Now that I’ve heard her speak, I now know they’re NOT the same person

I’m talking about Tamina Snuka and Nia Jaxx (RAW), who are near-identical. A quick internet search confirmed that for me though they are both Samoan and both are part of the legendary Anoa’i Family.

I had questions about Tamina’s continued employment in light of the class action lawsuit filed against WWE of which her father was one of the Plaintiffs. Turns out she had knee surgery in May but is still contracted with WWE. One rumor I read and doubt is true is WWE is only keeping her because of her name. When she’s cleared to return, she’ll likely be sent to Smackdown where she’ll be able to shine as a monster heel. RAW’s oversaturated as it is anyways.

Nia Jaxx on the other hand has been involved in Squash Matches since she was drafted to RAW in July though as of this week, that seems to be coming to an end: She got into it with Eva Marie and that will likely build going into next week.

It would be interesting when Tamina returns to see where she ends up. She’s likely gone until early next year but she could return in time for Wrestlemania 33.

The biggest news of last week’s RAW in my opinion: Sasha Banks is WILL be back much sooner than originally expected. The Legit Boss announced she will challenge Charlotte for the RAW Women’s Championship at Clash of Champions in two weeks.

This more or less confirms her back injury was either a work or not as bad as originally thought. The original projection was she might be out of action for a few months, which would have meant Charlotte and Bayley would feud until she returned. Speaking of, what Sasha’s return means for Bayley would be a good question. Someone’s gonna be de-pushed so the question is who.

Seth Rollins vs. Triple H is clearly being set up, likely for Wrestlemania 33. It would be one HELL of a match. The question to ask is will Roman Reigns be in his corner?

As folks know by now Triple H helped Kevin Owens win the Universal Championship on RAW the week before. What’s also true is Roman Reigns went into Battleground back in July after serving a 30 day suspension for violating WWE’s wellness policy. He dropped the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank to Seth Rollins, who in turn lost it to Dean Ambrose cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase he won earlier that night

What’s ALSO true is Triple H reportedly ordered Reigns to apologize to everyone in the locker room. It’s likely Reigns knew he was going to be suspended and WWE did the decient thing of at least letting him appear on the RAW after Money in the Bank before announcing his suspension the next day.

Reigns being inadvertantly used to push Finn Balor into the main event at Summer Slam last month was a depush as punishment for the suspension. Same with him being depushed from his feud with Rusev last month. I would have agreed with the idea Reigns will likely not get another title run until next year but Balor’s injury changes that a little bit. Reigns is the only former Shield member who has yet to win the U.S. Title (Ambrose and Rollins both held it before) or the Intercontinental Title (Ambrose won it before) though he was a tag team champion with Rollins.

KO being the current Champion is just to keep it off Reigns and Rollins for now. Balor was clearly being pushed for an extended title run with Rollins making him a credible Champion but as the saying goes, plans change. Sheamus or Cesaro will enter the title picture next. I do see Rollins winning the Universal Championship before the end of the year, though.




Now that I’ve heard her speak, I now know they’re NOT the same person

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