Paige and Alberto Del Rio Suspended 30 days by WWE

WWE made separate announcements for both superstars, who were revealed to be dating earlier this year within the last 24 hours. Paige’s suspension was announced earlier today while ADR’s was announced last night after Smackdown, which both are members of.

…It’s worth noting neither Superstar is on the card for Summer Slam. We now know AJ Styles’ jab at ADR over this detail during a promo on Smackdown was more than just an in-character jab. It was likely ADR knew he was going to be suspended at that point but WWE did him the favor of giving him one more match before announcing the suspension. If I had to guess, Paige was implicated in ADR’s wellness violation and was suspended after WWE conducted an investigation.

Folks might remember ADR was originally fired by WWE two years ago for verbally abusing a non-Superstar staff member before a taping session. ADR mentioned in an interview a few months ago he doesn’t want to waste the second chance WWE has decided to give him though he is keenly aware he will need to be more careful this time. This was also around the same time his relationship with Paige went public.

ADR will likely be positioned to feud with someone when he returns. Naomi suddenly being reintroduced last night as a face with her new look and remixed entrance music makes alot more sense wirh that in mind. Naomi, who is the wife of fellow Superstar Jimmy Uso was a Heel during her partnership with Tamina Snuka.

Speaking of Tamina: The fact that she was referenced by name though left out of the WWE Draft means she is still under contract with WWE. We’ll have to wait and see when and if she will be brought back for live appearances.

Paige and Alberto Del Rio Suspended 30 days by WWE

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