Of Injuries and Suspensions…

For those who may noy have heard yet, Bray Wyatt will be out of action for a while after suffering an injury during a house show overseas this past weekend. It’s not sure how long he will be out yet but at least a few weeks.

Meanwhile, Adam Rose and Viktor of The Asension were both suspended for violating WWE’s Wellness Policy. In short, drugs were found in their system.

With both these situations and the injuries that have happened in the last 6 months, no doubt WWE has glad to have talent in NXT it can bring to the main roster. There’s been a sharp rise in NXT superstars coming to WWE in recent months. While WWE isn’t saying it this way (yet!), there have also been a number of former TNA Superstars coming to WWE. AJ Styles was the biggest name when he made his debut at the Royal Rumble. More will follow as TNA continues to implode.

Titus O’Neil, who was suspended for 60 days in February for playfully grabbing Vince McMahon’s arm (no, seriously) the RAW D-bry announced his retirement from in-ring action (the incident happened after RAW went off the air) has recently started to appear in Tap Out Commercials. His suspension is obviously over at this point. It’s a matter of time when he may return to in-ring action. On the same note, John Cena officially returned at Wrestlemania 32 but hasn’t really been seen since then. There’s talk he’s staying on the inactive list for media availability for his reality show airing on FOX.

Randy Orton, who broke his wrist literally taking out the trash last fall is due to return soon. Seth Rollins on the other hand is out for a few more months. He may be back in time for Summer Slam from what I’ve been hearing.

Thanks to all the new talent from NXT who can step in to pick up the slack, it’s less of a problem compared to the “Super Cena Era” when big talent gets hurt. Those who remember know at the time, Cena held the WWE Championship alot because opponents he was being set up to lose the tilte to either got hurt or were out on drug-related suspensions. Clearly WWE is going out of its way to avoid a repeat of that situation!


Of Injuries and Suspensions…

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