John Cena Returns December 27

…While it is true Smackdown shares RAW’s problem of not properly utilizing its veteran talent, I hope Vince McMahon’s new year’s resolution is to make John Cena put people over. Let’s be honest, this is the REAL reason Cena was absent for much of the year. Cena does not want to put people over. And everyone knows it. That’s probably why ‘Taker was brought in to help put people over going into January.

Cena was put on Smackdown specifically to put people over. He knows that more than anyone. AJ Styles is technically a vet (TNA, NJPW and so on) but he’s only been with WWE for about a year. Fortunately, AJ’s been doing a hell of a job as a Babyface Heel and was Over with the crowd from Day One. The problem with Cena is he doesn’t want to put people over and will likely want to be put in the title hunt when he returns next week.

…Not gonna lie, I had no idea Dean Ambrose and Rene Young were dating. It does sound like The Miz will be feuding with Ambrose in the near future, though. A rumor I’ve been hearing for months is Rene has been training for in-ring action alongside Lana, who recently made her NXT debut. Could be interesting if it does happen given how much those who are part of Totally Divas go out of their way to diss her on the air.

The Natalya/Nikki feud that became official this week. D-Bry’s in a bit of a tough situation in part because of his role as the Smackdown GM and being Nikki’s brother in law. That and he obviously doesn’t want to say anything that could cause problems between him and his potential future brother in-law John Cena.

I bring that up given Cena told Nikki when they started dating a few years ago he has no interest in getting married again (Reminder: He cheated on his wife and the left her during the Super Cena Era, which WWE covered up because of his “nice guy” image). Cena recently said he’s open to marriage in part because of Brie and D-Bry getting married and the Bellas’ mom getting engaged to former RAW GM John Lauranitis.
What does all that matter? Carmella’s been bringing up Cena alot during her feud with Nikki ever since she returned earlier this year. Next week could be REAL interesting if Cena gets involved in the feud. I’m actually expecting that if Cena doesn’t get (another) free shot at the Smackdown Championship.

John Cena Returns December 27

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