Well, so much for that storyline!


…I know, it’s been a while since my last post.

Anyways, this post is about the presumably retconned feud involving Rusev, Dolph Ziggler, Summer Rae and Lana. This past weekend, it was revealed by TMZ Rusev and Lana got engaged last month.

The problem is Lana and Rusev were feuding–until now, apparently. Summer Rae, who was Lana’s replacement alongside Rusev for the last two months broke off their relationship on RAW, citing his engagement to Lana. Lana, who has been out due to a broken wrist since the week after Summer Slam was in a feud with Rusev.

The feud was set up at Fast Lane and came to a head at Wrestlemania when Rusev’s pefect winning streak and the U.S. Title were both dropped by John Cena. Lana left Rusev at Wrestlemania and eventually hooked up with Ziggler. I won’t go further since WWE is clearly retconning the storyline now. The point of the feud was to make Lana a Face. Mission accomplished there obviously.

The obvious question is what happens when Lana returns? It wouldn’t make much sense for Lana to Heel turn on return, so ood luck to the writers! Summer Rae hooking up with Ziggler’s also possible but with the feud between Ziggler and Rusev prettymuch dead now, it’s anyone’s guess what Ziggler’s gonna be doing next.


Paige currently holds the title of “most awkward heel turn of the year”. The RAW following Night of Champions, Paige became Heel literally for no real reason. No, really. While yes I get it the three major Divas Factions were gonna need to start breaking up, it would’ve made more sense for the NXT Graduates to split from the vets. I actually expected Sasha Banks to split from Naomi and Tamina after Night of Champions.

Having Paige feud with Charlotte and Becky makes no sense. While yes they’re trying to make Charlotte a credible Divas Champion, having her suddenly feud with one of her mentors makes no sense. It would’ve made more sense to have her feud with Tamina if they wanted to make her a credible Divas Champion. Ah, well.


Well, so much for that storyline!

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