D-Bry and Brie Bella announce they’re expecting!

WWE’s favorite Smackdown couple broke the news this time last month ahead of the series premiere of their E! reality show Totally Bellas. No question D-Bry (rela name Bryan Danielson) and Brie (Real name Brianna Danielson) wanted to share the news ahead of it being revealed on the show itself. The couple announced a few weeks later they are expecting a girl. A spinoff of the popular Total Divas (Also on E!), Totally Bellas focuses on The Bella Twins and by extension D-Bry and John Cena, who is Nikki’s (real name Nicole) boyfriend. It airs Wesdnesdays at 8PM EST.

In the first episode, Brie and D-Bry move into John Cena’s house (mansion would be more accurate) in Miami to help help take care of Nikki, who had neck surgery. Of course, we already know Nikki made her in-ring return to WWE this past summer and is on the Smackdown roster.

I knew Cena was taking a break from WWE for other things but I completely forgot he was Nikki’s boyfriend. WHOOPS! Being John Cena, Vince McMahon will happily give the man who carried WWE for almost a decade whatever he wants. The E! team simply jumped at the opportunity to start shooting the spinoff series.

As has been referenced in his feud with AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose in the last few weeks, Cena is getting close to the point where he will have to become a part-time competator if he wants to wrestle for as long as say, The Undertaker, Kane, Mark Henry, Goldust, Triple H and The Big Show (who is retiring after WM33). All of them can still compete but they only wrestle a handful of times a year max.

Anywho, it’s worth noting neither Cena or Nikki Bella have appeared much in recent weeks. If I had to guess, they’re probably shooting the next season of their reality TV show, which will likely focus on Brie’s pregnancy. Their child is due sometime in the spring. While it may be another year or two before we see Brie in a ring again, I wouldn’t count out her appearing in promos in the near future.

D-Bry and Brie Bella announce they’re expecting!

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