The Undertaker retires at Wrestlemania 33
…The rumors turned out to be true: Wrestlemania 33 would be Mark Calloway aka The Undertaker’s last match of his career. The 52 year old Superstar was clearly given full control for what would be his final match on the stage that made him a legend. When it was announced Thursday that Jim Ross would be coming back to call one match, we knew it would likely be for one of three matches. It turned out it was ‘Taker vs. Reigns, which itself turned out to be the main event on the card (The other two possabilities being Lesnar vs. Goldberg and Orton vs. Wyatt). The clincher was when the match was made the main event over the 3 title matches before them in which a new Champion was crowned. (Lesnar, Orton and Naomi).

Anyone who’s followed The Undertaker’s career knows the laundry list of accomplishments credited to him name, most of which involve Wrestlemania. I won’t go over all of them but of course. ‘Taker holds two records that will probably never be approached: Most Wrestlemania matches (25) and longest Wrestlemania streak (21). His only losses were at WM30 vs. Brock Lesnar, who ended The Streak and this year at WM33 vs. Roman Reigns, who comes from a family of Wrestling Legends (Rikishi, The Rock and so on).

It would probably be accurate to say Vince McMahon allowed The Undertaker to choose his final opponent and where. He did pick Lesnar to be the one to end The Streak, after all. The Deadman had expressed a strong interest in working with Daniel Bryan a few years ago but due to a career-ending neck injury after Wrestlemania 31, D-Bry was off the table. Choosing The Big Dog was very symbolic.,width-400,resizemode-4/57983560.jpg
As was the promo for their match, ‘Taker chose Roman Reigns to be the new cornerstone of Wrestlemania. While I don’t see Reigns donnning ‘Taker’s gear and coming out to his music, he will become the new standard of greatness at Wrestlemania.

Simply having competed against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania would raise his profile but actually winning the match? The Roman Empire will now rule Wrestlemania for years to come barring the unforseeable. While it’s doubtful Reigns will compete in 20 more Wrestlemania matches, he will have alot of big ones. Last year’s match vs. Triple Hfelt stale compared to his singles debut at Wrestlemania 31 vs. Brock Lesnar.

Speaking of: Alot of folks were apparently expecting Roman Reigns to Heel turn during this match just like last year vs. The Game. I don’t see him becoming another John Cena but I think he will Heel turn before the year is over.

Undertaker Retires WrestleMania

The Undertaker had his last match  but I doubt we’ve seen the last of him. I would not be surprised at all if he is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next year. It would be fitting. The WWE allowed him to go out in style and to retire with dignity. Who can forget how The Deadman had to be carted out of the ring after Wrestlemania 28? That was perhaps when The Deadman truly realized he was running out of time.

There were rumors his match with Shane was supposed to be his final match but due to post-show rumors about him, it’s likely WWE Officials wanted things to be more definite this time. Man, what a send off. The picture above says it all. The Undertaker is now free to disappear into the sunset.

…I will talk about other Wrestlemania news and results in two separate posts throughout today and tomorrow by brand. Later today, I will do one for RAW. Tomorrow, I will do one for Smackdown.



The Undertaker retires at Wrestlemania 33

Possible Wrestlemania matchups are starting to come into focus

According to a few sources within WWE, The Phenom vs. The Roman Empire at WM33 is “prettymuch set”. Vince McMahon has reportedly wanted to book them in a match for some time now. This seems to match rumors I heard last year ‘Taker was originally going to be Reigns’ opponent last year.

It ended up not happening as we know for two reasons:

  1. The Reigns/Triple H feud was going unexectedly well even though everyone knew Trips was just putting Reigns over.
  2. The creative team had to scramble to write Shane McMahon’s sudden return to WWE after a nearly 10 year hiatus. Since Vince was personally involved, they had no choice but to book Shane with The Undertaker. The buildup fell flat but the match itself was unexpectedly good.

…This will be a match for the ages. The foundation for their match at Wrestlemania was laid when Reigns eliminated The Undertaker at the Royal Rumble (See above picture). It’s just a matter of when in regards to when the buildup begins.

What would make this matchup real interesting: According to an interview by Roman Reigns himself, he might Heel turn real soon. That would make the buildup believable and his character has been teasing a Heel turn for some time now.

I think it’s a safe bet the match is a done deal. Even though it won’t be a title match, this time we can expect to see a full match between the two titans of destruction =O

…This was obviously being set up to happen but due to Seth Rollins re-injuring his surgically repaired knee (The same one that cost him 9 months from fall 2015 to Spring 2016), he may be out for up to 8 weeks (!) which means he’s definitely missing Wrestlemania. Ouch! He has not been medically cleared to compete in any live events since the injury on RAW.

WWE has promised to provide an update in the upcoming RAW episode. Should Rollins be shelved, WWE’s creative team apparently has a replacement match set to go…

…The match alot of insiders thought was actually going to happen at last year’s Summer Slam believe it or not. For those who don’t know, there is legit…”tension” is the word I’ll use between Triple H and Shane. Triple H and Stephanie feel threatened by Shane’s return to the company after being away for 7 years. While Shane was away,

Triple H and Stephanie worked their way up the corporate ladder both on and off-screen (By the way, Triple H is the Director of Talent Relations and the Principal Owner of NXT). Triple H’s brain child NXT moved WWE out of the PG Era and helped kick off the rebranding of the Women’s Division. The story goes, it was Stephanie who convinced Vince to trust Triple H and cut back on his on-screen appearances, allowing the company to move into The New Era.

Their concern–more specifically The Game’s–is the possability Vince might hand the company over to Shane. Shane wasn’t lying when he said he “never lost his place in line” this time last year on RAW. As far as I know, Shane does not hold any executive positions within the company aside from being the Smackdown GM since his return.

Should Rollins be shelved–and I don’t think WWE will rush him back for the match–then they will start building this instead.

…We could see what WWE had planned for Seth Rollins and Finn Balor last year: NXT’s best brawler vs. The Face of WWE. Could be crazy but it could also be real interesting. That said, as of right now we still don’t know which roster Samoa Joe will be on yet. I don’t think that’s been set in stone.

That said, I do think it could be an interesting match. They both have crazy stamina and both have impressive mat skills to boot =O

I only just heard about this possible matchup this morning: Bray Wyatt is apparently the favorite to win the WWE Championship at the Elimination Chamber PPV later this month. He would then go on to face Randy Orton at Wrestlemania for the title.

Orton has been part od the Wyatt Family for the last three months. The Apex Predator is one of a handful of superstars who can be Over with the crowd weather he’s a Face or a Heel. We probably won’t see the buildup until after the Elimination Chamber match though.







Possible Wrestlemania matchups are starting to come into focus

The Undertaker returns for Smackdown’s 900th Episode
The Phenom returned for the first time since Wrestlemania and the first thing he did was get in the face of the man he faced in a Hell in a Cell Match in April. Shane McMahon, who dove off the top of the cell at the end of the match and came back like nothing happened the following night (LOL!). Speaking of, ‘Taker called the Smackdown Commissioner “The man who has no fear”, referring to their match at Wrestlemania.

Speaking to the WWE Universe, The Deadman said “Wrestlemania would no longer define who I am. I’m here for taking souls and digging holes”. Translation: The Undertaker is now a member of the Smackdown roster. He’s not going to be at Survivor Series but he has promised swift punishment should Team Smackdown’s Mens team lose. It’s worth noting he was looking at the WWE Championship when he gave his warning.
Noticably absent from the 900th Episode were The Rock and John Cena. The Rock sent out a message via Instagram congratulating the brand based on his catchphrase on its 900th Episode. Hopefully he’ll be able to make it in person to the 1000th episode, which will likely be sometime in 2019.

While there was no explaination for Cena’s absence, he is scheduled to make an appearance next week following Survivor Series. It’s like I said a few months ago: Cena was drafted to Smackdown to help boost ratings. While the brand has been doing fine without him, he should at least be visible. Cena hasn’t appeared since his Triple Threat Match with AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose at No Mercy.

Smackdown’s  Survivor Series Mens team (with team mascot james Ellesworth) invaded RAW when it looked like Shane and D-Bry’s meeting with Steph and Foley was about to end very badly. When all hell broke loose, Team RAW managed to drive off Team Smackdown thanks in no small part to the Monster Heel Braun Strowman.

The following night, RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte showed up during Nikki Bella’s match with Carmella and grabbed a seat at ringside. Things went to hell fast when the team captains started going at it. When the action moved into the ring the rest of Team RAW–Sasha Banks, Baley, Nia Jaxx and Alicia Fox–stormed the ring and attacked Nikki and Carmella, who tried to aid her fellow Smackdown teammate desite being opponents moments earlier. Team Smackdown coach Natalya arrived with the rest of Team Smackdown–Naomi, Alexia Bliss and Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch–but it didn’t look like it would be enough to slow down Nia Jaxx. A missed tackle took her out of comission and evened the playing field for Team Smackdown, which managed to fend off the rest of Team RAW.

This is the first time we’ve seen cross-brand clashes since the buildup for Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton’s match at Summer Slam a few months ago. Of course, it makes sense given Survivor Series is a cross-brand Pay Per View. The next cross-brand Pay Per View will be the Royal Rumble in January.

Unsurprisingly, The Miz reclaimed the Intercontinental Championship. When Dolph Ziggler hold the title close before the match started, I knew he was booked to lose the title. The Miz will defend the IC title against RAW Superstar Sami Zayn at Survivor Series.

The Miz wasted no time rubbing his victory into D-Bry’s face on Talking Smack after Smackdown went off the air. The Smackdown GM reluctantly said he would be pulling for The Miz to successfully defend the IC Title at Smackdown: If the Miz loses the title, the IC title goes to RAW.

Personally, I think The Miz will retain. My reason for saying that is because of what D-Bry said after The Miz left the set. He said he’d been looking into trading The Miz to RAW for Sami Zayn or Caesaro. Of course, that was before he won back the IC title. There’s also the fact Stephanie McMahon said Sami Zayn will likely be off the roser if he fails to bring the IC title to RAW two weeks ago. So yeah, it makes more sense for Zayn to lose at Survivor Series, get released and sign with Smackdown. Dude kinda needs space to come into his own. He hasn’t really been used well on RAW.

…Plus RAW needs to make room for the eventual return of Finn Balor ala Seth Rollins.

The Undertaker returns for Smackdown’s 900th Episode

WWE’s Prodigal Son returns; The Undertaker confirmed for Wrestlemania 32

The 2/22 RAW opened with the shocking return of Shaned McMahon, who left left the WWE in 2009 to start his own company outside wrestling. Even though they kept in character, Shane said what the interwebs have been saying for the last 10 years about the state of the company–the stuff and many fansites don’t talk about.

The timing of his return was paramount: His sister Stephanie had just been given an award by their father in the middle of the ring when his music hit. The crowd chanting “Holy shit!” prefectly illustrates how unexpected–and unlikely–we would ever see Shane-O-Mack in a ring ever again.

It’s easy to forget about Shane McMahon’s impressive career as a WWE Superstar given all mentions of him were pulled off the company website after he left. There was no malicious intent behind that. He simply wanted the freedom to focus on doing his own thing for a while. Who can forget his incredible matches with Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, Edge, Christian, The Rock, Mick Foley and other WWE Superstars? \

Shane held multiple titles during his incredible in-ring career, almost always with the help of his father. There were plans for a Shane McMahon DVD that was recently scrapped. As of tonight, we now know why said plans were cancelled: Shane’s gonna get in the ring for the first time in 8 years.

His opponent: The Undertaker

The match: Hell in a Cell

The place: Wrestlemania 32

If Shane wins, he becomes RAW’s GM. If ‘Taker wins, Vince McMahon gets the contents of Shane’s “Lockbox”. This was likely a mix of storyline and breaking kayfabe: Shane was given the freedom to do what he wanted outside the company. Based on some rumors I’ve been hearing about Shane McMahon positioning himself to buy TNA, Shane’s sudden return may be more significant than it looks on the surface. Shane and Vince don’t see eye to eye in regards to WWE.

The WWE vs. WCW and ECW storyline from 15 years ago…I mention that because I think this might be this “trump card” Vince mentioned at the end of their promo. Even though the audio was muted, there was no question Vince said TNA and on that note, Vince has a team dedicated to watching all TNA publications. Vince himself watched WCW Nitro during the Monday Night Wars.

Anywho, Shane’s sudden return is clearly a sign of things to come. We’ll find out come April 4 if Shane’s still got it. Don’t let his gray hair fool you: Shane’s been keeping physically active during his time away from the ring. Well enough to face The Undertaker in Hell in the Cell at Wrestlemania 32? We’ll see.


WWE’s Prodigal Son returns; The Undertaker confirmed for Wrestlemania 32

The Wyatt Family/Brothers of Destruction Feud has been a real treat

The significance of this feud can’t be understated enough, either.

In one corner you have The Undertaker and Kane, the personification of destruction. In the other you have the Wyatt Family, which feeds on madness and chaos.

It’s the perfect storm =O

Kane and The Undertaker are on the card in Survivor Series against two members of The Wyatt Family of Bray Wyatt’s choosing. The feud, which actually started at Wrestlemania 32 when The Deadman and The Eater of Worlds face off was revived at Hell in a Cell last month: After The Undertaker’s match with Brock Lesnar, The Wyatt Family attacked The Deadman and carried him backstage. They did the same thing to Kane the following night on RAW as well.

Bray claimed to have successfully harvested the souls of The Brothers of Destruction but when the brothers returned last week to settle the score, it was cleaar they had one thing on their minds: Vengeance. Things got interesting last week when Bray asserted his power was now greater than The Deadman’s: Flanked by his Druids, Bray made the lights turn off and when they came back on, the Druids were all wearing white sheep masks and tried to attack The Brothers of Destruction. Of course, they were quickly dispatched. The Undertaker then said “You can’t kill what refuses to die.”

On Smackdown The Druids–now loyal to The Wyatt Family and wearing sheep masks–flanked the entrance ramp to the ring. The Brothers of Destruction appeared via Titantron and said that at Survivor Series, they would reclaim what was theirs. When the lights turned back on, all of the Driuds were laid out outside the ring, having been slain by Kane’s Hellfire.

…This is a passing of the torch to say the least as the aging Brothers of Destruction have apparently chosen their successors. The Wyatt Family stand poised to dominate the WWE landscape for years like The Undertaker and Kane have. There’s no greater honor than to chosen by two of the most decorated Superstars in WWE History.

The Wyatt Family/Brothers of Destruction Feud has been a real treat

Hell in a Cell 2015 Results



The Kickoff Show started at 7PM on WWE Network.

  • Much of the hour was spent promting the HIAC matches.
  • The kickoff match involved Ceasaro, Dolph Ziggler and Neville, who defeated  King Barret, Sheamus and Rusev in 6-man Tag action.

Now on to the event itself:

  • United States Championship Open Challenge: Talk about kicking off HIAC with a BANG! Alberto Del Rio, who was fired last year for reportedly mistreating a WWE employee was introduced by another surprise returning personality: Zeb Coulter, who hasn’t been seen in some time.  It was an impressive match but it was obvious Cena was meant to drop the title tonight. Del Rio’s a great choice, more so given his first match back: He’s a vet, after all. No hints were dropped as to weather he’s back as a Face or a Heel but based on Coulter being in his corner and the crowd’ reaction, I assume it’s as a Face for now. We’ll certainly know for sure tomorrow on RAW.
  • After the match, Triple H and Steph did a Promo with Seth Rollins and Kane about the latter two’s match.
  • Roman Reigns def. Bray Wyatt (Hell in a Cell Match): The first of the two Hell in a Cell matches on the card. Shades of the first HIAC match between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker were in the air as they put on a classic match in The Devil’s Playground. Only differences being no surprise interruption (Kane) and no blood. Reigns tapped into the same tenacity he showed at Wrestlemania, showing The Eater of Worlds how he stood toe to toe with Brock Lesnar at the Show Shows.
  • WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day def. The Dudley Boyz: Down the wire, I got the feeling the Dudleys weren’t gonna get a clean win. This was confirmed after Kofi Kingston nearly got the Dudleys disqualified by feigning injury by a foreign object. They’re heels so…yeah. I doubt the feud is over though I’m sure The Primetime Players will get involved now that The New Day has retained the titles.
  • Divas Champion Charlotte def. Nikki Bella: This was one hell of a match the current and former Divas Champion put on. They certainly didn’t disappoint and it was a pretty physical match. In the end, Charlotte picked up the win by making Nikki tap out to the Figure 8. It’s now a question of who her next opponent may be. It looks like it could be Paige given her Heel turn but we’ll probably know for sure come tomorrow’s RAW.
  • After the match, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose did a promo backstage, hinting Reigns might be back in the title picture come tomorrow’s RAW. It’s a question of weather or not it will be against Seth Rollins…or Kane. Speaking of said match…
  • WWE Champion Seth Rollins def. Kane: Had to admit I was surprised Rollins won cleanly given his track record. Nevermind the fact we now have confirmation the Lesnar/Taker HIAC Match is the card’s main event. Not the first time of course so…yeah.
  • Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens def. Ryback: For some reason, this match immediately followed the WWE Title Match. Regardless, everyone except John Cena retained tonight.
  • Brock Lesnar def. The Undertaker (Hell in a Cell Match): Unsurprisingly, both superstars started bleeding not long after the match began. The ring was literally torn apart as they fought to the finish. In the end, Lesnar emerged victorious but not before ending the match the same way ‘Taker ended their previous match. As Michael Cole said after the match, Lesnar’s definitely learned how to sell matches better while fighting The Undertaker. Taker was about to salue the crowd when–
  • After the match, The Wyatt Family came out to the ring and took out The Deadman. In a perverse display, The Wyatt family ceremoniously carried The Undertaker out of the ring backstage to who knows where.

And there you have it.

Post-PPV RAW is always big. I mean there’s so much stuff that needs covering:

  • Del Rio’s Back!: Easily the biggest moment of the night. It’ll be interesting to see how his return is explained.
  • Seth Rollins’ Next Opponent: Will it be Cesaro, Reigns, Lesnar or someone out of left field?
  • ‘Taker/Wyatt Feud Renewed?: I assume that’s what’s going on for now. Of course, the Wyatts getting involved is also meant to set things up for Survivor Series, which is a celebration of ‘Taker’s first appearance 25 years ago. I assume it will be a traditional Survivor Series match but who will step up and fight alongside The Deadman? My guesses are Kane, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton.


Hell in a Cell 2015 Results

The Post-Pay Per View RAW never disappoints

…And tonight was no exception. As he promised after the Royal Rumble, Bubba Ray Dudley returned on tonight’s RAW only this time he brought his brother D-Von with him. WWE’s most decorated Tag Team Champions are back and they wasted no time destroying the Tag Team Champions The New Day. They wasted no time making their intentions known to The Prime Time Players clear: They’ve returned to show the current Tag Team division how it’s done.

In other News:

  • Braun Strowman made his WWE debut as a member of the Wyatt Family. He’s slightly smaller than the Big Show. Oh and of course he’s a monster heel, completely destroying Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Obviously they’re gonna need to get someone who can match Strowman. There’s only two guys who come to mind who might be willing to step in: Mark Henry is the obvious choice and he likes Reigns. The other guy–and this is all based on good booking–would be Kane. Assuming of course Kane comes back as a Face.
  • John Cena got even with Jon Stewart, delivering an emphatic Attitude Adjustment to the former Daily Show host. The work was clearly rehearsed, as Stewart left the ring with a little assistance from WWE Security. Oh and this probably won’t be the last time we see Stewart in a WWE ring XD
  • The first two matches for Night of Champions seem to be set: Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker: Act III and Sting vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship. It is not yet known if Rollins will also have the U.S. Championship goint into Night of Champions but he won’t drop the WWE Championship til then at least.

Whew…I thought I posted this last week >.>;

Well, it’s a good thing I got it up before the next edition of RAW, which is tonight.

One thing worth noting is Hulk Hogan has been on his hands a knees on social media apologizing for racially inflammatory remarks he said that were made public last month. His contract with WWE was terminated within hours of the comments being made public. Comments that were said years ago from what I’ve researched. Ah, well. Like I said on Facebook, Hulk Hogan is obviously trying to get WWE to rehire him. I’m pretty sure they will after a bit more time passes.


The Post-Pay Per View RAW never disappoints