Report: Brock Lesnar might stay with the WWE after Wrestlemania

If this Bleacher Report and Jim Ross are to believed, anyway.

I would be ok with it only if Lesnar drops the title at Wrestlemania. The WWE doesn’t need an absentee champion. That’s basically all Lesnar’s been since he won the title at Summer Slam. He only competes at Pay Per View events as per his contract and in my opinion, this seriously hurts his credability as the WWE Champion. This latest news puts Lesnar retaining the title at Wrestlemania against Daniel Bryan and/or Roman Reigns back on the table.

While it was assumed Lesnar would return to UFC after Wrestlemania when his contract expires, that’s nothing more than an assumption. There is the fact Lesnar left UFC due to long-term health concerns. Thinking about it now, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for him to return to the company he left due to health concerns. Folks just assumed he was going back to UFC because his contract expires after Wrestlemania and he has been in talks with UFC for the last few months. Though, in the case of the latter we now know much of it has to do with CM Punk signing with UFC.

Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan at WWE Fast Lane on WWE Network

Let’s switch gears and talk about Lesnar’s potential opponent-err, opponents–at Wrestlemania 31. As folks know, two weeks after the Royal Rumble, Fastlane’s main event was booked on Monday Night RAW involving Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. The winner of the match would go on to face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

…The problem is Roman Reigns is the Royal Rumble winner. This match shouldn’t even be happening. Because of the usual shitty writing by WWE Creative, Daniel Bryan is involved despite being eliminated at the Royal Rumble. While yes we get it, Bryan never lost the belt when he won it at Wrestlemania 30 and was stripped of it due to injury, the fact of the matter is he has no business getting involved.

The question to ask is “Why now?”

Seth Rollins still has the Money in the Bank briefcase and can cash it in at any time. I’d be surprised if he didn’t try to cash it in at Wrestlemania. It’s with that in mind that to me, it makes better sense for Reigns to take the belt from Lesnar at Wrestlemania only for Rollins to cash in the briefcase on him. This would allow the former Shield members to continue their feud but with the belt on the line. A rematch clause invloving Brock Lesnar would then be Rollins’ problem so…yeah. Paul Heyman would make it work.

Mind you, a Triple Threat match for the title at Wrestlemania wouldn’t be unprecidented either. It happened just last year and things were pretty similar. The clear differences from last year were Batista won the Royal Rumble but lost at Wrestlemania in the match involving him, Randy Orton and Bryan. We also knew Batista was scheduled to leave to promote Guardians of the Galaxy after Wrestlemania so we knew he definitely wasn’t gointg to win the title anyway.

This time you have current champion Lesnar who may or may not leave after WM, Royal Rumble winner Roman Reigns who might lose his shot at Fastlane and Daniel Bryan looking to pick up where he left off. I get Bryan knows how fucked up the next two weeks are going to be and it’s obvious he’s taking advantage of the situation.

If he wins Fastlane but loses at Wrestlemania–scratch that. even if he wins–he will have to live with the reality he fucked over Roman Reigns just to get headline Wrestlemania. And Reigns won’t soon forget it. Even if Bryan loses at Fastlane, he’ll definitely get another title shot once Wrestlemania’s resolved. recently made an article about Bray Wyatt’s cryptic messages to “someone”. The fans aren’t stupid. It’s obviously The Undertaker. One comment I spied on the article suggested Kane might be called in as backup just in case. That could work as well without changing the promo. Mark Calloway is pushing 50. To say he’s well past his prime would be an understatement. You’ll notice in photos of him outside the ring his hair is white. Not that surprising when you look at Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and even Shane McMahon. It comes with wrestling for so long. Based on that, it’s a fair assumption he shaved his hair last year to hide the fact his hair has gone white and he’s not even 50.

I would be very surprised if this isn’t ‘Taker’s last Wrestlemania. The much younger Bray is going to have to carry the match with an S on his chest. No-selling punishment has been a part of The Undertaker for 20 years now. That all changed at Wrestlemania 27 when he faced Triple H. That was the first time after winning at Wrestlemania he left the ring on a stretcher. At least last year he made it backstage. I expect one or the other to happen this year as well worst-case. Even if ‘Taker has one more match left in him, his age is definitely a factor.

Folks have been saying for a while the match is a symbolic torch passing from the aging  Undertaker to Bray Wyatt. I can see the match being set with the premise ‘Taker showing Wyatt he’s still got it despite The Streak ending. If this does indeed become ‘Taker’s final Wrestlemania, he could return in other roles.

…Only time will tell.



Report: Brock Lesnar might stay with the WWE after Wrestlemania

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