Ronda Rousey drops her latest opponent in 34 Seconds

Here’s the whole thing:

To say Bethe Correia–the hometown hero–had it coming would be a massive understatement: In the days leading up to the bout Saturday night, Correia made the mistake of making it real personal for the undefeated UFC Champion. Correia, who was also undefeated going into the bout made light of death of Rousey’s father, who committed suicide. There’s some lines that shouldn’t be crossed.

Like alot of folks said, Correia got what was coming to her. Mind you, Rousey is a well known trash talker herself. The obvious difference is she can back it up: She’s been winning her matches in less than a minute alot lately.

Now, i’m sure you’re wondering by now why I’m mentioning a high-profile UFC match on my WWE Blog. For one, Rousey herself is a huge WWE fan. Her appearance at Wrestlemania 31 was no mere coincidence. She actually dedicated her match to WWE Legend Rowdy Roddy Piper, who passed away last Thursday at 61.

Rousey’s Wrestlemania 31 appearance and segment with The Rock, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in addition to what I just said throws even more fuel on the fires of speculation she is looking to make WWE her next gig. Brock Lesnar went from WWE to UFC and back so it’s not exactly unprecedented.

I don’t see her making that kind of move anytime soon, though. I get the feeling she’s got some more stuff she wants to do before she leaves UFC. It’s obvious she’s looking past UFC, though.

…That said, let’s say she comes to WWE after Summer Slam. Like Lesnar when he returned from UFC, she’s gonna have to learn to hold back: Let’s be honest, none of the current WWE or NXT Divas can take her straight-on. Not even Tamina, Sasha or Charlotte. She’s just too powerful. Rousey could hold her own against Male WWE Superstars, no question. The real question is if WWE would make an exception for Rousey and allow her to compete against Male Superstars. She’s probably the only one who could pull it off XD


Ronda Rousey drops her latest opponent in 34 Seconds

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