Jack Swagger released by WWE

WWE.com broke the news this past weekend.

The news isn’t that big of a surprise given it was revealed contract negotiations suddenly went south a few weeks ago. Swagger asked to be released and presumably his request has been granted.

Swagger had a mostly lackluster career as a WWE Superstar. He did have a title run early in his career as WWE Champion. Ill-timed suspensions due to drug policy violations as well as injuries prevented him from getting too much momentum. WWE tried to give him a push most notably when Alberto Del Rio came back but that ended up falling apart when Del Rio was suspended and later released by WWE.

Initially drafted by RAW during the brand split, Swagger was sent to Smackdown to work with newer talent–specifically Baron Corbin. That ended up being a wasted move since Corbin alreadt had decient in-ring skills at the time. Swagger wasn’t used since so his getting released was prettymuch a forgone conclusion.

…We may see Swagger join the likes of Cody Rhodes, Aron Rex (aka Damien Sandow), Alberto Del Rio and Stu Bennett (aka Wade Barrett) on TNA. They might take a chance and give him a contract. Or he might do indie work. If he returns to WWE, it won’t be for a few years.


Jack Swagger released by WWE

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