Triple H’s Interview on Stone Cold’s Podcast pretty open save two areas







…Thank You Tube I didn’t meed a WWE Network Subscription to watch it =D

While Vince McMahon’s was pretty big, as the heir apparent Paul “Triple H” Levesque’s interview of Stone Cold’s unscripted podcast was a bit more important. Stone Cold’s weekly podcast, which is carried by WWE Network is raw, unscripted and uncensored that airs right after Monday Night RAW.

Here is the Triple H Podcast in full:

…If the vid is pulled, I will try to find another copy on You Tube.

Anywho, the two items in particular I’m focusing on involves former WWE superstars CM Punk (Phil Brooks) and Chyna (Joanie Laurer), the latter also being Triple H’s ex-girlfriend.

  1. On CM Punk, I think it’s obvious he knew no one would buy what he said. Yes CM Punk was a bit of a mystery when he was with the company but the whole pipebomb angle he ran with helped breathe new life into the brand after folks were clearly tired of Cena/Orton. On the one hand punk said on Colt Cabana’s Podcast he’s done with WWE but since he signed with UFC he’s changed that to “not right now”. As Trips candidly said (no just in the podcast), they always come back eventually. That said, yes I can see Punk returning in a few years.
  2. On Chyna getting a Hall of Fame induction, yes he went out of his way to not say “yes, it’s because Chyna does porn, did drugs and appeared on Celebrity Rehab”. Come on, it’s his ex-girlfriend we’re talking about. Jake Roberts and Scott Hall were inducted after they got clean. Right now, Chyna’s too toxic for WWE to even use her old footage on WWE network. When she cleans up her image, then she will her her due.


…Of course, you need to be mindful Triple H is the Executive Director of Talent Relations and runs NXT. It’s also been confirmed when Vince eventually steps away from WWE Triple H (with Stephanie McMahon) will take the reins. That said, no one should be surprised he danced around giving straight answers.

I also call bullshit on him being in the same position if he didn’t marry into the family. Sure, he’d probably find work behind the scenes but the transition from full-time wrestler wouldn’t have been as quick or smooth without that connection. Kane’s making the same transition right now. His character is the Director of Talent Relations, which is Triple H’s actual job title. Could be a reference to a promotion to come when Vince steps down, who knows.

Trips said the talent does have some creative control with their characters but I’m seriously doubting that. The only person who’s really going by their own script (other than Cena and ‘Taker) is Bray Wyatt. The man’s got talent, not gotta argue with that. I think of R-Truth, Damien Mizdow/Sandow, Dean Ambrose and Zack Ryder. They all have decient mic skills and given some coaching, they could get real popular. R-Truth was a personal friend of Tupac (and has the picture to prove it) and can rap while Zack Rider…it’s a damned shame what was done with his character. The massive depush and bury, I’m surprised he didn’t quit. Roman Reigns, Mark Henry (when he returns from doing PR work), Darren Young (when he returns from doing PR work) and Dolph Ziggler could all benefit from having more creative control of their characters. Darren could be added to The New Day (currently consisting of Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) as part of that stable.

On an unrelated note, it looks like the storyline for Bray Wyatt vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31 has begun. During a promo on Monday Night RAW this week, Bray Wyatt said he fears nothing and that’s what separates him from normal people. It was very subtle but that’s sure to ramp up in the coming weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Undertaker’s return is teased at Fast Lane: For the last 3 Wrestlemanias, ‘Taker’s return happened the RAW after the PPV befire Wrestlemania. Paul Bearer’s death in 2013 set the stage for ‘Taker’s match witn CM Punk while Lesnar was apparently hand-picked by ‘Taker himself to be the one to end The Streak.

That said, alot of folks probably didn’t know it but The Undertaker was given the freedom to pick when The Streak would end and against whom. As we found out last year, it was Wrestlemania 30 against Brock Lesnar. The angle going into WM31 could be Bray Wyatt adamant there isn’t a soul alive who can stand up to him, let alone at Wrestlemania. Cue ‘Taker’s return teased on Titantron  for a few weeks until he shows up in the flesh.

…That’s how I’d do it anyway =O


Triple H’s Interview on Stone Cold’s Podcast pretty open save two areas

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