This WWE Superstar met Tupac and Easy E

This is not a photoshop. These are actual pictures of WWE Superstar R-Truth (right) with Tupac and Easy-E respectively, presumably at the same event. In a January 2014 interview he did with The Source, R-Truth talks about meeting both late Rap Icons and others in the early 90s. Of course, this was about 14 years before he became a WWE Superstar.

While R-Truth is known for rapping his way down to the ring during as part of his entrance, this isn’t just for his character. He is an accomplished artist:

…I had it set to start on his verse. Ronnie Aaron Killings is his real name by the way. He did a music video For Little Jimmy:

I remember hearing about it two years ago. It was done as a tribute to Little Jimmy, a fictional imaginary boy only R-Truth could see or hear. Anyway, apparently WWE asked him if he would be open to performing the song at an upcoming PPV event but he declined.

In general, he keeps his work as an artist and as a WWE superstar separate. It also goes without saying he’s probably not hurtin’ for money. It pretty common for artists who come to WWE events to meet with R-Truth as mentioned in the above article. It helps knowing the right people at the right time.

I also agree with alot of folks who’ve said WWE should tap into this skillset a bit more. There is a rumor I heard–probably started by R-Truth himself–R-Truth challenged John Cena to a rap battle and won. For winning, Cena arranged for his introduction to WWE. Again, it’s probably just a rumor though Ron has wrestled for other promotions in the past including TNA (as K-Kwik).

That said, R-Truth isn’t the only active WWE Superstar who works in music. Chris Jericho is the lead vocalist of a rock band and of course John Cena also raps. Nowhere near as much as his early years but he’s still got it.

This WWE Superstar met Tupac and Easy E

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