Bleacher Report: Sting and The Undertaker to appear at Summer Slam

…The funny thing is last week, a reliable source said The Undertaker is scheduled to appear at Battleground tonight.

Now before folks get too excited, predictions about ‘Taker making appearances in the past were ultimately proven false. Of the two reports, ‘Taker making an appearance is most likely to happen. The question is what role he will play. Subtle hints have been dropped–presumably on purpose–that he will get involved in the decision title match between Lesnar and Rollins. I don’t see Rollins dropping the title but with Kane and J&J out of the picture we all know he will need help from SOMEONE to keep that title. Rollins/Lesnar is a clear mismatch and it’s why he made up with The Authority.

All I can really say is wait and see what happens XD

Back to the main topic, Taker and Sting appearing at Summer Slam and appearing TOGETHER would mean to set the stage for a possible match at Summer Slam. It’s the only reason for both to appear that makes sense to me.

News broke Monday night Ryback will not be able to compete at Battleground due to a staph infection in his right knee and is in the hospital. It’s not life or career threatening since it was discovered in time but the triple threat match involving him, The Miz and The Big Show has been cancelled.

This is WWE we’re talking about. They’ll probably rebook the match once Ryback’s been medically cleared. Ryback will probably be back the week after Battleground. I’ve been treated for staph infections on my feet. Caught early, you’re fine after a few days.

Anyone who watched RAW this past Monday will have noticed NXT Divas Champion Sasha Banks and fellow NXT Divas Becky Lynch and CharolotteĀ  (daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair) make their RAW debut. This comes fresh off the heels of former NXT Champion Kevin Owens making his RAW debut a few months back and then beating John Cena in his first WWE Match.

Up to this point, we only saw former NXT Superstars come to the WWE Roster (Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt to name a few). Now we’re seeing CURRENT NXT Superstars appear and in a few cases COMPETE on RAW and Smackdown (and at PPV Events).

This is no one-time thing. NXT is the WWE’s version of a Development League. The talent from NXT making their way to WWE is the intent. Former NXT Divas Champion Paige won the WWE Divas title the RAW After Wrestlemania 30 so…yeah. Triple H did say earlier this year he wants to bring WWE back to its roots and focus more on the Sports side of the buisness as it’s been focusing on the Entertainment side for a little too long. Unlike Vince McMahon, it’s obvious Triple H listens to the people advising him and is open to making drastic changes.

I would not be surprised if we see a Champion vs. Champion match between the WWE Champion and the NXT Champion in the near future.

Bleacher Report: Sting and The Undertaker to appear at Summer Slam

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