TNA’s Latest big export to WWE getting set up for a title shot?

…I’m talking about AJ Styles.

For those who haven’t heard by now, the former TNA superstar made his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble last Sunday. Above is his new entrance music. Styles is the latest big name from TNA to bring his talents to the WWE.

Here is his electric WWE Debut at the Royal Rumble:

Even though the commentators are going out of their way to not say he’s from TNA, everyone knows where he just came from. TNA hasn’t been doing so good in recent years. The new IP Lucha Wrestling promotion that appeared on ESPN over the weekend is doing better in comparison. For those who don’t know, that’s where Rey Mysterio went after his contract with WWE expired.  He would later be joined by John Morrison aka Johnny Mundo.

Anyways, it’s clear Vince is looking to show TNA it was a mistake to think it could compete with WWE. Unlike with WCW he’s not pulling any punches this time. LOL. Alot of folks have said for the last 10 years Kurt Angle’s the one holdout keeping TNA going. As a former WWE Superstar. he knows the game well. He’s been reportedly approached by WWE several times with contact offers and refused them all. He clearly wants to end his wrestling career win TNA. His career’s just about done as it is.

In the end, Styles made the smart move going to WWE. He’s got job security and will likely get put in the title picture after Wrestlemania. He might even get thrown a bone by getting booked to face Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania. THAT would be awesome.


Speaking of Dean Ambrose, he is the only active WWE Superstar who’s held both the US Championship and the Interncontinental Championship. A WWE Title reign might not be too far off for him =D

On that note, we all know Roman Reigns is gonna face Triple H at Wrestlemania. It is SO obvious. Reigns wins the triple threat match and main events Wrestlemania. The question is what does Lesnar get in return? ‘Taker will likely be booked to face Sting if he returns this year and Lesnar, like ‘Taker can prettymuch choose who he wants to fight.

TNA’s Latest big export to WWE getting set up for a title shot?

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