Breaking News: Daniel Bryan Medically Cleared to return to in-ring action by WWE

Image result for Daniel Bryan WWE Return broke the news a few moments ago and the internet is breaking as we speak.

Two years ago, D-Bry was fored to retire from in-ring competition wrestling for medical reasons. He would become the Smackdown GM later that year. At first, there was speculation that WWE just would not clear him to wrestle. D-Bry got a second opinion that backed up WWE’s findings, putting to rest hopes  that he would leave for another promotion that would allow him to compete.

Ring of Honor Wrestling (ROH) boldly stated their confidence they could sign D-Bry after his contract with WWE expires later this year. This threat is likely why D-Bry had likely been getting set up for a Heel turn with the “Yep” movement angle involving Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn on Smackdown.

…Well, plans change as they say. This would also explain D-Bry’s recent on-air absences from Smackdown. We already know aside from not being medically cleared, D-Bry stayed in shape. The timing for Wrestlemania aside, WWE is not only rewarding his loyalty to the company under the circumstances but giving a giant middle finger to ROH, New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and other promotions who marked their calendars for when D-Bry’s contract will expire.

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It’s almost a given WWE offer him a very generous new contract. His wife Brie Bella, who participated in the Women’s Royal Rumble in January (along with her twin sister Nikki) has been tight-lipped about her return to the main roster. She gave birth to their daughter last year and proved to herself she’s still got it in January. I can’t help but assume she held off making her return until her husband was cleared to return to the ring.

Given D-Bry is scheduled to return on tonight’s episode of Smackdown, it will be interesting to see what his plans are given the news he can now wrestle. If WWE is smart, they’ll tie in his in-ring return with D-Bry’s. Kurt Angle will be teaming with Ronda Rousey to face Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in a mixed match at Wrestlemania 34. A Smackdown equivalent would probably be the “safe” route: Dy-Bry and Brie Bella vs. a mixed team. The problem is the female participant would have to be pulled from the Wrestlemana Women’s Battle Royale. Preferably someone who would mesh well wth a male Superstar as her partner.

The only pairs who come to mind also happen to be couples themselves: Naomi and Jimmy Uso as well as Rusev and Lana (I excluded Mike and Maria Kanellis, who are also on the Smackdown roster because the latter is pregnant and due soon). I really like Jimmy and Naomi vs. D-Bry/Brie but since the Usos are the current Tag Team Champions it would be Rusev and Lana by default. The alternative is making a team ala Mixed Match Challenge from the current roster and you can’t do that on the spot without building the match with random pairings.

…An alternative is to change one of the matches on the card from a singles match to a tag match and I think it would work with little buildup. I’m talking changing the match involving Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn at WM34 to a tag team match involving D-Bry and Shane vs. KO and Zayn. We will get some hints on how his in-ring return will be handled tonight on Smackdown and thankfully, the there’s no way it can be screwed up. LOL.

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Breaking News: Daniel Bryan Medically Cleared to return to in-ring action by WWE

The Bella Twins give a timeline for their in-ring return

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Total Bellas’ season finale this week took viewers into the delivery room as Brie and D-Bry welcomed their daughter Birdie Joe Danielson (reminder: Daniel Bryan’s real name is Bryan Danielson so his on-screen name is basically his name reversed) into the world. Of course, she was actually born several months earlier. In addition, Brie chronicled her pregnancy via Social Media.

With fans clamoring and wonderng when and if Brie and her sister Nikki would return to the Squared Circle, they briefly addressed the subject while discussing the season premeire of Total Divas. Nikki announced earlier this year when asked she would only return when her sister was ready. She also hinted her wedding plans will be “small and moved up”, hinting she wants to make sure both she and her sister are ready to go at the same time.

The twins have tenatively set their return for “sometime” in 2018. In addition they hinted they may make a cameo appearance at Wrestlemania 34. Brie revealed she has already starting working out and is preparing for her return to in-ring action. She also stated she and D-Bry are going to try to have another baby in the near future, possibly as soon as this time next year or early 2019. So, her in-ring return will last until then at least.

Finally, this bring us to the question of which brand they would be on. Brie would be fine on either brand but we could see her put on RAW to work with Asuka and Ronda Rousey when the latter officially signs with WWE. Or we could see her put on Smackdown where her husband is General Manager so they can travel together. This feels like the more likely outcome to me personally. Nikki was on Smackdown before she left after Wrestlemania 33 and would presumably return to the Smackdown roster. Assuming both Bellas are on the same roster, they would definitelty be reintroduced as a Face.

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…In related news, there is renewed speculation D-Bry may leave for Ring of Honor Wrestling (ROH) when his contract with WWE expires next year. For those who need a refresher, D-Bry’s in-ring career in WWE came to an end after he reinjured his neck next two years ago during a spot with Kane. WWE understandably refuses to allow him to wrestle for liability reasons but he is being paid a Superstar salary despite the “no compete” clause. Mind you, at the time the career-ending injury happened, he’d just married Brie.

In the unscripted promo he did with The Miz on Talking Smack last year he flatly said “They [WWE] won’t clear me wrestle.” to which The Miz suggested he go to another ptomotion. On that note, ROH seemed to hint when asked in an interview earlier this month they think D-Bry will return to indie promotions when his WWE contract expires and “they will be happy to have him”.

To those who would rather he suffer a life-threatening injury just to see him wrestle again, think about this: D-Bry fought WWE’s findings and searched for a doctor who could help him get back in the ring. What he found instead was the injury was alot more serious than he thought and no amount of time will change that. More so now that he is a father. He is alot of things but he won’t do that to his family.

His wrestling career may have ended early but it’s the fans, not D-Bry who need to accept that reality. Sure, another promotion would clear him to wrestle. Clearly both ROH and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) would. The more important question is “Should he?” The answer is obviously no or he would have asked WWE to release him two years ago.

It makes more sense for him to stay on as a personality in WWE than go elsewhere. He’s got financial security and could easily transition into another role within WWE. He will be given that option if he renews his WWE contract. More so since his wife and sister in-law will be back by then.


The Bella Twins give a timeline for their in-ring return

John Cena Returns December 27

…While it is true Smackdown shares RAW’s problem of not properly utilizing its veteran talent, I hope Vince McMahon’s new year’s resolution is to make John Cena put people over. Let’s be honest, this is the REAL reason Cena was absent for much of the year. Cena does not want to put people over. And everyone knows it. That’s probably why ‘Taker was brought in to help put people over going into January.

Cena was put on Smackdown specifically to put people over. He knows that more than anyone. AJ Styles is technically a vet (TNA, NJPW and so on) but he’s only been with WWE for about a year. Fortunately, AJ’s been doing a hell of a job as a Babyface Heel and was Over with the crowd from Day One. The problem with Cena is he doesn’t want to put people over and will likely want to be put in the title hunt when he returns next week.

…Not gonna lie, I had no idea Dean Ambrose and Rene Young were dating. It does sound like The Miz will be feuding with Ambrose in the near future, though. A rumor I’ve been hearing for months is Rene has been training for in-ring action alongside Lana, who recently made her NXT debut. Could be interesting if it does happen given how much those who are part of Totally Divas go out of their way to diss her on the air.

The Natalya/Nikki feud that became official this week. D-Bry’s in a bit of a tough situation in part because of his role as the Smackdown GM and being Nikki’s brother in law. That and he obviously doesn’t want to say anything that could cause problems between him and his potential future brother in-law John Cena.

I bring that up given Cena told Nikki when they started dating a few years ago he has no interest in getting married again (Reminder: He cheated on his wife and the left her during the Super Cena Era, which WWE covered up because of his “nice guy” image). Cena recently said he’s open to marriage in part because of Brie and D-Bry getting married and the Bellas’ mom getting engaged to former RAW GM John Lauranitis.
What does all that matter? Carmella’s been bringing up Cena alot during her feud with Nikki ever since she returned earlier this year. Next week could be REAL interesting if Cena gets involved in the feud. I’m actually expecting that if Cena doesn’t get (another) free shot at the Smackdown Championship.

John Cena Returns December 27

D-Bry and Brie Bella announce they’re expecting!

WWE’s favorite Smackdown couple broke the news this time last month ahead of the series premiere of their E! reality show Totally Bellas. No question D-Bry (rela name Bryan Danielson) and Brie (Real name Brianna Danielson) wanted to share the news ahead of it being revealed on the show itself. The couple announced a few weeks later they are expecting a girl. A spinoff of the popular Total Divas (Also on E!), Totally Bellas focuses on The Bella Twins and by extension D-Bry and John Cena, who is Nikki’s (real name Nicole) boyfriend. It airs Wesdnesdays at 8PM EST.

In the first episode, Brie and D-Bry move into John Cena’s house (mansion would be more accurate) in Miami to help help take care of Nikki, who had neck surgery. Of course, we already know Nikki made her in-ring return to WWE this past summer and is on the Smackdown roster.

I knew Cena was taking a break from WWE for other things but I completely forgot he was Nikki’s boyfriend. WHOOPS! Being John Cena, Vince McMahon will happily give the man who carried WWE for almost a decade whatever he wants. The E! team simply jumped at the opportunity to start shooting the spinoff series.

As has been referenced in his feud with AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose in the last few weeks, Cena is getting close to the point where he will have to become a part-time competator if he wants to wrestle for as long as say, The Undertaker, Kane, Mark Henry, Goldust, Triple H and The Big Show (who is retiring after WM33). All of them can still compete but they only wrestle a handful of times a year max.

Anywho, it’s worth noting neither Cena or Nikki Bella have appeared much in recent weeks. If I had to guess, they’re probably shooting the next season of their reality TV show, which will likely focus on Brie’s pregnancy. Their child is due sometime in the spring. While it may be another year or two before we see Brie in a ring again, I wouldn’t count out her appearing in promos in the near future.

D-Bry and Brie Bella announce they’re expecting!

Daniel Bryan sets the record straight: He’s Really Retiring from In-Ring Action

Many of those who watched 34 year old Daniel Bryan’s (real name Brian Danielson) tearful sendoff on RAW on Monday probably assumed he would just wrestle for another promotion once his WWE contract expires.

D-Bry set the record straight in an interview with former WWE Superstar Brian Coachman in an interview on ESPN Tuesday afternoon:

  • He referenced his frustration with WWE refusing to clear him on RAW Monday during his remarks regarding his brain injury. It’s fair to say WWE’s decision to never clear him has been vindicated in light of prettymuch being told the next time he wrestles could be his last.
  • D-Bry’s decision to retire is reminiscient of WWE Hall of Famer Edge, who was forced to retire after Wrestlemania 26 due to damage to his spine: It wasn’t one act that can be pointed to. It’s 16 years of wrestling that took its toll on him. I say this mostly since there are those who believe the neck injury he suffered in 2013 at the hands of Kane shortened his career.
  • While is is true D-Bry was a WWE superstar for 6 years, he wrestled in other promotions all over the world. He is known outside WWE as The American Dragon Brian Danielson (which he referenced on RAW).
  • No question his decision to retire now is to avoid sharing the same fate as the late Eddie Guerrieo, who died suddenly about 10 years ago. It was later revealed a lifetime of head injuries was the mainfactor in his death: He reportedly complained of a bad headache and collapsed. He was then rushed to a hospital and was pronounced dead. As some folks have said on Facebook, the decision to retire now may have just saved his life in the long run.
  • As he revealed on RAW, D-Bry and his wife, WWE Diva Brie Bella want to start having kids soon. Brie’s obviously gonna need to take at least a year off in-ring action when she gets pregnant. Thanks to NXT, she’ll have an easier time bouncing back after giving birth. With D-Bry no longer wrestling, he can help out with the kid(s).
  • This wasn’t touched on at RAW or on ESPN but D-Bry is contracted with WWE through at least 2018. No doubt the terms of his contract were changed to have a No Compete Clause. WWE isn’t stupid: They’ll figure out a way for him to have the spotlight as much as possible. They’ll want to keep him happy not just for his sake but for Brie’s sake, who is on the active roster.

To those holding out hope D-Bry will sign with another promotion, forget it. He said it himself such a move would be a death wish. He and his wife want to have kids so…yeah. D-Bry having to live with the fact that he’ll never wrestle again sucks but in his mind, it’s better than being dead or paralyzed. I could tell by the emotion he is well aware his lifespan may have been shortened.

Here’s something about brain damage that sets it apart from every other type of injury: You NEVER fully recover from it. It’s permanent. There is no heal over time like a broken bone or a torn ligament. Scientists no longer believe even stem cells can reverse damage from brain injuries.

Thanks to new research and findings on concussions, we now know it could be YEARS before the damage is detectable–sometimes not until after death. Seattle Seahawks star Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement during Super Bowl 50. He is 29 years old. Thanks to what we know now about concussions, those who play contact sports are thinking down the road when they start playing in the NFL. Lynch just started a trend even if he doesn’t know it. You can expect more and more players to do so.

Getting back to D-Bry, we certainly haven’t seen the last of him. Given the PR nightmare Vince McMahon just created, we might see him sooner than expected.



Daniel Bryan sets the record straight: He’s Really Retiring from In-Ring Action

The Bella Twins’ Mom engaged to John Laurenitis

The announcement article with pictures is here.

Kathy Colace is the mother of WWE Divas Brie Bella and Divas Champion Nikki Bella. Her engagement to John Laurenitis is likely a shock to everyone who doesn’t watch the Divas reality TV show. I actually don’t but I read the recap online the day after.

The picture–which I can’t embed because of how the WWE Website encoded it–features the happy couple opposite John Cena and Nikki Bella, the latter two dating (which the article doesn’t mention for obvious reasons). Again, this is sure to surprise those who don’t watch the Divas TV show. I will now take this moment to explain the REAL reason house crowds started chanting “John Cena Sucks!” 5 years ago, and it’s not just because he’s going to eventually break Ric Flair’s record 16 Title wins. It’s because he had an affair with his then wife and WWE helped him cover it up to protect his “Golden Boy” image.

That said, in a surprising twist Cena said to Nikki two years back on an episode of Divas he doesn’t want to marry her and he doesn’t want kids. He didn’t mention his ex-wife but it was obvious that was what he had in mind when he said that. He doesn’t want to be in that position again, especially given his girlfriend’s title reign is being extended on purpose break AJ Lee’s record. Don’t expect Nikki to drop the title at Night of Champions on that note.

Speaking of AJ Lee, it’s been said for a while now that she was the one who convinced her now husband CM Punk to leave WWE in January 2014. AJ returned to action just after Punk was offcially moved from active to alumni on the WWE website, dispelling rumors she would be leaving, too. AJ “retired” from WWE after Fast Lane, which she did not participate in, citing her desire to have children.

I assume there was some truth to the rumors AJ convinced CM Punk to walk away from his WWE contract for the company to be going out of its way to have Nikki Bella break the record she set for the longest Divas title reign. Personally, I would be surprised if Nikki and Cena stay together for another 3 years. She clearly wants to settle down and Cena clearly doesn’t wanna be married again. The latest buzz is Brie has been trying to get pregnant for months but kept having to push things back because of the Divas Revolution. If she’s booked to be out for a year, it’s a safe bet she’s pregnant.


The Bella Twins’ Mom engaged to John Laurenitis

John Cena’s long-awaited heel turn?

…I reference the video because for the first time since the RAW after Wrestlemania 30, the house crowd broke out in a “John Cena Sucks!” Chant in cadence to his Entrance Music this past Monday Night RAW.

There’s that and then there’s the promo he’s currently doing with Rusev leading up to Wrestlemania 31. After losing to Rusev at Fastlane, Cena has Kayfabe been in the dog house. Stephanie McMahon put her foot down on RAW and told him in the middle of the ring the only way he’s going to Wrestlemania 31 is if he can convince Rusev to give him a rematch at The Show of Shows.

During the promo he did with Stephanie, things got a bit testy. John was at first adamant about his Plan B involving another event but Stephanie shot that down when she came out, reminding him of his recent transgressions against The Authority. In perhaps a bid to break up the awkward moment, Curtis Axel (son of WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Perfect) came down to the ring wearing an “Axelmania” T-Shirt.

Axel seemed to take a page out of former manager Paul Heyman’s playbook and reminded the audience he was never actually eliminated during the Royal Rumble. Axel was ambushed by Eric Rowan before he made it to the ring so…yeah. Anyway, after doing an impressive impression of Hulk Hogan’s iconic t-shirt rip (which got cheers from the crowd), he challenged John Cena to a match, which started right away. Cena, who was obviously not in a good mood quickly dispatched the younger superstar. Axel’s face turn is now complete.

As for Cena, who has been a face ever since his first WWE Title win has been the face of the WWE until a few years ago. Ever since dropping the WWE Championship to Brock Lesnar at Summer Slam, it’s obvious WWE is intentionally keeping him away from the belt for the time being. The question of “If Cena vs. X at WM31 for the WWE title is out, who should we get as his opponent?” was answered with Rusev. As one Op-Ed said, this is great booking for Rusev.

Rusev has yet to be defeated by Pinfall or Submission since making his WWE debut. Cena beating him for the U.S. Championship would be awesome, but Rusev would totally be put over if he retained the title. The way I see it, there’s no way Cena walks away from Wrestlemania without turning heel for the first time since his WWE debut. If Steph coming out and prettymuch shoving him in that direction is any indication, it looks like Cena himself’s finally ready to do it.


In somewhat related news, there’s some Total Divas speculation Brie Bella (real name Brianna Bryanson) may be trying to get pregnant. I’m planning to watch the upcoming episode myself to know for sure but it would certainly explain why Brie has been booked in less matches lately and AJ Lee suddenly returned on RAW. It may also be a key reason why her husband Daniel Bryan hasn’t neen officially booked in a match for Wrestlemaniua yet. You’d think WWE was preparing for him to take some time off or something.

Speaking of a Bella, for those who don’t know by now Nikki Bella is dating the recently divorced John Cena. I intentionally left this out until now but the OTHER reason for the Anti-Cena sentament among WWE fans is his out of ring indiscretions, his apparent blatant disrespect toward the younger superstars and the fact WWE swept it all under the rug. The upcoming Total Divas episode is likely to focus on the Bella Twins with Nikki and Cena’s relationship being the main subject. Cena apparently has no interest in getting married again but Nikki wants to get married and have kids so…yeah. Their relationship may be at an impasse. I bring that up now as some could argue that to be a catalyst to a potential Heel turn.

Only time will tell XD

John Cena’s long-awaited heel turn?