Seth Rollins’ sudden return at Extreme Rules renews The Shield Storyline

That’s the most obvious. Unlike before, Rollins is coming back as a Face:

…I believe I talked about this before: The crowd booed Reigns starting at Wrestlemania even though everyone knew he was gonna win the WWE Championship. The question to be asked is how Rollins’ return effects The Family vs. The Club Rivalry. While I was finding the above video, some vbloggers speculate The Shield will reunite when Rollins returns. At this point, anything can happen.

There’s also the fact Enzo Amore (Concussion), Randy Orton (broken wrist) and John Cena (took time off but Kayfabe had shoulder Surgery) are scheduled to return between today and May 30 according to Mr. McMahon.

The question to be asked: What does this mean for AJ Styles? Will WWE do the right thing and involve him in the renewed Reigns/Rollins/Ambrose feud? Or will they do what I think they’re gonna do and just feed Styles to Rollins? At the very least, Rollins didn’t get involved until AFTER the match was decided: It’ll take some creativity to make a Styles/Rollins feud work but I think it can be done.

…RAW just started and it sounds like for now, Rollins wants to be back as a Heel. Or rather thats what it sounds like. It sounds like they’re gonna take their time turning Rollins into a proper Face now that he’s back. It’s sure to be fun to watch.

…I also wanted to follow up on what’s been a developing story in recent weeks. WWE announced this morning WWE Superstar Adam Rose has been released following the end of his 60-day suspension. Adam Rose was initially suspended for violating the company’s Wellness Policy. Earlier this month, he was arrested on domestic violence charges involving his girlfriend. The release is likely in response to that.

Adam Rose, who debuted in NXT came to the main roster in 2013. His character was pretty entertaining when he made his WWE debut. Transitioning his character to Heel ended up killing the momentum he had up to that point. He never made it out of mid-tier when he was a face and was low-tier as a heel as well as his time with The Social Outcasts.

He wasn’t a major part of any storylines when he was suspended so his departure won’t really change much. He was teamed with Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas to join Health Slater, whose former group members were released during last year’s mass releases (Joey McIntyre and Jinder Mahal). The Social Outcasts are prettymuch fed to midcards so…yeah.


Seth Rollins’ sudden return at Extreme Rules renews The Shield Storyline

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