WWE Superstar Sheamus revealed to play Rocksteady in upcoming TMNT movie


This has probably been confirmed for some time but the cross-promotion trailer that played just now featured Sheamus (real name Stephen Farrelly), who plays Rocksteady in the upcoming movie Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows.

Those who remember the early 1990s cartoon will recall The Shredder had Baxter Stockman create two mutants of his own to counter the Turtles: Rocksteady and Beebop, who is played in the movie by Anthony Williams. Unlike the Turtles, Rocksteady and Beebop are humans whose DNA is mixed with a Rhyno and a Warthog respectively (In the 90s cartoon this is also true for Splinter but in all other versions, his origin story is the same as the turtles).


Sheamus is only human for part of the movie, likely so he could film and still maintain his in-ring appearance. Compared to the above picture, it’s obvious he just had his hair combed down.

I picked this picture for another reason: A short time ago, Sheamus was eliminated from the qualifier to decide who will compete in the Money in the Bank match at the PPV event of the same name by Sami Zahn. After the match. he attacked Apollo Crews backstage during an interview the latter was having. Could be an interesting feud as more veteran superstars are being tapped to work with the new talent.

WWE Superstar Sheamus revealed to play Rocksteady in upcoming TMNT movie

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