A Work…or a Warning?

During the promos for Wrestlemania’s Main Event on RAW tonight, both Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman again warned the WWE Universe the WWE Champion might break Kayfabe.

During a pre-recorded promo that aired Lesnar said “If I leave WWE, I leave WWE Champion”. A little later on RAW, Heyman pointed out the inconvenient truth I hinted at last week: Lesnar might break Kayfabe to stay Champion. This begs the question of weather or not simply defeating Lesnar will be enough for the title to change hands.

The fact that neither Vince or Triple H have commented is why I’m sticking with my current theory that this is all a Work. If they really wanted to, they could simply strip him of the title. The dirtsheets haven’t said anything to suggest that’s even being considered so we won’t know for sure until Wrestlemania.

A Work…or a Warning?

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