For those who missed it: AJ Styles turning Heel was teased in Club/Family Feud

…He was just being built as credible to feud with John Cena is all. The first clue was the introduction of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. The second was the formation of the club opposite Roman Reigns and The Usos.

Styles is going to be an amazing babyface heel. It also helps Seth Rollins is transitioning into a Face now that he’s back. He’s gonna get another title shot by the end of the year and thanks to the brand split, it may come soon. Count on it.

This week’s RAW has seen the return of Teddie Long, who was released during last year’s roster purge. He cut a promo on the brand split and suggested a match for the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV. It’s not hard to figure out if he’s not the Smackdown GM, he will be working with whoever the Smackdown GM is. Personally, I think it’ll be Shane of Steph while the other heads up RAW. His return also brings a bit of hope we may see the return of other superstars who were recently released by the company.

Getting back to Lesnar’s ESPN appearance earlier today. I’m sure that for those who’ve only seen him in WWE, it was their first time hearing him talk so much. It’s as he said on the Stone Cold Podcast a few months ago: He has his role to play and Heyman has his with their working relationship in WWE. No one in the business can cut a promo better than Paul Heyman so…yeah.

One thing that would be really cool if WWE and UFC made it happen: Paul Heyman promoting Lesnar’s UFC fight. THAT would be epic and it’s no secret UFC’s Dana White has tremendous respect for the former ECW owner. I doubt Vince McMahon would mind if Heyman expressed an interest in taking that on.

Seth Rollins’ return has renewed speculation The Shield will reunite.  Given Dean Ambrose is involved in the Money in the Bank Ladder match, it’s certainly possible: Whoever wins that match will likely have to cash it in before the brand split. If Ambrose wins the briefcase, he can be expected to cash it in on Roman Reigns on Seth Rollins by or on July 19, which is when the brand split happens.

If The Shield reunites, they will regain their standing as the most dangerous group on the roster: They’ve had every title at some point between the three of them. When they were together, The Shield held the Tag team Titles until just before they disbanded. Same with Dean Ambrose’s US Title run. Seth Rollins never actually lost the WWE Championship and Reigns is a 3-time Champion. Ambrose also held the Intercontinental Champion.

If the Shield was to reunite…well, it’s doubtful anyone could stop them.

For those who missed it: AJ Styles turning Heel was teased in Club/Family Feud

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