Paul Heyman Breaks Kayfabe on 3/9 RAW!

Triple H said in his podcast interview with Stone Cold a few weeks back Paul Heyman constantly rides the line separating Genius and Insanity like a razor. He demonstrated that once more on RAW moments ago during the promo for the Wrestlemania main event.

…And it’s likely something only the former ECW founder could get away with.

During his 10-minute monologue Heyman called out the WWE, daring the company to pull a Montreal Screwjob-type move on Lesnar at Wrestlemania. His comments had a double meaning: The first is of course the imfamous match involving Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon and Brett Hart in which Vince screwed Brett out of the WWE title. After the match, Brett famously air-wrote the letters W-C-W to show where he was going next.

The other meaning is the X-Factor Heyman reminded everyone could come into play: The Money in the Bank holder, Seth Rollins. Heyman directly addressed Rollins, saying if he cashes in on Reigns should Reigns win the title, Lesnar will make him pay for it.

Heyman also addressed the UFC rumors head-on saying Lesnar does what Lesnar wants and if Lesnar wants, he could take the WWE title with him back to UFC. He also confirmed what alot of folks suspected though not as directly: Lesnar’s matches with The Undertaker, Big Show and John Cena last year were booked to make Lesnar look unbeatable going into Wrestlemania 31. Heyman all but said Brock Lesnar might either break kayfabe though it’s certainly possible.

Like I said, Paul Heyman may be the only person who could get away with doing what he did tonight on RAW. If anything, folks will be talking about it leading into Wrestlemania.

Paul Heyman Breaks Kayfabe on 3/9 RAW!

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