Brock Lesnar to fight Mark Hunt at UFC 200

Brock Lesnar broke the news this morning on ESPN’s Sports Center. it’s done deal and it is really happening.

In answer to the question of how he got WWE to sign off on it, he was blunt: Money talks. I think he was joking a little bit but according to him, he arm-wrestled Vince McMahon for the opportunity to compete at UFC 200. In short, Vince had no reason to say no. As Brock said, it legitimizes his status as an athelete in both promotions.

Of course, he also billed himself a modern version of Bo Jackson in the same interview. Brock Lesnar is probably the only guy who could actually fight for both the UFC and WWE at the same time because of who he is. That said, he is being paid an as of yet undisclosed amount of money for the fight. Exactly how much, Lesnar himself refused to say though it’s probably a few hundred-thousand at least.

It will be very interesting to see if and how WWE spins this in the weeks leading up to UFC 200. It will kinda be a blessing in disguise as the brand split happens about two weeks after the UFC event. Lesnar is calling his upcoming UFC fight a cross-promotion event: He will be back with WWE to build the storyline for his Summer Slam opponent.

Summer Slam happens in August. Given WWE referenced Lesnar’s UFC career when he returned in 2012, I would not be surprised if it gets mentioned. If WWE DOES promote UFC 200, the question to be asked is if UFC will return the favor and plug Summer Slam? I doubt it personally but it would be interesting.

Brock Lesnar to fight Mark Hunt at UFC 200

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