A look at Giant WWE Superstars who came after Andre the Giant

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Andre Roussimoff (1946-1993) aka Andre the Giant was called the 8th Wonder of the World for a reason (Fun Fact: Chyna was the 9th Wonder of the World). There never was and never will be anyone like him ever. Now, Andre actually suffered from Giantism, an actual medical condition that caused him to grow continuously. His massive frame was both a blessing and a curse. He died in his sleep from congestive heart failure in 1993.

It’s now been 25 years since the death of the original giant but since then, others have stepped over the ropes in WWE. Here’s a look at some of them.

Image result for The Big Show Paul WhitePaul White aka The Big Show is 7’0″ and 385 lbs. but he weighed over 400 lbs until very recently.

The Big Show was in some regards The Second Coming of Andre The Giant when he first came to WWE in the late 90s. He was on the new defunct WCW before signing with WWE at the close of the Monday Night Wars. The World’s Largest Athlete is a Grand Slam Champion, holding all of the current titles at some point during his 20+ year career as well as the WCW, ECW and Hardcore Championships.

WWE took lessons learned from Andre the Giant’s condition to help The Big Show have a long career. Like Andre, The Big Show grew very fast from a young age and has some of the same challenges as well. Fortunately in his case it’s not life-threatening and he is clearly going to retire soon.

Despite his size, there are a handful of superstars who can deadlift him. The Big Show candidly revealed on an episode of Table for 3 (On WWE Network) John Cena, Kane and Mark Henry are 3  of the 4 Superstars he feels 100% comfortable being lifted by (The 4th now being Braun Strowman). To lift someone as big as he is, you have to have not just the strength but the stamina to do it.

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The World’s Strongest Man was a part of the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame Class. He stands at 6’4″ and weighs 360 lbs but weighed a little over 400 lbs. 10 years ago. Mark Henry spent most of his year putting over other superstars but his years of dedication was rewarded in 2011 when he won the WWE Championship at Night of Champions.

Before he signed with WWE in 1996, Mark Henry was a professional bodybuilder and competed in Strong Man competitions. That’s where he earned the title “World’s Strongest Man”. One of his favorite party tricks: Crushing an apple with one hand. You can see him do it on two episodes of Ride Along (On WWE Network).

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Dalip Singh Rana, known in WWE as The Great Khali stands at 7″1″ and weighs 347 lbs. His tenure with WWE was repeatedly stalled due to injuries and other health problems that are actually pretty common in tall people. His appearance at Battleground last year fueled speculation he was going to make another WWE appearance but that appeared to be a one-time thing.

The Great Khali, along with Jinder Mahal have helped open Pro Wrestling in India. They are the most accomplished Indian-born wrestlers and while Mahal is an active superstar, Khali has been working for indie promotions since he left WWE a few years ago. He also runs a wrestling school in India.

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Glenn Jacobs aka Kane stands at 7’0″ and weighs 323 lbs. Kane has wreaked a path of destruction eclipsed only by his brother The Undertaker. Kane has held almost every title there is and has had several Championship runs.

I kept getting this wrong but Glenn Jacobs is expected to retire from wrestling should he win the mayoral election in his hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. The election will be next month and he is the favorite to win. He obviously learned lessons from Linda McMahon’s failed attempts to run for a Senate seat in Connecticuit and has used his fame and recognition from WWE to push his campaign. Jacobs is a Republican and is actually well spoken and smart as was demonstrated by his Corporate Kane Persona.

Kane’s absences in the last two years have been due to his focus on the mayoral election in his hometown. If he wins the election–and he is leading in the polls–he will likely announce his retirement. It was pretty cool some superstars have been helping him with his campaign from time to time as well.

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As you can see, Adam Scherr aka Braun Strowman isn’t the only giant in his family. He’s 6’8″ and weighs 385 lbs. Here he is pictured with his younger sister Hannah. His father Rick Scherr is actually in the Softball Hall of Fame. Mark Henry recruited him after seeing him at a Strong Man Competition.

I’ve been talking about The Monster Among Men alot lately but he is one of the top guys along with Roman Reigns. He technically won the Tag Team Championships by himself at Wrestlemania 34 but was forced to vacate the titles the following night on RAW since his partner was still in grade school.

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Mark Calloway aka The Undertaker rounds out my list of giants in WWE. He’s 6’8″ and weighs 309 lbs. Everyone knows his many accomplishments over his nearly 30 year career so…yeah. The Legend of The Phenom is headlined by his 24-2 Wrestlemania Record and his 21-0 Wrestlemania Streak¬† before it was broken by Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30. He beat Bray Wyatt (WM31) and Shane McMahon (WM32) before losing for the second time at Wrestlemania 33 vs. Roman Reigns. After being called out for weeks, he returned to beat John Cena in a squash match at Wrestlemania 34.

Wrestlemania aside, ‘Taker introduced Casket Matches to WWE and it is his speciality (despite having lost two big ones for storyline reasons). ‘Taker was involved in the first two Hell in a Cell Matches (against Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley respectively) before the Pay Per View of the same name was introduced.

WWE is VERY protective of The Undertaker’s character and more than anyone else including Brock Lesnar or John Cena. The Deadman is intentionally kept out of sight during emotional moments involving the whole locker room (such as honoring someone who passed away or moments of silence). The two exceptions was when ‘Taker broke character and came out for Ric Flair’s farewell the RAW after he was retired by Shawn Michaels at WM24 (‘Taker won the WWE title the same night). The other instance was after his match last year at WM33, he went over the to barricade to hug and kiss his wife before exiting. By the way his wife is former WWE Superstar Michelle McCool.

Images and footage of ‘Taker both out of gear and out of character are pretty rare though WWE has started including video footage of him talking in his normal voice (not as The Undertaker but as Mark Calloway) in backstage footage taken behind the scenes at big events. Images of him looking 10 to 20 years older (he’s 52 years old now) posing with fans can be found online.
‘Taker obviously dyed his hair, which has turned white in recent years. Unlike Shane McMahon (has gray hair despite being in his mid-40s), he has to dye his hair to stay in character. As you can see in the above photograph, he’s started just going to public places as The Undertaker because of how recognizable he is.

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…Come on, did you think I wasn’t gonna mention women?

Savelina “Lina” Fanene aka Nia Jax stands at 6’0″ (The weight of Female Superstars is not shown on WWE.’com’s website), putting her three inches above her cousin and fellow WWE Superstar Tamina Snuka. Nia won her first title since coming to WWE at Wrestlemania 34 when she beat Alexa Bliss for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Nia was a Heel during most of her WWE career but after she name-dropped her cousin Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a closed door meeting, her Face Turn on The Road to Wrestlemania was set up. Speaking of her famous cousin, she decided to try out for NXT after watching her cousin live at Wrestlemania 28.

In her inclusion in the latest season of Total Divas, Nia opened up about her insecurity because of her size. Like I mentioned earlier the only other superstar who is as big as she is also happens to be her cousin, Tamina. The body shaming storyline WWE ran with leading up to her match at Wrestlemania 34 was an important one as well as powerful. Nevermind the fact Nia and Alexa are actually friends in real life (Alexa clearly broke character when she went backstage to console Nia, who’d just lost to Asuka for a spot at Wrestlemania).

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Sarona Snuka aka Tamina Snuka stands at 5’9″ and is of course, the daughter of the late WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. She is also the only one of The Rock’s cousins on the active roster–the others being Roman Reigns, The Usos and Nia Jax–who hasn’t won a title yet but that could change between the Superstar Shakeup and the Women’s Tag Team titles to come later this year.

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In closing, it would be fair to say Andre The Giant left a lasting legacy and responsability for WWE. A responsability WWE has taken on in earnest. I’m talking about making sure their larger Superstars are treated with respect and dignity. They are more than their gait. They’re someone’s son, daughter, father, uncle, brother, sister, aunt, cousin or uncle.

Hopefully they will all be around long after they retire for good.

A look at Giant WWE Superstars who came after Andre the Giant

Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman clearly were clearly out of character in this week’s Mixed Match Challenge

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…Out of character is putting it mildly. LOL. The weekly cross-brand mixed-gender tournament featured #teamlittlebig. Coincidentally, Alexa is actually the smallest woman on the roster at 5’1″ while Strowman is the biggest at 6’8″. This is what makes their pairing so hilarious despite the Nia Jaxx wanting to be paired with The Monster Among Men.

After winning their match (and handing Becky Lynch a loss on her birthday, she was paired with Sami Zayn), Strowman hit on Little Miss Bliss during their post-match interview with Renee Young. Bliss didn’t realize he broke character until she saw his face begin to change color. That was the moment she remembered the rumors regarding his Tinder Account:

Image result for Adam Scherr Tinder

…This isn’t a joke or a photoshop. Yes, he is on Tinder and has been for at least two years now actually. Adam Scherr is his real name and if his last name sounds familiar, his father is a Softball Hall of Famer:

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The resemblance is strong obviously. In his prime, Rick Scherr was also 6’8″.


Here’s a picture of Adam Scherr with his sister, apparently taken backstage during a show:

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So, we know that height and power is mostly genetic. She’s almost eye-level to her brother!

Getting back to the Mixed Match Challenge: The REAL interesting thing is by the end of the interview, Bliss clearly broke character herself a bit. The door was blown wide open to tease some potenial chemistry between them.

Strowman was clearly being dead serious when he prettymuch asked her out and Bliss realized in that moment he broke character. So, she was clearly trying to Friend Zone him but left the door open for something more. It certainly helps they’re both on RAW!

Of course, both Strowman and Bliss will be involved in huge storylines on the road to Wrestlemania. Both could even main event Wrestlemania, too. It remains to be seen if they will be paired again but clearly they work well together. It was pretty hilarious when Strowman tried to get Bliss to deadlift a car. LOL.



Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman clearly were clearly out of character in this week’s Mixed Match Challenge

The Monster Among Men reminds the WWE Universe how strong he really is


Kudos to VInce McMahon for greenlighting this.

The internet went NUTS after Braun Strowman deadlifted a 10-ton semi-truck. Like The Ambulance Flip he did last year, I cued the video to the beginning of the lift. For those who question how this is even possible, Strowman does have something in common with the recently retired Mark Henry: He is a Strong Man Competator. Meaning flipping an Ambulance or a Semi-Truck is well within his capabilities. As a reminder, the truck is twice as heavy as the Ambulance he clipped last year.

To those who keep questioning this, last week’s backstage takedown involving Brock Lesnar and Ken and the Ambulance: Yes it was 100% Strowman. Look him up under his real name, Adam Scherr. He’s capable of ALOT more than what we’ve seen and it’s exactly why even against Lesnar he can’t go full power. It’s for their own safety.

Again, Kudos to Vince for consenting to the The Monster Among Men showing the world why he has that nickname. Displays of power like that by him are always good. There is never a time when it will ever be bad. More so now that WWE seems to have finally have embraced the idea of having two or more top superstars at the same time. It helps they have alot of options in the rare event both Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman are unavailable for some reason (Time off or Injury).

That said, WWE is dropping strong hints Strowman will get the honor of being the first WWE Superstar to cleanly pin Lesnar for the top title at Wrestlemania since he returned to WWE in 2012. As a reminder, Lesnar lost the title at Wrestlemania 31 BUT he wasn’t involved in the decision. Seth Rollins cashed in his Money in The Bank briefcase during the match involving Lesnar and Roman Reigns to make it a Triple Threat match, then he pinned Roman Reigns to win the title.

How I see this being set up is Kane wins the title at the Royal Rumble by pinning Lesnar but drops it to Lesnar in the February PPV via Rematch Clause. Then Strowman vs. Lesnar is set for Wrestlemania. That makes the most sense plus you allow Kane to have one more title run while putting Over Strowman as he has been. WWE kept the top title away from Strowman on purpose so they could slowly develop his character. Now it’s time for him to taste some gold!

The Monster Among Men reminds the WWE Universe how strong he really is

The Inhuman Feat of Strength everyone is STILL talking about

…And will be talking about possibly for YEARS to come =O

The video is cued to start just before the moment Braun Strowman shocked the WWE Universe:

…The trolls who commented on this video were quick to point out the fact a shadow can be seen exiting the back of the ambulance–probably Roman Reigns–just before Braun Strowman flips the Ambulance completely over. The camera momentarily shows you the back of the now closed rear ambulance doors (which was clearly a botch as they were open moments before) and confirms no one was in the back.

By the way, that Ambulance’s weight averages 5 tons. You usually see bodybuilders pull or push a vehicle of that size and bigger in competitions but Strowman went full power and flipped it over =O

Roman Reigns’ reported “injuries” afterward are clearly a work. He’s probably going to be taking some time off. The rumors are swirling between retiring The Undertaker and putting over Strowman with this segment Reigns will (finally) Heel turn. With Ambrose as a Face and Rollins a Face, it makes too much sense not for Reigns to Heel turn when he returns now that all three former Shield members are on RAW (Presumably intentional). Ambrose is too over with the crowd to Heel turn and doesn’t need it. Neither does Rollins, who became a Face when he returned from injury last year. Reigns, on the other hand does need it since he doesn’t have the mat skills and mic skills John Cena has that allowed him to not Heel turn since his early years.

As for Strowman, he is clearly being built to feud with Lesnar. Whatever doubts the WWE Universe may have had in regards to Strowman facing Lesnar were prettymuch answered with what he did on RAW. It’s going to be one hell of a matchup =O

The Inhuman Feat of Strength everyone is STILL talking about