Don’t listen to the Internet, Vince knows what he’s doing

Triple H said on the Stone Cold Podcast last year Paul Heyman rides the line between Sanity and Insanity like a razor. It’s fair to say Vince McMahon wrote the book on it. Now, the internet armchair quarterbacks would have you thinking “Vince McMahon’s back? LOL the Brand’s in trouble!”

…Not true. Vince is just an egolomaniac.

Trips being out of action is a work. Everyone knows that. Since The Authority is supposed to be Heel, naturally Vince had to come back as a Heel. A Mary Sue Heel yes but a damned good one. Vince put the”S” on to win the Monday Night Wars during the Attitude Era 20 years ago. WWE’s a global powerhouse again and thanks to NXT,  new talent is coming in with in-ring and experience they the WWE knows of in detail.

Some–ok, many–will say the One VS. All gimmick for the Royal Rumble is a bad idea because it shows “WWE’s writers are grasping for ideas”. 10 years ago I might have agreed but this year, it works because both of these guys are in it:

Wrestlemania’s Main Event is wide open and even better, we know at least one of them is guaranteed to be in it. Let’s be honest, Lesnar being forced to compete in the Royal Rumble match wasn’t just some arm-twisting on Stephanie McMahon’s part: One of them will definitely Main Event Wrestlemania.

If Lesnar wins, it’s doubtful he will rematch Reigns this time. Yeah, I know we’ve been seeing Wrestlemania rematches alot in recent years (Undertaker vs. Triple H/Shawn Michaels and John Cena vs. The Rock) but as we were reminded on the 1/18 RAW, Reigns is the only guy other than The Undertaker who doesn’t seem to mind fighting The Beast. If Lesnar doesn’t fight Reigns in the main event…well, we know for sure John Cena won’t be available for Wrestlemania!

Reigns’ storyline post-Royal Rumble could go one of two ways:

  • If he wins, he faces Triple H at the Main Event. The storyline would go Reigns is forced to defend his title at Fastlane after winning the Royal Rumble against Lesnar. Whoever wins goes on to Main Event Wrestlemania while the other faces a “mystery opponent” at Wrestlemania. Reigns retains while Lesnar goes on to face Braun Strowman of the Wyatt Family. After the Fastlane Match, Triple H comes down to the ring and destroys Reigns, saying he’ll be taking the WWE Title come Wrestlemania.
  • If he loses, he will likely be booked in a tag team match alongside The Rock against Triple H and Vince McMahon. For those who haven’t yet heard, The Rock has been booked for a match in Wrestlemania. Putting him in a tag team match with his cousin against The Cerebral Assassin and The WWE Chairman? After Lesnar Wins, Vince McMahon comes down to ring and tells Reigns not to worry, he’s still going to have a match at Wrestlemania. Triple H comes down to the ring and destroys Reigns. McMahon then says he forgot to mention it will be a tag team match: He will team with Triple H against Reigns and a partner of his choice. We find out the next day on RAW The Rock will be Reigns’ partner from The Rock himself.

I’ll be genuinely surprised if things do play out as I predicted: Randy Orton won’t be back until after Royal Rumble, Seth Rollins is out until at least July and John Cena is taking some long needed time off–the “injury” is a work, they needed to give a reason for his long absence–to do other things. Who does that leave? No one else.

‘Taker vs. Sting is definitely possible. Fans have wanted it forever. We just don’t yet know if ‘Taker is on board. He’s definitely gotten healthier as his feud with Lesnar indicated. Sting has been doing promotional work since Wrestlemania 31 and hasn’t competed since.


Yes indeed. 2016 is sure to be one to remember!


Don’t listen to the Internet, Vince knows what he’s doing

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