The Wyatt Family/Brothers of Destruction Feud has been a real treat

The significance of this feud can’t be understated enough, either.

In one corner you have The Undertaker and Kane, the personification of destruction. In the other you have the Wyatt Family, which feeds on madness and chaos.

It’s the perfect storm =O

Kane and The Undertaker are on the card in Survivor Series against two members of The Wyatt Family of Bray Wyatt’s choosing. The feud, which actually started at Wrestlemania 32 when The Deadman and The Eater of Worlds face off was revived at Hell in a Cell last month: After The Undertaker’s match with Brock Lesnar, The Wyatt Family attacked The Deadman and carried him backstage. They did the same thing to Kane the following night on RAW as well.

Bray claimed to have successfully harvested the souls of The Brothers of Destruction but when the brothers returned last week to settle the score, it was cleaar they had one thing on their minds: Vengeance. Things got interesting last week when Bray asserted his power was now greater than The Deadman’s: Flanked by his Druids, Bray made the lights turn off and when they came back on, the Druids were all wearing white sheep masks and tried to attack The Brothers of Destruction. Of course, they were quickly dispatched. The Undertaker then said “You can’t kill what refuses to die.”

On Smackdown The Druids–now loyal to The Wyatt Family and wearing sheep masks–flanked the entrance ramp to the ring. The Brothers of Destruction appeared via Titantron and said that at Survivor Series, they would reclaim what was theirs. When the lights turned back on, all of the Driuds were laid out outside the ring, having been slain by Kane’s Hellfire.

…This is a passing of the torch to say the least as the aging Brothers of Destruction have apparently chosen their successors. The Wyatt Family stand poised to dominate the WWE landscape for years like The Undertaker and Kane have. There’s no greater honor than to chosen by two of the most decorated Superstars in WWE History.

The Wyatt Family/Brothers of Destruction Feud has been a real treat

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