The Ripple Effect from Roman Reigns’ absence extends to Smackdown Live

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…That is the best way to describe the RAW and Smackdown before Survivor Series.

Daniel Bryan’s Heel turn- comes hot on the heels of Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch being removed from the Women’s Champion match with RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series.  The buildup got real personal real quick and after the Smackdown invasion on RAW, the last thing anyone wanted or expected was for there to be a last-minute change.

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..,This shot RIGHT HERE.

The Internet EXPLODED when Lynch pulled a Stone Cold and took on the ENTIRE RAW Women’s Team and this was AFTER she DESTROYED Ronda Rousey backstage:

It is revealed on Smackdown the shot to the face Lynch took from Nia Jaxx put her in the Concussion Protocol and will not be cleared to compete at Survivor Series.

For those who may be wondering, Alexa Bliss is also not cleared to wrestle and that’s why she got out the ring when all hell broke lose. She was injured at a live event just before Evolution and was forced to withdraw from the tag match that also involved Mickie James, Lita and Trish Stratus. Alicia Fox took her place in that match and she was at ringside.

Anywho, I think it’s clear we WILL see Lynch and Rousey clash sooner than later. If not TLC then the Royal Rumble or even Wrestlemania. We did  see a crossbrand match between Charlotte and Asuka, who was on RAW at the time at Wrestlemania 34. In other words, there is a precident and the foundation to build the match is already in place.

Looking beyond Survivor Series now. We already know Nia Jaxx has first dibs on the RAW Women’s Champion. On Smackdown, it’s not as clear. Becky Lynch is technically a babyface Heel but her new badass “I am THE MAN” persona has the WWE Universe in love with her since she Turned. She is NOT losing the Smackdown Women’s title anytime soon. As for potential feuds, there is some potential with Sonya DeVille (seems to turning into a Face), Mandy Rose (Seems to be getting a Push) and Lana (To help get her Over). I don’t think Charlotte will be in the title picture again until the buildup to Wrestlemania personally.

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…Getting back to the NEW WWE Champion. Clearly AJ Styles will get his rematch, likely at the TLC PPV. D-Bry’s Heel turn inevitable for two reasons: His wife’s Heel turn last month and more directly, AJ Styles being a babyface. Smackdown has been without a credible top Heel not named The Miz or Randy Orton prettymuch all year. D-Bry’s Heel turn changes that and more so now that the feud between him and Styles is personal.

As for the Universal Championship, obviously Lesnar is just holding it until Roman Reigns returns or he drops it to Braun Strowman, whichever happens first.



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The Ripple Effect from Roman Reigns’ absence extends to Smackdown Live

WWE appears to be moving to book Brock Lesnar to drop the Universal Title at Summer Slam

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For those who missed the news last weekend, Brock Lesnar is officially booked to compete in UFC–and for a title–later this year. He will face Daniel “DC” Cormier for the UFC Heavyweight title on November 23 at UFC 230.

As everyone knows, Lesnar is the current Universal Champion (he didn’t have it with him at the UFC Event he attended). WWE has clearly been waiting for Lesnar to commit to be booked in a UFC match and for it to become official more or less. Lesnar was not booked for Summer Slam but that is clearly changed now that he is booked for a UFC. There is comfirmation Paul Heyman will be working backstage on the RAW after Extreme Rules. My guess is he will cut a promo regarding Lesnar to build for Summer Slam.

It is very likely the winner of Reigns vs. Lashley will face Lesnar for the Universal Championship at Summer Slam. Lashley getting the win, then getting cashed in on by Braun Strowman could work and more so given you could still book Reigns vs. Dre McIntyre at Summer Slam at the same time. The more likely scenario though is Reigns wins at Extreme Rules and then gets cashed in on by Strowman after (finally) beating Lesnar.

I am assuming the latter is how things will play out but we will still have to wait and see.

WWE appears to be moving to book Brock Lesnar to drop the Universal Title at Summer Slam

Ronda Rousey inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame; The latest Brock Lesnar Rumors

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…Most folks realize this now but Rousey’s 30-day suspension from RAW is a work. What most didn’t know is Ronda Rousey would become the first woman inducted into UFC’s Hall of Fame.

Rousey, 31retired from UFC and MMA in 2016 after her two knockout losses to Holly Holm (ended her 12-0 win streak) and Amanda Nunes. She was prettymuch done with MMA at that point and spent most of 2017 negotiating with WWE for a contract.  Her return to UFC for her induction into the UFC Hall of Fame was viewed by fans of her MMA career as a final sendoff.

Although she made several appearances last year–mostly in support of her friend (and current NXT Women’s Champion) Shayna Baszler–Rousey officially debuted in WWE at the 2018 Royal Rumble. She has so far participated in two matches. She teamed up with Kurt Angle to face Stephanie McMahon and Triple H at Wrestlemania 43, which they won. Her first official singles match took place at the Money in the Bank PPV where she faced Nia Jaxx for the RAW Women’s Championship. Alexa Bliss, who won the Money in the Bank briefcase cashed it in ro win the title and indirectly protect Jaxx and Rousey’s characters.

Rousey is currently on a 30-day suspension for attacking Kurt Angle and several referees on the RAW after Money in the Bank. She appeared in a pre-recorded interview this week and plans to be front row at the Extreme Rules PPV as a spectator. She is booked to be there anyway so more likely than not she will do more than just watch Nia Jaxx face Alexa Bliss for the RAW Women’s Championship.

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Brock Lesnar has now held the Universal Championship longer than CM Punk.

Dana White all but confirmed in recent interviews that Brock Lesnar is returning to UFC later this year despite having signed a new contract with WWE two years ago. Lesnar has made it no secret he is very interested in returning to UFC and has been training for it.

Vince has been dancing around the fact RAW having an absentee champion has long run its course. Reigns’ on-screen frustrations earlier this year is a shared sentiment and more so given how much effort has been put into just not talking about the fact Brock Lesnar wrestles who and when he wants. Lesnar is not booked for Extreme Rules and has recently been ruled out for Summer Slam. This despite Roman Reigns clearing being set up to take the title from Lesnar…only to be cashed in on by the Monster in the Bank Braun Strowman immediately or shortly afterward.

My guess is Lesnar will be booked to drop the title later this year to Reigns but instead the Money in the Bank Briefcase will come into play to protect Lesnar’s character. This was why it was done at Wrestlemania 31, too (Rollins cashed in). It’s a matter of seeing how things play out at this point.


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Ronda Rousey inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame; The latest Brock Lesnar Rumors

John Cena calls out The Undertaker, forgets what he said last Summer

Took me a minute to find this video, then couldn’t resist rewatching the whole segment in full:

…The relevant line is at 5:55 of the video. At that point, Cena says “I’m not The Undertaker. I’m not a battered veteran with a bad hip.”

When he called out The Undertaker on this week’s episode of RAW, Cena spoke highly of The Deadman. Clearly he should’ve watched the above video. LOL. Like with the buildup to ‘Taker vs. Bray Wyatt three years ago, ‘Taker doesn’t need to show up in person. Cena has the best mic skills in the company and has since he walked in 15 years ago. He can build the match by himself. That said, I do see ‘Taker appearing to accept the challenge in the next three weeks.

All that said, let’s return to the entirety of the above video. Obviously, Cena destroyed Reigns on the mic. He took him to school and it was obvious especially from the 7:15 mark to about 8:00. Cena literally teaches Reigns during their promo how you cut a good promo (‘cuz John Cena is just that damn good). Cena prettymuch taught him to stop holding back when he does promos and as the new top guy, he has the leeway to go off script. Reigns clearly got it a few minutes later as he becomes more comfortable doing the promo.

Now check out the part this video is cued to:


Cena makes reference Reigns’ recent suspensions at the time from failed drug tests. In one case, Reigns was absent for the buildup for the Triple Threat Match at the 2016 Battleground involving him, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Ambrose was booked to retain the title and the match was built without Reigns so Ambrose and Rollins built the match on their own.

Both last week and this week, Reigns was half-cocked and cut some good promos. He wasn’t chewed out last week like he said he would be (it was planned) and this week’s segment involving Vince seemed to indicate there will be sine changes in how Lesnar is used after he presumably drops the title at Wrestlemania. Lesnar got away with holding the top title hostage 3 years ago because there wasn’t a brand split first and at the time, Vince was trying to get Lesnar to commit to WWE longterm.

Things are different now.

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John Cena calls out The Undertaker, forgets what he said last Summer

WWE 24: Goldberg Chronicles an important Wrestlemania Redemption Story

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March 14. 2004: Wrestlemania XX.

Brock Lesnar and Goldberg’s first Wrestlemania match.

By this time The WWE Universe knew both Lesnar and Goldberg would be leaving the company after Wrestlemania. For this reason, the two biggest up and coming superstars at the time–the WCW Veteran Goldberg and The Next Big Thing Brock Lesnar–were booked in a match with each other. The house crowd made it clear how they felt about both superstars leaving as they made their way down to the ring.

Stone Cold Steve Austin, who had his retirement match against The Rock at the  Wrestlemania was the guest referee. He would later say he was beside himself to not react to the rage and anger from house crowd, who made their feelings known to Lesnar and Goldberg about both superstars leaving. Lesnar, whose contract disputes with WWE were already widely known got it the loudest. This was likely why after the match, he was dropped by Stone Cold to appease the crowd. Austin would share a beer with Goldberg before dropping him in kind as well to appease the crowd.

Lesnar would later go on to have a run in UFC while Goldberg disappeared from the public completely. Lesnar would make his return to WWE in 2012. Now older, wiser and more experienced, it didn’t take long for him to quickly erase the memories of how his first WWE tenure ended. Goldberg would make his return four years later in 2016.

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As was revealed in WWE 24: Goldberg, Goldberg tweaked his shoulder during the promo he did with Rusev a few weeks before Survivor Series. This plus the short time he had to prepare for Survivor Series confirmed why the Survivor Series match was a squash match.

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…It’s fitting that Goldberg and Lesnar would meet at Wrestlemania 33 given they both left WWE on bad terms 13 years earlier at Wrestlemania XX. Obviously, it was important to Goldberg to erase the memories of his last Wrestlemania appearance not just for himself and his son but for the fans as well.

How fitting that his opponent would once again be Brock Lensar, who was keenly aware of their shared history. The story goes, Lesnar made the call for their Survivor Series match to be a squash match to build towards their rematch at Wrestlemania. Goldberg needed to be Over with the fans so…yeah.

His standing with the WWE Universe restored, Goldberg left the door open for future returns to the ring. Being 50 years old, obviously any future matches he has would have to keep this in mind: His WWE 24 showed the spirit is willing but the ring rust and how long he’s been away will be major factors.


WWE 24: Goldberg Chronicles an important Wrestlemania Redemption Story

The Inhuman Feat of Strength everyone is STILL talking about

…And will be talking about possibly for YEARS to come =O

The video is cued to start just before the moment Braun Strowman shocked the WWE Universe:

…The trolls who commented on this video were quick to point out the fact a shadow can be seen exiting the back of the ambulance–probably Roman Reigns–just before Braun Strowman flips the Ambulance completely over. The camera momentarily shows you the back of the now closed rear ambulance doors (which was clearly a botch as they were open moments before) and confirms no one was in the back.

By the way, that Ambulance’s weight averages 5 tons. You usually see bodybuilders pull or push a vehicle of that size and bigger in competitions but Strowman went full power and flipped it over =O

Roman Reigns’ reported “injuries” afterward are clearly a work. He’s probably going to be taking some time off. The rumors are swirling between retiring The Undertaker and putting over Strowman with this segment Reigns will (finally) Heel turn. With Ambrose as a Face and Rollins a Face, it makes too much sense not for Reigns to Heel turn when he returns now that all three former Shield members are on RAW (Presumably intentional). Ambrose is too over with the crowd to Heel turn and doesn’t need it. Neither does Rollins, who became a Face when he returned from injury last year. Reigns, on the other hand does need it since he doesn’t have the mat skills and mic skills John Cena has that allowed him to not Heel turn since his early years.

As for Strowman, he is clearly being built to feud with Lesnar. Whatever doubts the WWE Universe may have had in regards to Strowman facing Lesnar were prettymuch answered with what he did on RAW. It’s going to be one hell of a matchup =O

The Inhuman Feat of Strength everyone is STILL talking about

Possible Wrestlemania matchups are starting to come into focus

According to a few sources within WWE, The Phenom vs. The Roman Empire at WM33 is “prettymuch set”. Vince McMahon has reportedly wanted to book them in a match for some time now. This seems to match rumors I heard last year ‘Taker was originally going to be Reigns’ opponent last year.

It ended up not happening as we know for two reasons:

  1. The Reigns/Triple H feud was going unexectedly well even though everyone knew Trips was just putting Reigns over.
  2. The creative team had to scramble to write Shane McMahon’s sudden return to WWE after a nearly 10 year hiatus. Since Vince was personally involved, they had no choice but to book Shane with The Undertaker. The buildup fell flat but the match itself was unexpectedly good.

…This will be a match for the ages. The foundation for their match at Wrestlemania was laid when Reigns eliminated The Undertaker at the Royal Rumble (See above picture). It’s just a matter of when in regards to when the buildup begins.

What would make this matchup real interesting: According to an interview by Roman Reigns himself, he might Heel turn real soon. That would make the buildup believable and his character has been teasing a Heel turn for some time now.

I think it’s a safe bet the match is a done deal. Even though it won’t be a title match, this time we can expect to see a full match between the two titans of destruction =O

…This was obviously being set up to happen but due to Seth Rollins re-injuring his surgically repaired knee (The same one that cost him 9 months from fall 2015 to Spring 2016), he may be out for up to 8 weeks (!) which means he’s definitely missing Wrestlemania. Ouch! He has not been medically cleared to compete in any live events since the injury on RAW.

WWE has promised to provide an update in the upcoming RAW episode. Should Rollins be shelved, WWE’s creative team apparently has a replacement match set to go…

…The match alot of insiders thought was actually going to happen at last year’s Summer Slam believe it or not. For those who don’t know, there is legit…”tension” is the word I’ll use between Triple H and Shane. Triple H and Stephanie feel threatened by Shane’s return to the company after being away for 7 years. While Shane was away,

Triple H and Stephanie worked their way up the corporate ladder both on and off-screen (By the way, Triple H is the Director of Talent Relations and the Principal Owner of NXT). Triple H’s brain child NXT moved WWE out of the PG Era and helped kick off the rebranding of the Women’s Division. The story goes, it was Stephanie who convinced Vince to trust Triple H and cut back on his on-screen appearances, allowing the company to move into The New Era.

Their concern–more specifically The Game’s–is the possability Vince might hand the company over to Shane. Shane wasn’t lying when he said he “never lost his place in line” this time last year on RAW. As far as I know, Shane does not hold any executive positions within the company aside from being the Smackdown GM since his return.

Should Rollins be shelved–and I don’t think WWE will rush him back for the match–then they will start building this instead.

…We could see what WWE had planned for Seth Rollins and Finn Balor last year: NXT’s best brawler vs. The Face of WWE. Could be crazy but it could also be real interesting. That said, as of right now we still don’t know which roster Samoa Joe will be on yet. I don’t think that’s been set in stone.

That said, I do think it could be an interesting match. They both have crazy stamina and both have impressive mat skills to boot =O

I only just heard about this possible matchup this morning: Bray Wyatt is apparently the favorite to win the WWE Championship at the Elimination Chamber PPV later this month. He would then go on to face Randy Orton at Wrestlemania for the title.

Orton has been part od the Wyatt Family for the last three months. The Apex Predator is one of a handful of superstars who can be Over with the crowd weather he’s a Face or a Heel. We probably won’t see the buildup until after the Elimination Chamber match though.







Possible Wrestlemania matchups are starting to come into focus