I knew Rollins/Lesnar was a mismatch but DAMN

If the way RAW ended last week is ANY indication, we won’t see a clean match between Lesnar and Rollins at Battleground. No doubt The Authority will have to either make it a Triple Threat Match or Lesnar’s (Kayfabe) injury last night will come into play. No, he wasn’t really hurt. He was just selling it like Ambrose did at Money in the Bank. Remember that Rollins is a Heel. Heels are not supposed to win cleanly unless the mismatch is in their favor.

Case example being Lesnar himself: Remember, when he made his return in 2013 things were set in motion before the ink dried for him to dominate the WWE and become the WWE Champion. Mission acomplished obviously. Lesnar’s return also ushered in the beginning of the end of the long-hated PG era. We have Triple H running NXT and being the face of WWE’s power structure (Though Vince McMahon technically still is).

Lesnar becoming Champion and then not having to compete until the Royal Rumble served two purposes. The first and most obvious was having Cena drop the title and then keeping him away from it for a while. Let’s be honest, that’s why they had him randomly feud with Rusev after the Royal Rumble. That also marked the first time in some time Cena helped someone get over. I’m referring to Rusev. He’s doing the same Kevin Owens right now.

The other, more noticable reason they prettymuch took away the WWE Title for a few months was to focus on character development for the newly split Shield and Wyatt Family plus the NXT Alumns  and The New Day. It worked despite Roman Reigns’ emergency surgery last September. During his absence, Rollins and Ambrose were developed as singles competators. When Reigns returned, he was put in the hunt for the WWE Champion. If Wrestlemania 31 is any indication, Reigns clearly isn’t afraid to get in the ring with Lesnar again.

Anway like I said, I’ll be very surprised if Lesnar and Ambrose have a clean match at Battleground. Rollins made up with the Authority so and The Big Show is working with them again so…yeah. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Paul Heyman recruited another superstar or two to back up Lesnar. The obvious question being who. RAW tomorrow is sure to be VERY interesting.

I knew Rollins/Lesnar was a mismatch but DAMN

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