan came to RAW last year to be Kurt Angle’s Kayfabe son (For the record, Angle is a father of four girls but has no sons IRL).
  • Speaking of Kurt Angle. He’s taking some time off. Angle recently shared a picture of Team Angle–Himself, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas–from back in the day, expressing the desire to team up with them again. Benjamin is currently on Smackdown Live and went solo after Chad Gable went to RAW during the Superstar Shakeup. I would not be surprised if Angle is working to get Benjamin to RAW as well as get Charlie Haas back in WWE while he’s away.
  • This was quietly announced the weekend of Hell in a Cell but Matt Hardy has officially retired. It was expected and more so since it was widely known he had been working with a debilitating back condition for some time. It goes without saying he will be a 1st Ballot Hall of Famer. Jeff Hardy is even more banged up but he will keep going for as long as his body will allow. Could TLC be Jeff Hardy’s retirement match?
  • It was announced last Tuesday morning that Ember Moon will replace Alexa Bliss in the Season 2 Premiere of the Mixed Match Challenge. Alexa is being pulled out due to injury but she hasn’t been ruled out returning should Strowman/Moon have a deep run.
  • Similarly, Sasha Banks has been replaced by Mickie James due to injury. We will have to wait and see if she will return later in the tournament.


I do have one marriage announcement that kinda flew under the radar. Adrienne Reese–Ember Moon in WWE–announced she will be marrying indie wrestler Matthew Palmer “in the near future”. My guess is like the marriage will be planned so she can be put on the card for all but the Male-only Crown Jewel PPV (It will be in Saudi Arabia like The Greatest Royal Rumble earlier this year). I do find it a little weird her marriage was publicly announced in advance as you don’t usually find out until after the fact.

Speaking of marriages. Corey Graves vaguely referenced Renee Young being married to Dean Ambrose during the latter’s match with Drew McIntyre on RAW this week. Anyone who knows their marriage caught the reference but those who didn’t would likely assume she talked to him earlier in the day.

Some rumors and speculation on the Women’s Division and the Evolution PPV:


  • The all-female factions and tag teams formed this year on both brands continues to fuel speculation Women’s Tag Team Titles on RAW and Smackdown will be introduced sooner than later. At the very least, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are announced at Evolution. More so since the Mae Young Classic’s finale will take place at Evolution.
  • The dirtsheets have been pissed about The Bella Twins being back, fearing they will take away from already underutilized talent on both brands. Have to say I feel the opposite and more so since you need a few established vets to help carry both brands. Brie Bella and Maryse–both of whom gave birth in the last 18 months combined–are involved in their husbands’ feud now. I do know that Bella Twins have “Free Agent” Status, meaning they can compete on either brand. It would make sense for them to have a key role as a tag team.
  • It’s fair to say Becky Lynch’s Heel Turn at Summer Slam was long overdue and nicely executed. Her character needed the reset and more so since she was forced into the Midcard so other Superstars can be pushed. Naomi (Twice), Alexa Bliss (Twice), Carmella and Charlotte (twice) have all held the Smackdown Women’s Championship since Becky Lynch became the inaugural Smackdown Champion two years ago. Asuka will likely get a title run in the near future but it can wait until early next year if need be.
  • Maryse announced on the September 18 episode of Smackdown she is stepping away to focus on being a mother. It’s not that big of a surprise: Brie considered returning 6 months after giving birth last year be decided to wait longer. There are rumors Brie planned to return at last year’s Survivor Series but waited two months longer to make her surprise return (alongside her sister Nikki) in the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble match.
  • Speaking of the Women’s Royal Rumble. The second one will likely have more active superstars than the first and mainly because of the NXT callups who’ve come to the main roster since last year. Charlotte professed a strong desire to participate in the Women’s Royal Rumble next year so it’s unlikely she will have the Smackdown Championship at that time. Lita, Trish Stratus and Beth Phoenix are the most likely to return from last year’s outing and are confirmed for Evolution. We could also see Michelle McCool, Jacqueline, Kelly Kelly and Torrie Wilson return.
  • Carmella revealed after Smackdown she decided to change her hair color back to its natural color, Brunette (with some fuchsia mixed in) to “go back to her roots”. I think the real reason was because Smackdown has three blondes in the Women’s Division–Mandy Rose, Charlotte and Lana–and she wanted to stand out from them. WWE is working on changing her hair in online publications so it’s safe to assume the change will likely be permanent as she said. Mostly because of her pairing with R-Truth she has clearly become a babyface as well.
  • Nia Jaxx, who recently returned to in-ring action indicated she will likely invoke her rematch clause and challenge Ronda Rousey for the RAW Women’s Championship before the end of the year. Rousey is booked to be in a six-woman match at the Super Show-Down alongside The Bella Twins against The Riott Squad. Nia Jaxx lost the RAW Women’s Championship at the Money in the Bank PPV earlier this year when Alexa Bliss, who won the briefcase cashed it in the same night on her. Nia was pulled to do promotional work while Alexa put Rousey Over. Now that Nia has returned, she and Rousey have some unfinished business so…yeah.
  • Everyone already understands this but Evolution being an All-Woman PPV featuring the finale for the Mae Young Classic is mostly to make up for women being excluded from The Greatest Royal Rumble PPV in Saudi Arabia earlier this year. WWE took alot of heat even though the decision to exclude women from The Greatest Royal Rumble and the Crown Jewel PPV wasn’t their call. WWE took alot of criticism for knowingly hosting a PPV in a country that treats women and girls as second class citizens. Triple H pushed back hard against the international criticism and defended WWE’s decision to host the PPV in Saudi Arabia, stating “When you want to do business in a country whose cultures and beliefs are different from yours, you have to play by their rules and bide your time.” That was basically his way of saying if it was his decision, women would’ve been on the card. But, it was completely out of his hands. The Women’s Division did live shows elsewhere at the same time.
  • Continuing on. Many saw the Women’s Division being excluded from The Greatest Royal Rumble as a step back after Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss competed in a house show in Morocco. WWE was able to make it happen by honoring the government’s request that female superstars wear not show skin in public and wore custom body suits for their match. Folks need to keep in mind that Saudi Arabia is not Morocco. I do feel that time the will come sooner than later that the Women’s Division will be allowed to perform in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Liv Morgan was legit knocked out by Brie Bella during the six-woman tag team match they were involved in on this week’s episode of RAW. During a (clearly forced) commercial break, Liv Morgan was taken backstage during the break while the rest of the Riott Squad, which won the match continued after the commercial break. Brie reacted to the incident via Twitter and though she didn’t apologize, she said basically said “accidents happened, no malicious intent intended.” This is obviously not the first time Brie recently botched a move but last time, she was the one who was laid out and her husband was involved.


On that last note. The last thing you want is a superstar getting legit hurt during or after a match. When taking a move like the “Yes” Kicks, you are trusting your opponent to not legit try to seriously injure you. You sell it but you don’t become legit seriously injured. Mick Foley, who has taken The Undertaker’s Tombstone more than any other Superstar is pretty candid about how dangerous the move is even when executed correctly. Ask Daniel Bryan, who lost 3 years of his career after taking one from Kane.

Whoever you’re in the ring with, there needs to be mutual trust that one will not legit try to seriously injure the other to the point they can no longer make a living. It’s an unwritten rule in the business even if you don’t legit like each other if you want to work in the business. It’s also the REAL reason we will never see a Hell in a Cell match like the first two ever again. In recently released introspective on the 1998 King of the Ring match involving Foley and The Undertaker, Foley stated after the match Vince told him in no uncertain terms “I don’t want to see anything like that EVER again”.

Of course, the fall he took during his HIAC match with Triple H a few years later was obviously planned. So were the dives Shane McMahon did from the top of a cell on two separate occaisions. It would be more than fair to say both of them shortened his in-ring career. We know for certain he is taking some much needed time off to focus on his health and take some much needed time off. Shane hasn’t been seen since appointing Paige the new Smackdown GM after Wrestlemania 34. The latest rumors see Shane returning for Smackdown’s 1000th Episode next month.

Speaking of October as well as November:

  • It has been confirmed Shawn Michaels will make his in-ring return after 8 years at the recently announced Crown Jewel PPV in Saudi Arabia. HBK will be ringside in Triple H’s corner opposite Kane, who will be in The Undertaker’s corner at Super Show-Down in Australia. The details are still being worked out but Kane and HBK being at Super Show-Down is part of the build for the latter’s in-ring return. The latest rumors point to a tag-team match though apparently, WWE is also working on booking HBK in a singles match at TLC in December as well. HBK hasn’t competed since he was retired by The Undertaker back in 2010 at Wrestlemania 26–8 years. HBK has candidly stated since then he has kept himself in shape and can still compete if he wanted to. The biggest clue HBK would be coming out of retirement came a few weeks back when the Phenom confronted HBK on RAW as part of the build for the former’s match with Triple H at Super Show-Down. ‘Taker straight out said “If you came out of retirement, it would only be to come after me”. WWE and HBK confirmed the latter turned down “millions” offered to him to compete in a singles match at The Greatest Royal Rumble earlier this year. Clearly HBK wanted his comeback to be on his terms so…yeah.
  • It has been confirmed Triple H, Ric Flair and Batista will join Randy Orton for a reunion of the Evolution faction. The four superstars formed the most dominant faction of the previous decade. Of the four, Ric Flair is retired and Batista is now in Hollywood full time. Triple H is a part-timer while Randy Orton is on Smackdown. Triple H, Orton and Batista reunited in 2014 to separately feud with The Shield and Daniel Bryan. Batista won the Royal Rumble in 2014 while Randy Orton was the WWE Champion at the time going into Wrestlemania 30. It was quite a memorable year that saw the destruction of The Shield.
  • It was announced the RAW after Hell in a Cell that Roman Reigns will defend the Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman in a Triple Threat Match at the Crown Jewel PPV on November 2 in Saudi Arabia. It is the only match that has been announced for Crown Jewel so far though it is believed a Tag Team match involving The Undertaker and Kane vs. Triple H and Shawn Michaels is also planned. We’ll have to wait and see.

…I think that’s enough for now. WWE has the TLC PPV planned for December but given there will be two PPVs in October and November each–Survivor Series is the other November PPV–I would not be surprised at all if a second PPV is announced for December like Roadblock.


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September Rumors, News and Updates