The WM32 card’s almost a carbon copy of WM31’s now

…Minus Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan.

I’m even having second thoughts on weather I should bother watching at all–I already know Roman Reigns is booked to win the WWE Title.It’s just about seeing how the match ends and what happens immediately afterward.

Vince prettymuch turning the Shane vs. ‘Taker Hell in a Cell Match into a Retirement Match was predictable and killed the hype I had for it at the same time. Turning it into a retirement match for ‘Taker was overkill and not necessary.

The boys and girls over at Gamefaqs’ WWE Board called it right: Vince suddenly returning after being offscreen for almost 4 years was for WM32. We just didn’t know what role he would play…until Shane returned. Reigns’ feud with Triple H turned out to be a Red Herring–he was really brought back to make the ‘Taker vs. Shane WM match.

That said, I now agree with those who’ve said from the beginning this was terrible booking. I waited to see how the match would be promo’d before I drew any conclusions, This latest move was an obvious marketing effort to get new WWE Network Subscriptions and on that note, I re-subbed for WM32 last week. I get they needed to find an opponent for both Shane and ‘Taker for WM32 but each other? It’s a one-sided mismatch ‘Taker won’t cleanly lose.

A look at some of his recently workout videos are a good indication of why: The guy’s pushing 60 and he can lift 1000 lbs. The footage of Shane’s insane training is impressive but vs. ‘Taker, it won’t be enough as ‘Taker said to him last week. It’s all about who’s been booked to win. I’ll be fine with the popular wish for Shane to win but the match itself was unnecessary.

Given the more likely opponents for ‘Taker–D-Bry or Sting–were off the table due to career-ending neck injuries, they had to find SOMEONE. Renewing the Brothers of Destruction vs. Wyatt Family feud would have been much better booking in my opinion. As for Shane, having him face Sheamus or The Miz would’ve made Shane look credible even with the same stipulations placed on the ‘Taker/Shane match. While it is true The League of Nations is booked to fight The New Day at WM, taking one away would still make it a 3 on 3 match.


Speaking of, here’s where the headline for this article comes into play: As we all know, there was a ladder match for the IC Title at WM31. That match involved King Barrett (title holder), D-Bry (who won the match), Ambrose, R-Truth, Luke Harper, Dolph Zliggler and Stardust.

If those last two names sound familiar, they should: Ziggler and Stardust were both involved in what turned out to be D-Bry’s final Wrestlemania match. If KO doesn’t retain, I’m sure Ziggler or Sami Zahn will win, If not one of them then The Miz. I’ll have to check but I think this might be Zack Ryder and Sin Carra’s first WM appearances. Pretty impressive if it is.

This may be for the Divas Championship–and on that note, I expect the title to change hands–but it certainly won’t be the only Divas match on the card. It’s obvious Lana vs. Brie Bella is being set up. Possibly even a third match involving Paige and Natalya vs. Naomi and Tamina during the pre-show.

Speaking of the Pre Show–

…The USOs vs. The Dudley Boyz.

Making the Dudleys heels for this match was a pretty bold but predictable move. It could be made even more interesting if it becomes a Table Match.

…Let’s be honest, we know it’s gonna happen. It just hasn’t been announced yet.

AJ Styles is so over with the WWE universe. Folks will just need to be patient for a little bit longer but AJ will definitely be put in the hunt for the WWE Championship. Just not anytime soon.

…Besides, Orton and Cena are both expected to return shortly after Wrestlemania.

I predict Cena getting one, maybe two more title runs. Whoever isn’t placed in the title picture shortly after their return will be used to make Reigns’ title run look credible. The other will be used to help other other superstars.

We know Cena’s a company guy and after the last year and a half it’s obvious WWE’doesn’t want him to hold the title for a least a little while longer. That means Orton will be working with Reigns while Cena joins The Big Show by working with the midcards who need a little more help getting over.

…Whew. Somewhere along the way this post lost its way XD

At some point I’ll put a few lists together. After all, WWE’s got all of the right pieces it needs to bring in new fans and more revenue through Merchandise and WWE Network. It’s all about how said pieces are used.


The WM32 card’s almost a carbon copy of WM31’s now

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