Breaking News: The Undertaker accepts Bray Wyatt’s Challenge!

And the best part is he didn’t even do it in person.

In a video message that read “Wrestlemania: When Man Comes Around”. Taker than said (in response to Wyatt’s challenge) “You will rest in peace”.

The promo basically went like this: Wyatt is standing in the middle of the ring with the Taker’s Urn, which somehow came into his posession as of last week’s Smackdown. He opens the Urn, which he believes to be the source of ‘Taker’s supernatural powers and finds it empty. Moments after putting it down, smokes starts pouring out of it to Wyatt’s astonishment (“LOL WTF?!”) .


I almost didn’t remember what happened next when my nerdgasm went over 9000. The lights went out and when they came back on, Wyatt’s chair was in the middle of the ring instead of the urn. You can imagine Wyatt’s surprise given he watched Dean Ambrose smash it to pieces several weeks earlier. The message from The Phenom played, followed by a lightning bolt setting the chair ablaze.

…Of course, Bray Wyatt was laughing the whole time as he watched the chair burn, ‘Taker’s entrance music playing the whole time. At this point, I’d say Taker himself will appear next week, the week after or both. Depending on how he looks when he appears in person we’ll be able to analyze if he’ll be able to pull off the OTHER dream Wrestlemania match fans would like to see:

It’s the only challenge left for both of them after this year: each other. And I would pay a king’s ransom to see it. Come Wrestlemania, we’ll know for sure if both men have it in them for one more match. Then it could truly be called The End of an Era.

Breaking News: The Undertaker accepts Bray Wyatt’s Challenge!

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