CM Punk to make UFC Debut in 2015

I shit you not.

Apparently the deal was made official earlier this month yet I’m only now hearing about it via Social Media. It has been known for weeks now but I haven’t really been paying attention.

The reaction from UFC fighters has been mostly negative. To them he’s unproven and not a real athlete. No one questioned Brock Lesnar’s capabilities when he left WWE and came to UFC, winning the gold after 4 matches. Of course, Lesnar has alot of experience is looks the part of an experienced athelete.

During an interview the other day CM Punk–and I’m calling him CM Punk instead of Phil Brooks now because that’s the name he’s using in UFC–fielded some questions people had as to weather or not he can take a punch. Anyone familiar with his WWE career knows he sure as hell can. He also commented Brock Lesnar’s apprehension about taking hits to the face:

“Everyone always likes to say Brock hated getting hit in the face. I don’t know who likes getting hit in the face but I guess he did need to work on his standup defense.”

Lesnar famously recoiled during a UFC match after getting punched in the face. Some say that experience was what led to Lesnar returning to the WWE two years ago. Brock Lesnar, who is the current WWE Champion said in op-ed interviews earlier this year he is considering making a return to UFC after his contract with WWE expires after Wrestlemania.

There’s been alot of apprehension by fans and superstars over Lesnar being an absentee Champion, the fact that he can chose when he makes appearances and he will only wrestle at Pay Per View events. These are all in his contract.

When you really think about it, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say Lesnar’s time in WWE has been rehab to help him get healthy enough to return to UFC. I can only hope the WWE has plans in place for when he leaves and when he does leave, they don’t take him back. He’s too much of a distraction.

As for Punk, once he gets in a cage he’ll shut up all of the naysayers and if Jason David Frank (of Power Rangers fame as Tommy Oliver)  gets his way, he’ll be Punk’s first opponent =O

CM Punk to make UFC Debut in 2015

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