Sting makes his official WWE Debut at Survivor Series, Daniel Bryan Returns on Raw 11/24


I shit you not: WCW’s equivalent of The Undertaker made his WWE debut last night at Survivor Series. His timely arrival helped secure Team Cena’s victory over Team Authority and as per the terms of the match, The Authority is no longer in power. In addition, John Cena can chose who RAW’s new General Manager will be.

Daniel Bryan announced he will be the RAW GM for tonight and booked a match with John Cena and Dolph Ziggler against Seth Rollins and presumably Jamie Noble and Justin Mercury (The other 2 choices being Mark Henry and Rusev or Mark Henry and Luke Harper). After giving Rusev two impossible choices and demoting Kane, he booked a match for later in the night between Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Title and another match starting after the commercial break between Mark Henry and Ryback.


I know, it’s been a while since I made the intitial post. I’ve just been super-busy with stuff.

So anyway, after the break Ryback quickly dispatched Mark Henry. Backstage, Vince McMahon chastised Stephanie and Triple H saying he put them in an impossible situation to prepare them for the corporate world. Before the three got in the back of a waiting limo Vince hinted he will give them the chance to “fix things”.

Roman Reigns announced via Satellite at Survivor Series he will make his return “this time next month”, which would probably be the December 29 episode of Raw. I assume WWE is going to wait until Reigns is back before reintroducing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It hasn’t been in the picture since Brock Lesnar won it at Summer Slam and successfully defended it in a rematch with Cena a month later (thanks to Seth Rollins). The tite hasn’t been mentioned since then due to the 2-way feud Cena and Ambrose had with Rollins at the time.

Daniel Bryan’s sudden return (according to a few sites he’s not cleared to wrestle), Sting’s surprise arrival and Reigns’ impending return…looks like the next two months are going to be VERY interesting. Speaking of Lesnar, his contract with WWE is set to expire after Wrestlemania and there have been reports for much of the year UFC is talking to him in a bid to sign him once his contract with WWE expires.

In other random news, Phil Brooks (aka CM Punk) now works for Marvel and is designing an upcoming comic book. This should permanently squash the unfounded rumors of Brooks’ making a surprise return anytime soon. In case anyone has been living under a rock, Phil walked out on the WWE earlier this year and never looked back. Citing fatigue and burnout, he suddenly left the WWE earlier this year a few days after the Royal Rumble.

Given he no longer works for WWE (referred to on the website as a WWE Alumni) and despite being officially released from his contract by WWE I will call him Phil Brooks on my blog from now on. That’s what he wants to be referred to post-WWE so…yeah.



Sting makes his official WWE Debut at Survivor Series, Daniel Bryan Returns on Raw 11/24

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