Rhonda Rousey: “I’ve got at least one more fight left in me”


Appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show today, the former UFC Women’s Champion candidly said her upcoming fight at UFC 207 could be her last. Rousey, who hasn’t competed since her knockout loss almost a year ago has on the record expressed a strong interest in WWE (She’s a huge fan). She appeared in a promo with The Rock, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at Wrestlemania 31 last year.

WWE getting Rousey would be HUGE for both WWE and UFC. Lesnar can prettymuch compete whenever he wants for either company. The star power Rousey and her brand would bring to WWE would probably destroy TNA and a few other promotions. WWE has been putting alot of time and effort into rebuilding a strong women’s division from scratch in the last 3 years. Adding Rousey to the roster would give the division a massive boost.

As for how she could be used, it’s all on the creative team. She’d be introduced as a Face obviously. They could even set it up as just having her in non-match promos at first, setting her up to eventually have her first match at Wrestlemania or Summer Slam for the Raw Women’s Championship.

How I would do it is this:

Paul Heyman announces sometime after UFC 207 (could be weeks or months later) “the rumors are true” and Rousey is in talks with WWE RAW to sign a contract with the brand. Stephanie McMahon comes out and says she just made it a done deal and Rousey is now on the RAW roster. Charlotte comes out and says finally she’ll have some real competition and “can’t wait to break her in”. Steph cuts in and says not only is Rousey on the roster but she is on her way to the arena.

At the end of the night, Charlotte comes out and says she’s not leaving the ring until Rousey comes down to the ring. The titantron shows an SUV pull up to the arena and out steps Rousey. She runs into the arena and stares down Charlotte. Dane Brooke tries to ambush her but Rousey easily dispatches her while Charlotte retreats, indicating she wants the RAW Women’s Championship.

The following week, RAW opens with a promo where Mick and Steph are talking with Rousey, reluctantly agreeing to give her a title shot. The catch is she’ll have to earn it. Over the next few weeks, due to plot armor Rousey is unable to start any of her scheduled matches.

At the Royal Rumble, Rousey is booked in a match against Nia Jaxx and Dana Brooke will be the guest referee while Charlotte watches from the announcer’s table. Rousey gets creative and manages to win the match despite the deck being stacked so high against her, utterly destroying both her opponent and the guest referee. The next night on RAW, she is booked to challenge the RAW Women’s Champion at Wrestlemania.

To make it interesting, Charlotte decides to make it a No Holds Barred Match. The match itself is utterly brutal and both women are pushed to their limits. In the end, Rousey wins the RAW Women’s title at Wrestlemania.

…That’s my dream scenario, anyways.

I say Raw gets her since Smackdown’s Women’s roster is more balanced. Charlotte and Sasha Banks run the Raw division but Sasha’s back problems were likely why she dropped the title at Hell in a Cell. Losing her would be a huge blow given she’s missed most of the year already due to two injuries.

Rhonda Rousey: “I’ve got at least one more fight left in me”

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