The Summer Slam card’s getting filled out; Paige on this week’s Stone Cold Podcast

As of  last night, the second match appears to be set: U.S. Champion John Cena vs. WWE Champion Seth Rollins in a Champion vs. Champion title match. The winner leaves with both titles. Not since Shawn Michaels in the early 1990s has a Superstar held more than one title excluding the Tag Team titles at the same time.

Speak of, Michaels became the first and currently only Grand Slam Champion when he held all the company’stitles at the time at the same time (WWE, European, Intercontinental and Tag Team with Kevin Nash). Cena could be the second depending on how the rest of the year goes. It’s all about booking =D

There’s a couple other matches being set up for Summer Slam:

  • The Prime Time Players will defend the Tag Team Titles. Their opponent’s being figured out right now from a pool of four: Los Matadores, The New Day, The Ascension or the Lucha Dragons. I assume it will either by The New Day or The Ascension since PTP is Face. If don’t Face The New Day, they’ll retain. Otherwise it’s anyone’s guess.
  • Based on the update on Rhyback’s recovery he wiill definitely be ready for Summer Slam. Based on how The Miz’s promos for his match is being done, he’ll likely retain.
  • Randy Orton vs. Sheamus seems to be in the works though it’s possible their Tag Team Partners from last night–Bray Wyatt, Luke Garper, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose–could be a factor.
  • Speaking of those four: If Sheamus and Orton have one on one action, we could see Bray and Luke face Roman and Dead in tag team action. If the way Battleground went is any indication, Eric Rowan will make his return to the Wyatt Family then.
  • The Divas Divison…honestly I have no idea who Nikki Bella’s opponent will be other than it will likely be one of 6 people.
  • It looks like things are being set up for a mixed tag match involving Rusev, Summer Rae, Dolph Ziggler and Lana. That’s how things seem to be shaping up, anyways.
  • The promos involving Cesaro and Kevn Owens looks like a clear indicator they’ll have a match at Summer Slam. It should be interesting if it happens.

That’s where I’m at so far. Summer Slam traditionally has almost as many matches as Wrestlemania. Sasha Banks may drop the NXT Divas title like I predicted before ala Kevin Owens so we’ll see.

Now for the post-RAW Stone Cold Podcast. I watched it in full on WWE Network right after RAW was done. It was an hour long and it was very, very engaging. It was also very informative and interesting.

For one, I had no idea Paige was 23 and got in the biz when she was just 13 years old. Even more surprising was her first in-ring experience was when her mother was seven months pregnant with her but didn’t know at the time. Wrestling’s in her blood: Her parents both wrestle and the family runs a promotion out of Norwich, England.

It was pretty obvious the reason Stone Cold picked her now was to give Paige a platform to tell the world who she is. Austin’s pretty calculating with WHEN he interviews certain people–20 years in the business helps in that regard (LOL). He DID get Paul Heyman to leak Lesnar’s return the week before he came back, after all.

The big reason Paige did the podcast is because of the flak she’s been getting from the armchair quarterbacks with how she does things on Tough Enough. The topic of Tough Enough came up about 40 minutes after Paige went over her impressive resume: She got into NXT at the age of 18 and won the WWE Divas Championship for the first time the night after Wrestlemania last year on RAW. Doesn’t get any more impressive than that at her age.

Her tenure in NXT is where she learned the theatrical side of the Promotion. Namely how to look and sound hurt and like you’re hurting your opponent without being really hurt or causing serious harm.The thing I love about Stone Cold’s podcast is the way he sometimes nochalantly but intentionally drifts in and out of Kayfabe during the podcasts. This from a guy who on the record often went full-power during his matches (“Whoops! My bad!”).

Anyways the point was to show folks Paige knows her stuff and she knows what she’s talking about. For the non-Wrestling crowd who watch Tough Enough mostly. It also sounded like Paige dropped the hint some of the eliminated contestants may get another shot at a WWE contract. A recommendation from her and D-Bry and you get a moved to the front of the line to get into NXT. You can be sure Triple H is watching things very closely as well.


The Summer Slam card’s getting filled out; Paige on this week’s Stone Cold Podcast

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