Triple H’s return on RAW promises to shake things up

…When your boss hands you the top prize, you don’t look a gifted horse in the mouth.

As I hoped, Keven Owens walked out with the WWE Universal Championship. The way the match ended may be a surprise but the outcome shouldn’t be. KO becoming the top dog on RAW is what’s best for business. Besides, Steph and Foley were both standing there and it WAS a no disqualification match. LOL.

Triple  H getting involved with RAW now is a very good idea as the Smackdown has been gaining alot of momentum over the last two weeks. Triple H hadn’t appeared since Wrestlemania when he dropped the WWE Championship to Roman Reigns. It was only a matter of when with him and he wanted to get the most out of his RAW debut.

It was like watching one of The Rock’s recent promos: Come in, drop bodies, hand them the win, leave. I’m sure Steph and Foley knew in advance he would show up and they sold it perfectly. THAT is how you sell a promo XD

…A lesson KO, Rollins and Reigns will not soon forget. LOL.

Of course, all four superstars involved in the Fatal Four Way elimination match (the fourth being Big Cass) came from Triple H’s brand NXT. Kevin Owens was the NXT Champion when he debuted on RAW two years ago. He and Triple H go way back in short.

KO’s sudden face turn and new friendship with Chris Jericho pointed to this. I think it may also signal Roman Reigns turning Heel for the first time since The Shield split. At the very least, his rivalry with Triple H was just revived. Seth Rollins will likely feud with KO to make the latter’s title run credible.

Speaking of Smacksdown, something real interesting happened the pre-show that everyone has been talking about involving D-Bry and The Miz. Here is the full video:

…Without question The Miz broke Kayfabe there. Otherwise D-Bry wouldn’t have left the stage. The timing for this is real interesting given a report from several dirtsheets WWE may not have closed the door on D-Bry making an in-ring return after all. This is the reason behind The Miz saying he should wrestle for an indie promotion without actually saying “WWE might not want to clear you but you will be elsewhere”.

D-Bry will address The Miz’s comments tonight on Smackdown, which is sure to be very interesting to watch. There was alot of truth to what The Miz said and to say he losing it was more than just a work is an understatement. THIS is very good for the brand. A potential D-Bry/Miz feud would be AWESOME if set up right. Pun intended. LOL.


Triple H’s return on RAW promises to shake things up

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