Roadblock: End of the Line makes it clear RAW lacks direction

The New Day dropping the titles was no surprise after they set the new all-time record. That was expected.

Sasha Banks dropping the title to Charlotte Flair (the last name was added to her character two months ago), like at Hell in a Cell made no sense. The RAW Women’s title has gone back and forth between Charlotte and Sasha since the brand split but Sasha Banks has been denied title defenses each time she won it. Charlotte, who technically has held the womens’ title for almost a year (starting with the Divas’ Championship) held the Women’s Title for most of 2016.

If anything, Sasha needed to retain alot more than Charlotte becoming the 4-time Women’s Champion. Goes without saying. Now it looks like she’s being thrown into a feud with Nia Jaxx for no reason. Plot armor is keeping Charlotte in the title picture for who knows what reason going into 2017. According to a number of sources, Paige is going to make her return to RAW next month. Emmerlina is due to make her re-debut anytime now. I will be beyond pissed if Emmerlina or Paige are fed to Charlotte. She needs to be used to put people over like Sasha did for her. Hopefully Bayley does just that.

Don’t even get me started on the disaster that was Roadblock’s Main Event: Kevin Owens needs to drop the Universal Title. He has yet to retain without interference since it was handed to him by Triple H. He has yet to cleanly retain. Rollins and Reigns don’t need Jericho’s help to be put over and neither does KO for that matter.

I honestly thought Triple H, who hasn’t been seen on RAW since he gave KO the Universal Title would have been the one to run interference this time but no. KO’s already a Heel. He’s not expected to win cleanly. He doesn’t need help from Jericho. KO needs to drop the title at the Royal Rumble no matter who his opponent is. Honestly, I’d be surprised if he does at this point.



Roadblock: End of the Line makes it clear RAW lacks direction

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