The Monster Among Men reminds the WWE Universe how strong he really is


Kudos to VInce McMahon for greenlighting this.

The internet went NUTS after Braun Strowman deadlifted a 10-ton semi-truck. Like The Ambulance Flip he did last year, I cued the video to the beginning of the lift. For those who question how this is even possible, Strowman does have something in common with the recently retired Mark Henry: He is a Strong Man Competator. Meaning flipping an Ambulance or a Semi-Truck is well within his capabilities. As a reminder, the truck is twice as heavy as the Ambulance he clipped last year.

To those who keep questioning this, last week’s backstage takedown involving Brock Lesnar and Ken and the Ambulance: Yes it was 100% Strowman. Look him up under his real name, Adam Scherr. He’s capable of ALOT more than what we’ve seen and it’s exactly why even against Lesnar he can’t go full power. It’s for their own safety.

Again, Kudos to Vince for consenting to the The Monster Among Men showing the world why he has that nickname. Displays of power like that by him are always good. There is never a time when it will ever be bad. More so now that WWE seems to have finally have embraced the idea of having two or more top superstars at the same time. It helps they have alot of options in the rare event both Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman are unavailable for some reason (Time off or Injury).

That said, WWE is dropping strong hints Strowman will get the honor of being the first WWE Superstar to cleanly pin Lesnar for the top title at Wrestlemania since he returned to WWE in 2012. As a reminder, Lesnar lost the title at Wrestlemania 31 BUT he wasn’t involved in the decision. Seth Rollins cashed in his Money in The Bank briefcase during the match involving Lesnar and Roman Reigns to make it a Triple Threat match, then he pinned Roman Reigns to win the title.

How I see this being set up is Kane wins the title at the Royal Rumble by pinning Lesnar but drops it to Lesnar in the February PPV via Rematch Clause. Then Strowman vs. Lesnar is set for Wrestlemania. That makes the most sense plus you allow Kane to have one more title run while putting Over Strowman as he has been. WWE kept the top title away from Strowman on purpose so they could slowly develop his character. Now it’s time for him to taste some gold!

The Monster Among Men reminds the WWE Universe how strong he really is

Breaking News: Paige’s WWE career over due to injury; Mark Henry retires as in-ring performer

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Saraya-Jade Bevis–known in the WWE as Paige–has just been informed her in-ring career in WWE is now over. Paige reportedly suffered the same type of neck injury that ended Adam “Edge” Copeland’s career on December 28, 2017 during a house show. Paige introduced a new stable as part of her return back in November and this is likely why she still made RAW appearances after the injury.

The timing sucks given her long absence and and how many times her return had been delayed. Originally, she was expected to return in June 2017 but it kept getting pushed back until the RAW after Survivor Series. Her long absence intitally caused by a suspension was extended due to an injury. While she was away, she had a nasty and public breakup up with her boyfriend and former WWE Superstar Alberto Pateron (Alberto Del Rio in WWE), who was released for the second time in 4 years from WWE.

Paige will likely still maintain a presence for the time being but now that it’s definitely known her in-ring career is done, it’ll be up to WWE and Paige to decide if they will make it a part of her storyline or dance around it like they did with Wade Barrett. For those who might not remember, Barrett’s “Bad News Barrett” segments (“I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.”) were WWE’s way of keeping him on the show while he was recovering from an injury. The story goes, he was put on the pedestal to help build his new character, Bad News Barrett when he was cleared to wrestle. It’s impressive he kept it up for almost a year.

Anyway like Edge’s injury, Paige wouldn’t be cleared to wrestle in any promotion. It’s not the same as D-Bry’s in which other promotions have openly claimed they would clear him to wrestle if he left WWE. Her wrestling career is over. Now it’s a question of how WWE may use her for the rest of her WWE contract and especially when the stable she’s in is broken up eventually. The best use of her would be to make her a manager at this point with a “No Compete” Clause in her contract.

2017 ended on a sour note for Paige both personally and professionally. You can’t help but feel for her.

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Man oh man…this is easily considered the best promo of his career. The story goes, Cena legit did not know in advance that it was a Work and obviously never saw it coming. It is looked back on as one of the best Troll moves in WWE history.

Bleacher Report broke the news this afternoon that Mark Henry, 46 “Prettymuch retired” as an in-ring performer a few weeks ago. This brings the number of active Attitude Era superstars to three: Kane, The Big Show (expected to retire soon) and of course, Triple H (runs NXT).

Mark Henry had quite the WWE career, introduced as part of the Nation of Domination stable. He gained the title of “World Strongest Man” after competing in and winning Strong Man competitions prior to and early in his WWE career. He would sometimes step away from WWE for months to defend or set records until he retired in 2005.

Mark Henry was a Monster Heel for most of his WWE career including his only run as World Heavyweight Champion during the first Brand Split. He was a workhorse and it’s a shame he wasn’t rewarded with 2 or 3 title runs during his career. Most would agree WWE underused him especially in recent years. I am still holding out home he might come back and get one more title run.

Breaking News: Paige’s WWE career over due to injury; Mark Henry retires as in-ring performer

Report: Vince McMahon may announce return on XFL next month

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…Anyone who’s see the ESPN 30 for 30 This Was The XFL will know Vince never gave up on the idea of bringing it back. Based on a report he filed a patent for a Football League over the weekend, speculation is buzzing the WWE Chairman may announce the return of the XFL on January 20. More so given it’s been confirmed he filed the trademark for XFL last Thursday afternoon.

So, yeah. All that’s left is the official announcement at this point.

Given the NFL’s popularity has been on the decline in recent years mainly due to CTE and the Concussion concerns, the timing is right for a new Football League to be introduced. I, for one look forward to seeing how things play out this time ^_^

Report: Vince McMahon may announce return on XFL next month

Trying to help a friend in need

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…Should the money be raised by the end of the month, I will make an announcement.

Trying to help a friend in need

Breaking News: James Ellesworth released by WWE

Image result for James Ellsworth announced a short time ago Smackdown’s James Ellesworth has been released by the company. Ellesworth had only been signed to a 1-year contract. WWE’s decision to not renew should be no surprise given how fast how was buried at the end of his feud with Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles last year. That was literally it with him.

Many questioned the wisdom in giving him a WWE contract at all but keeping it to one year was the smart decision. He was fed to Braun Strowman during the latter’s rise in singles competition not once but twice in Squash Matches. Later, he was brought back by WWE to help with the Ambrose/Styles Feud.

it didn’t take long for him to get Over with the WWE Universe as the ultimate underdog due to his scrawny stature. When Ellesworth Hell turned and attacked Ambrose, that was the end of his run. He was paired with Carmella earlier this year to help put her over prettymuch but did nothing else. WWE had no reason to renew his contract so…yeah.

Ellesworth will obviously return to indie wrestling. This time he has his visability from his WWE run that will ensure he will be able to find work elsewhere. I don’t see him returning to WWE unless WWE reaches out first though.


Breaking News: James Ellesworth released by WWE

WWE 24: Goldberg Chronicles an important Wrestlemania Redemption Story

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March 14. 2004: Wrestlemania XX.

Brock Lesnar and Goldberg’s first Wrestlemania match.

By this time The WWE Universe knew both Lesnar and Goldberg would be leaving the company after Wrestlemania. For this reason, the two biggest up and coming superstars at the time–the WCW Veteran Goldberg and The Next Big Thing Brock Lesnar–were booked in a match with each other. The house crowd made it clear how they felt about both superstars leaving as they made their way down to the ring.

Stone Cold Steve Austin, who had his retirement match against The Rock at the  Wrestlemania was the guest referee. He would later say he was beside himself to not react to the rage and anger from house crowd, who made their feelings known to Lesnar and Goldberg about both superstars leaving. Lesnar, whose contract disputes with WWE were already widely known got it the loudest. This was likely why after the match, he was dropped by Stone Cold to appease the crowd. Austin would share a beer with Goldberg before dropping him in kind as well to appease the crowd.

Lesnar would later go on to have a run in UFC while Goldberg disappeared from the public completely. Lesnar would make his return to WWE in 2012. Now older, wiser and more experienced, it didn’t take long for him to quickly erase the memories of how his first WWE tenure ended. Goldberg would make his return four years later in 2016.

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As was revealed in WWE 24: Goldberg, Goldberg tweaked his shoulder during the promo he did with Rusev a few weeks before Survivor Series. This plus the short time he had to prepare for Survivor Series confirmed why the Survivor Series match was a squash match.

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…It’s fitting that Goldberg and Lesnar would meet at Wrestlemania 33 given they both left WWE on bad terms 13 years earlier at Wrestlemania XX. Obviously, it was important to Goldberg to erase the memories of his last Wrestlemania appearance not just for himself and his son but for the fans as well.

How fitting that his opponent would once again be Brock Lensar, who was keenly aware of their shared history. The story goes, Lesnar made the call for their Survivor Series match to be a squash match to build towards their rematch at Wrestlemania. Goldberg needed to be Over with the fans so…yeah.

His standing with the WWE Universe restored, Goldberg left the door open for future returns to the ring. Being 50 years old, obviously any future matches he has would have to keep this in mind: His WWE 24 showed the spirit is willing but the ring rust and how long he’s been away will be major factors.


WWE 24: Goldberg Chronicles an important Wrestlemania Redemption Story

Emma, Summer Rae and Darren Young released by WWE

Related image broke the news this past Sunday 28 year-old Tenille Dashwood, known in WWE as Emma has been released from her contract. She last worked with Asuka at TLC and RAW last week, losing to her in both matches.

I’m assuming the decision was made in advance, mostly because she put Asuka over on her way out. WWE tried alot of things to get her Over but nothing seemed to work. She also had the bad luck of getting de-pushed or putting someone else over.

Her last two matches were clearly WWE’s way of helping her find work in another promotion. They certainly weren’t squash matches and were perhaps her best matches outsude NXT. She could certainly make a name for herself on the indie circuit or even return to her native Australia and do something else.

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Darren Young will always be remembered from his days alongside Titus O’Neil as the Tag Team PrimeTime Players. D-Young made news two years ago when he came out on Social Media, making him the first openly Gay Wrestler. WWE took took the high road and did what they could to support him then and since.

Injuries denied him Tag Team gold and likely at least one Intercontinental Championship run as a singles competator. When he re-debuted as a singles competator alongside WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund, things looked good. An injury sidelined him right when he was getting pushed and that was likely whas cost him his WWE run. Young also spent a large chunk of the last few years doing promotional work for WWE, likely in part because he is wrestling’s first openly Gay wrestler.

Young probably will join Emma on the indie circuit but I can see him returning to WWE at some point in the future.

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Summer Rae is perhaps the only release no one is surprised by. She was kept around only because she’s eye candy. Cj Perry–Lana in WWE–has the same problem but WWE knows how to use her. WWE tried with Summer what they tried with Emma and Lana: Everything.

…Unlike Lana, she didn’t have another Superstar she could be paired with after she split with Fandango. Shane’s dig on Lana last week in reference to her lack of in-ring skills could be said about Summer as well. Plus it didn’t help she hasn’t been around in over a year. I don’t remember seeing her after the brand split actually.


Emma, Summer Rae and Darren Young released by WWE