Breaking News: Roman Reigns Suspended 30 Days broke the news in four hours ago. You read that right: Not a third-party site but broke the news the day after Reigns was booked in a Triple Threat match with Seth Rollins and WWE Champion Dean Ambrose for the title at Battleground. Battleground will be the last PPV before the brand split.

The suspension is for his first offense in violating WWE’s Wellness Policy and is effective immediately. In a tweet he sent out moments after the news broke, Reigns took to Twitter. He offered no excuses and owned up to it. Technically his suspension ends before Battleground, which will be July 24 (his suspension will end July 21). Mind you, this is also five days after the draft on Smackdown which Reigns will presumably miss (unless they announce it anyway).

IF the Triple Threat Match is upheld despite the suspension, they could certainly build the match without Reigns. They could use this time to rebuild Ambrose and Rollins’ feud, which hasn’t really been touched on much since the Shield split. The question is weather or not WWE will still keep the Triple Threat Match. We’ll hopefully know for sure on Smackdown, which is being taped today or on RAW next week.

…Before I forget: During Money in the Bank, all three members of the Shield held the WWE Championship in the same Night. First Reigns, who went in as Champion. Then Rollins won the title in their match. Then Ambrose cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase and left with the belt.

Given all three men called themselves brothers on RAW last night, I’d say this all but confirms a Shield reunion may be in the works.


Breaking News: Roman Reigns Suspended 30 Days

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