A new WWE Champion will be decided at Survivor Series


Talk about a Final Four =O

Two of the finalists have titles already: Alberto Del Rio (U.S. Title) and Kevin Owens (Intercontinental Title). Should one of them win, they will hold both the WWE Title and the U.S. Title/I.C. Title at the same time. Of course, Seth Rollins held the U.S. Title AND the WWE Title at the same time for a month before dropping the U.S. Title to John Cena at Summer Slam–which he won from Cena at Night of Champions.

Of course, Seth Rollins is gone until as late as next Summer due to an injury, which forced him to vacate the WWE Title.


There is also the Money in the Bank Contract holder one must not forget about: Sheamus. He was eliminated in the first round of the tournament but I’m betting he’s gonna cash it in immediately after the new Champion has been crowned. It’s a given should Reigns and Ambrose make it to the Championship Round: Regardless of which of them win, Sheamus will successfully cash in on them right away.

Since there is no Champion, Sheamus will have to wait until the new Champion has been crowned to cash in the briefcase. While I am going with the assumption the final round will be Ambrose/Reigns, I doubt it will be Del Rio/Owens (since they’re both Heels) so Ambrose or Reigns (who are both a Face) will definately be there. Assuming it is Ambrose/Reigns, neither man will be in a condition to defend their newly won title against the fresh Money in the Bank contract holder. The upside is whichever man wins, they get their rematch clause vs. Sheamus.

That said, I don’t see Sheamus not cashing in so…yeah. It would be very surprising if he doesn’t to say the least.

A new WWE Champion will be decided at Survivor Series

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