Brock Lesnar signs new contract with WWE

…And just in time for Wrestlemania 31.

With that, all speculation Brock Lesnar might return to UFC has been eliminated. As per the terms of the new contract, Lesnar will have a part-time schedule but have all the benefits of a full-tine employee. Before you say “WTF?”, this isn’t setting a precident. There is one other active WWE Superstar who has had this kind of arrangement for almost 10 years now: The Undertaker.

As far as WWE is concerned, Lesnar is worth the investment so yeah. So Lesnar has an exclusive multi-year contract with WWE. Since his return from UFC, Lesnar only competed at PPV events. In Kayfabe, his reasoning is he doesn’t fight for free. Outside Kayfabe, he holds all of the cards so…yeah.

WWE needing him more than the other way around aside, this just leaves the obvious question: What happens if he drops the title at Wrestlemania? As I mentioned in my previous post, weather or not the title changes hands at Wrestlemania is decided by Vince McMahon just before the match begins.

Based on how the Promos for the Main Event have been done in the last few weeks, literally anything could happen. While not outright said, 2014 saw Lesnar slay a giant (Big Show), German Suplex John Cena out of the Main Event (at Summer Slam) and most notably ended The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak last year. Observers have been saying for months all of this was done to set the stage for the Main Event at Wrestlemania and to make Brock Lesnar look unbeatable by anyone. Not that it was really necessary but yeah.

Meanwhile, Bray Wyatt has apparently usurped The Undertaker’s otherworldly powers as demonstrated on RAW yesterday. Surprisingly, the Phenom himself hasn’t appeared at all during the promos for his Wrestlemania match with The Eater of Worlds. Based on the spoilers released for this week’s Smackdown, there won’t be a promo for the match on Thursday.

On the one hand, Wyatt has been selling the Promos like the superstar he is but on the other hand, it does raise questions as to weather or not ‘Taker will be ready come this Sunday. During the last 2 Wrestlemanias, ‘Taker’s opponent (Lesnar and CM Punk) carried the match due to the age difference. It’s assumed Wyatt would be no different this year. It wasn’t an issue in his matches with Triple H and Shawn Michaels as they were closer in age.

By the way “carrying” means one wrestler takes over the match and does everything for both them and their opponent. Relative to The Undertaker. that means his opponent sells damage they take as well as dish to make the match more belieable. It IS Sports Entertainment, after all.

Brock Lesnar signs new contract with WWE

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