Sasha Banks defeats Charlotte to become 3-time Women’s Champion

…I actually found it to be the most exciting match on the card for tonight’s episode of RAW being totally honest. No wonder it was restarted as the main event match. The match itself was remarkably similar to last week’s match between Seth Rollins and Kevn Owens but the ending…10 points for creativity alone. I doubt it was planned that way but kudos.

It was easy to see a mile away Charlotte was going to lose the title after the announce team pointed out Sasha Banks lost the title in Boston at Hell in a Cell (which I saw in person), which is where she grew up (in Roxbury). Charlotte is from Charlotte, North Carolina. They are both now 3-time Women’s Champions.

Paige being on a 60-day suspension (due to end soon) ended up being a blessing in disguise for Charlotte and Sasha Banks, who’ve been holding down the Women’s Division. They are easily the top talent in the Women’s Division on RAW. Emma’s making her return to RAW next week, which should help.

I have no doubt Charlotte or Sasha will main event Wrestlemania next year. I just think the buildup for the match should involve someone else. Bayley (vs. Charlotte) or Dana Brooke (vs. Sasha) are obvious choices though it may be time to put Nia Jaxx into the title picture next at this point. Otherwise it would be a waste in my book.


Sasha Banks defeats Charlotte to become 3-time Women’s Champion

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