Report: WWE Terminates Contract with Hulk Hogan [UPDATE]

Update 7/24/2015 4:00PM (EST):

Since the story first broke overnight, Hulk Hogan issued an apology via social media earlier today. It’s since been revealed the comments had actually been made 8 years ago and not recently like I originally thought. That said, I can’t help but wonder if there is more to the story than we’re aware of for WWE to cut all ties with him. I assume the apology was made by him to avoid being removed from WWE’s Hall of Fame.

See the original article below.
Terry Bollea aka Hulk Hogan

I just read the Bleacher Report moments ago.

Major props to WWE for doing this. Some would call it a knee-jerk reaction to comments made during a “private” conversation from 8 years ago. The problem is this isn’t the first time Hogan–real name Terry Bollea–has said racially inflammatory comments in the past only WWE (and WCW as well as TNA) overlooked it n the past.

Not this time.

WWE not only terminated his contract, they removed all mentions of him from and all of his merchandise from the WWE Shop. Yes, WWE went well out of its way to cut ties with the man who made WWE a household name during the 1980s. Some would argue they went too far but it was the right call.

From the excerpt shared in the article–and I will admit it does look like selective editing–Hogan admits to being a racist deep down. I would’ve been fine with that to be totally honest. The problem is he is a public figure and far as WWE is concerned, he’s a liability they DON’T need right now. If they wanted, WWE could’ve explicitly said why they’ve cut all ties with Hulkamania but they have the class to leave that to third parties. Would WWE reverse this decision later on? Yes, if he agrees to publicly apologize.

By the way the “Millionaire Black Guy” Hogan references is Dr. Dre. I remember reading an article online two years ago where Brooke (his daughter) was having talks with Dr. Dre about getting a record deal. Looks like it worked out for her but she kept her father in the dark–no pun intended–for reasons we now know.

It really is a shame.

The question–as referenced in the pic above–is if TNA will take him back. Despite his age (He’s 61) he can still wrestle. Ric Flair wrestled well into his 70s so yeah it’s not unprecedented XD

Report: WWE Terminates Contract with Hulk Hogan [UPDATE]

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