WWE’s Prodigal Son returns; The Undertaker confirmed for Wrestlemania 32


The 2/22 RAW opened with the shocking return of Shaned McMahon, who left left the WWE in 2009 to start his own company outside wrestling. Even though they kept in character, Shane said what the interwebs have been saying for the last 10 years about the state of the company–the stuff WWE.com and many fansites don’t talk about.

The timing of his return was paramount: His sister Stephanie had just been given an award by their father in the middle of the ring when his music hit. The crowd chanting “Holy shit!” prefectly illustrates how unexpected–and unlikely–we would ever see Shane-O-Mack in a ring ever again.


It’s easy to forget about Shane McMahon’s impressive career as a WWE Superstar given all mentions of him were pulled off the company website after he left. There was no malicious intent behind that. He simply wanted the freedom to focus on doing his own thing for a while. Who can forget his incredible matches with Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, Edge, Christian, The Rock, Mick Foley and other WWE Superstars? \

Shane held multiple titles during his incredible in-ring career, almost always with the help of his father. There were plans for a Shane McMahon DVD that was recently scrapped. As of tonight, we now know why said plans were cancelled: Shane’s gonna get in the ring for the first time in 8 years.


His opponent: The Undertaker

The match: Hell in a Cell

The place: Wrestlemania 32

If Shane wins, he becomes RAW’s GM. If ‘Taker wins, Vince McMahon gets the contents of Shane’s “Lockbox”. This was likely a mix of storyline and breaking kayfabe: Shane was given the freedom to do what he wanted outside the company. Based on some rumors I’ve been hearing about Shane McMahon positioning himself to buy TNA, Shane’s sudden return may be more significant than it looks on the surface. Shane and Vince don’t see eye to eye in regards to WWE.

The WWE vs. WCW and ECW storyline from 15 years ago…I mention that because I think this might be this “trump card” Vince mentioned at the end of their promo. Even though the audio was muted, there was no question Vince said TNA and on that note, Vince has a team dedicated to watching all TNA publications. Vince himself watched WCW Nitro during the Monday Night Wars.

Anywho, Shane’s sudden return is clearly a sign of things to come. We’ll find out come April 4 if Shane’s still got it. Don’t let his gray hair fool you: Shane’s been keeping physically active during his time away from the ring. Well enough to face The Undertaker in Hell in the Cell at Wrestlemania 32? We’ll see.


WWE’s Prodigal Son returns; The Undertaker confirmed for Wrestlemania 32

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