Confirmed: James Ellsworth signs a full-time contract with WWE

…To say James Ellsworth is over with the WWE Universe would be an understatement. Now, apparently he got over with Vince McMahon enough to get a full-time contract with the company. Ellsworth announced during his appearance on Big Time Wrestling last night his work with WWE is now permanent. Speculation was swiirling when the Smackdown regular suddenly stopped doing Indie Matches.

James Ellsworth made his first appearance the RAW after the brand split where he was put in a Squash Match with Braun Strowman (which he lost of course). He was brought back along with 2 other local competators in a 3 on 1 handicap match against Strowman a few weeks later on RAW (which again, he lost).

Apparently making a strong impression on the regulars, Ellsworth was brought back to work with AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose during the latter two superstars’ feud. It didn’t take much effort for the scrappy superstar to win the hearts of WWE fans. Now a full-time member of the Smackdown Roster, Ellsworth can enjoy the perks that come with being an official WWE Superstar, the biggest being marketing: Look forward to Ellsworth making appearances on the various original shows on the WWE Network.
As a reminder, Survivor Series happens this Sunday. James Ellsworth will be Team Smackdown’s official mascot. Expect things to get real interesting ^_^

Confirmed: James Ellsworth signs a full-time contract with WWE

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