WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil suspended after incident after 2/8/16 Raw

Titus O’Neil was slapped with a 90-day suspension that was later reduced to 60 days following this altercation he had with WWE Principle Owner Vince McMahon:


You can clearly see Vince shove Titus after the superstar suddenly grabbed his arm. There was no malicious intent, Vince was simply taken by surprise. McMahon was not hurt and as toyu can see, Stephanie and Triple H were also present.

…I’m hoping Triple H overturns the suspension. The timing for the suspension really sucks for the company: February is Black History Month and it’s well known that Titus is the second most charitable superstar on the roster after John Cena. He’s their go-to guy for public appearances and PR events. Said guy is now expected to miss Wrestlemania. Whoops!

Vince is gonna need to backpedal on this. Not just because of the public backlash to come but because of who’s in Titus’ corner: Former WWE Superstar Dave Bautista, who is a close friend of Titus revealed via Twitter Wednesday he called Titus and told him to ask WWE to release him when news of the suspension first broke.

O’Neil learned he was suspended when he showed up for the taping of Smackdown Tuesday. He quoted the bible in response to his suspension via Twitter:

“For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled (ranked below others who are honored or rewarded), and he who humbles himself (keeps a modest opinion of himself and behaves accordingly) will be exalted (elevated in rank).” ~Luke 11:14

His Tweeting this verse could be interpreted to mean many things. The suspension is meant to make an example out of O’Neil to the rest of WWE Talent. taking that into account,

The ball’s in WWE’s court to do the right thing polically. By now they’re at least aware of what Bautista told Titus to do. They’d be fools to not at least reduce the suspension further or cut a deal with him. Given WWE Network has been gaining traction, the timing on this sucks for them bigtime. More so given they’ve looked the other way for much worse.


WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil suspended after incident after 2/8/16 Raw

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