More Op-Eds urge Ronda Rousey to pursue a WWE Career

…At this point, I think it’s only a matter of time.

After losing in her redebut match in 48 seconds at UFC 207, it’s become painfully clear to everyone–most importantly Rousey herself–her MMA days are over. Her best bet is to take her talents to WWE, which she is already on very good terms with. She has said in the past she’d like to compete in the WWE several times before. It’s not a matter of IF but WHEN at this point. She is a huge WWE fan after all.

Rousey famously appeared alongside The Rock, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in a promo at Wrestlemania 31. If WWE isn’t on the phone with Rousey right now, they should be. Getting Rousey would probably kill TNA and bring in more UFC fans at the same time just to watch her.

Maybe even have her introduced as a Free Agent at Wrestlemania.  Steph and Shane come out and introduce her. Rousey comes out, crowd goes nuts. Rousey says she came for one purpose and that was to win the Women’s Championship. The current RAW and Smackdown Women’s Champions come out to size her up. Shane speaks up saying Rousey may have signed a WWE contract but she hasn’t signed with either brand yet.

The months leading up to Summer Slam, Rousey appears on both shows. Then she’s booked in a match against both Women’s Champions. She will join the show of whichever Champion she beats. However, she will go to opposite show of whichever Champion beats her.  THAT would be good booking.

Make it happen, WWE!


More Op-Eds urge Ronda Rousey to pursue a WWE Career

On second thought, let’s revisit the Roman Reigns hate

During the 2 minutes I spent getting the results of AJ Styles and Chris Jericho’s match at a particular forum last night, I was reminded of why I stopped posting on said forum I won’t name: Folks bitch and complain about anything and everything. The funny thing is they don’t hate Roman Reigns per se. Just the company he works for. Why? Because Kayfabe is mostly dead and Reigns has been getting pushed since The Shield broke up two years ago.

Roman Reigns is the epitome of the term you can’t please everyone. He is the WWE’s next marquee headliner like it or not. He is not Seth Rollins’ stand-in. He EARNED his place just like Rollins did.

When The Shield first came to the WWE four years ago, everyone knew that Reigns would have a solid solo career. The Shield breaking up was done to give the fans just that. The plan wasn’t as well-received as hoped as folks chose to rally around Seth Rollins instead. I don’t have a problem with Rollins on that note. He’s easily the second-best main event Heel after Bray Wyatt in my opinion. Even so, I expect Rollins to Face turn upon his return in a few months.

The house crowd’s reaction to Reigns when he came out…I’m sure it shocked all of the McMahons who were there. None more than Reigns if I had to guess. More so given Triple H ended up carrying the match. It was obviously a message not for Reigns but WWE’s Creative Team, who are likely still freaking out over the crowd reaction.

This was clearly not the reaction anyone backstage anticipated. Was it because of poor booking? The experience gap? Missteps with the buildup? All three will be re-examined in the days and weeks to come behind the scenes. Me, I see it as just plain hate.

This isn’t the first time the main event’s clear winner was booed the whole match. As I mentioned in my previous post, the other guy was John Cena at WM 29. This despite The Rock extending an olive branch after the match. Of course, in that case the hate was legit: The match was booked the RAW after WM28. A mistake WWE will not repeat. LOL.

You look around the internet today and all you see is negative reactions to Reigns winning the WWE Championship and WM32 in general. It’s a constant reminder of why I decided to take over this blog last year. Filter out the crap and draw your own conclusions. Everyone has an opinion and thinks theirs is the only one that should matter.

To those who get off bashing WWE, you’re wasting your time. FInd something more productive to do with your time like watching paint dry.

On second thought, let’s revisit the Roman Reigns hate

The WM32 card’s almost a carbon copy of WM31’s now

…Minus Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan.

I’m even having second thoughts on weather I should bother watching at all–I already know Roman Reigns is booked to win the WWE Title.It’s just about seeing how the match ends and what happens immediately afterward.

Vince prettymuch turning the Shane vs. ‘Taker Hell in a Cell Match into a Retirement Match was predictable and killed the hype I had for it at the same time. Turning it into a retirement match for ‘Taker was overkill and not necessary.

The boys and girls over at Gamefaqs’ WWE Board called it right: Vince suddenly returning after being offscreen for almost 4 years was for WM32. We just didn’t know what role he would play…until Shane returned. Reigns’ feud with Triple H turned out to be a Red Herring–he was really brought back to make the ‘Taker vs. Shane WM match.

That said, I now agree with those who’ve said from the beginning this was terrible booking. I waited to see how the match would be promo’d before I drew any conclusions, This latest move was an obvious marketing effort to get new WWE Network Subscriptions and on that note, I re-subbed for WM32 last week. I get they needed to find an opponent for both Shane and ‘Taker for WM32 but each other? It’s a one-sided mismatch ‘Taker won’t cleanly lose.

A look at some of his recently workout videos are a good indication of why: The guy’s pushing 60 and he can lift 1000 lbs. The footage of Shane’s insane training is impressive but vs. ‘Taker, it won’t be enough as ‘Taker said to him last week. It’s all about who’s been booked to win. I’ll be fine with the popular wish for Shane to win but the match itself was unnecessary.

Given the more likely opponents for ‘Taker–D-Bry or Sting–were off the table due to career-ending neck injuries, they had to find SOMEONE. Renewing the Brothers of Destruction vs. Wyatt Family feud would have been much better booking in my opinion. As for Shane, having him face Sheamus or The Miz would’ve made Shane look credible even with the same stipulations placed on the ‘Taker/Shane match. While it is true The League of Nations is booked to fight The New Day at WM, taking one away would still make it a 3 on 3 match.


Speaking of, here’s where the headline for this article comes into play: As we all know, there was a ladder match for the IC Title at WM31. That match involved King Barrett (title holder), D-Bry (who won the match), Ambrose, R-Truth, Luke Harper, Dolph Zliggler and Stardust.

If those last two names sound familiar, they should: Ziggler and Stardust were both involved in what turned out to be D-Bry’s final Wrestlemania match. If KO doesn’t retain, I’m sure Ziggler or Sami Zahn will win, If not one of them then The Miz. I’ll have to check but I think this might be Zack Ryder and Sin Carra’s first WM appearances. Pretty impressive if it is.

This may be for the Divas Championship–and on that note, I expect the title to change hands–but it certainly won’t be the only Divas match on the card. It’s obvious Lana vs. Brie Bella is being set up. Possibly even a third match involving Paige and Natalya vs. Naomi and Tamina during the pre-show.

Speaking of the Pre Show–

…The USOs vs. The Dudley Boyz.

Making the Dudleys heels for this match was a pretty bold but predictable move. It could be made even more interesting if it becomes a Table Match.

…Let’s be honest, we know it’s gonna happen. It just hasn’t been announced yet.

AJ Styles is so over with the WWE universe. Folks will just need to be patient for a little bit longer but AJ will definitely be put in the hunt for the WWE Championship. Just not anytime soon.

…Besides, Orton and Cena are both expected to return shortly after Wrestlemania.

I predict Cena getting one, maybe two more title runs. Whoever isn’t placed in the title picture shortly after their return will be used to make Reigns’ title run look credible. The other will be used to help other other superstars.

We know Cena’s a company guy and after the last year and a half it’s obvious WWE’doesn’t want him to hold the title for a least a little while longer. That means Orton will be working with Reigns while Cena joins The Big Show by working with the midcards who need a little more help getting over.

…Whew. Somewhere along the way this post lost its way XD

At some point I’ll put a few lists together. After all, WWE’s got all of the right pieces it needs to bring in new fans and more revenue through Merchandise and WWE Network. It’s all about how said pieces are used.


The WM32 card’s almost a carbon copy of WM31’s now

3/14 RAW: Mick Foley passes the Torch + Possible Shield Reunion Teased?

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley shared this side by side comparison shortly after he presented the barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat to Dean Ambrose on RAW during their promo last night. The symbolic gesture would seem to substantiate rumors Triple H and Vince McMahon are both actively looking to bring back hardcore matches. They’ve certainly got the talent to realistically pull it off now. Could the hardcore-esque matches that have been happening in recent months be more than just a work? Could we see the return of the Hardcore Championship Title?

This other bit of info would be easy to dismiss if not for the fact Seth Rollins has been sharing #TBT pics of The Shield and openly suggesting a possible SHIELD reunion when he returns to the ring. It’s very possible he will be a face when he returns. For those who don’t know, Seth Rollins is currently out with due to injury. Technically never losing the WWE Championship aside, Rollins held both the WWE Championship and the US Championship at the same time last year. Cena did a great job making Rollins credible last year.

Of course, the other two former Shield members have been getting mega pushes ever since the Shield broke up: Roman Reigns is likely booked to win the WWE Title vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania in April, making him a 3-time Champion in 4 months–As a reminder, Reigns won the tournament to win the WWE Title after it was initially vacated due to Rollins’ injury. He lost it moments later the same night to Sheamus, who cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase. He would then win the title again on RAW 2 weeks later but lost it again to Triple H at the Royal Rumble.

Dean Ambrose has held both lower-tier titles (US Title and IC Title) and has also been involved in several WWE World Heavyweight Championship Matches. Except for Roadblock (3/12/2016), they were Triple Threat or Fatal Fourway Matches though. In that match, he went up against Triple H and came pretty close to winning the title. The match was obviously done to make Ambrose winning the title believable. Of course, The Ambrose Asylum and Suplex City Collide at Wrestlemania 31 in a No Holds Barred Street Fight ^_^

All that said, I don’t seen the Shield immediately getting back together when Rollins eventually returns: It’s subtle now but I can see Ambrose and Reigns doing more promos apart than together. I do see Rollins being the one trying to get The Shield back together though when he returns, though.


3/14 RAW: Mick Foley passes the Torch + Possible Shield Reunion Teased?

…And thus, the Main Event for Wrestlemania 32 has been set


…The road to Wrestlemania 32 began at the Royal Rumble.

While my predictions for the main event’s outcome didn’t happen at all, I’m thoroughly impressed with how it ended. Triple H went off script a bit with is speech (as usual) on the post-Rumble RAW: I think it’s a safe bet he won’t defend the title at Fast Lane later this month.

Given this is the first time The Game will be competing against a non-Attitude Era Super Star who isn’t Brock Lesnar or Sting at Wrestlemania, Triple H is just holding the title for now. It was a dick move on his part and very predictable but storyline wise, it’s brilliant. For those keeping count, he is one win away from tying with John Cena, who himself is one WWE Title win away from tying Ric Flair’s 16-time record. As an aside, Cena’s taking some time off to focus on other things (kayfabe, he’s injured).

Getting back to Wrestlemania 32, it will likely be Triple H vs. Roman Reigns. It’s no secret Trips has wanted to get in the ring with Reigns for a while at a PPV event. The table has been set. Let’s be honest: Dean Ambrose is the Intercontinental Champion and can be expected to defend said title at Wrestlemania.

Of course, Lesnar has also been booked for a match at Wrestlemania. The question is who will his opponent be. It’ll likely be made clear at Fast Lane but I’m guessing it will be against the Wyatt Family. There’s no DQ in Triple Threat matches so what’s likely to happen is the Wyatts get involved and cost Lesnar the win. Of course, Kane clearly has some unfinished business with the Wyatt family but I don’t see them teaming up. Lesnar fights Strowman while Kane fights Bray Wyatt.

We also know Sting has been booked to appear at Wrestlemania. The question is who will he face. All signs point to the REAL dream match fans want to see: Sting vs. The Undertaker. It would be interesting to say the least. Speaking of The Deadman: he’s said he’s got enough in the tank to compete at Wrestlemania so…yeah.

Finally, where does this leave The Rock? We know he’s not hosting and it’s not yet known if he will be in a match or if he’ll just do a skit like last year. I’m thinking he’ll appear in a skit but be ringside for The Usos or Roman Reigns’ match–they ARE his cousins, after all.

Charlotte’s Heel turn and Sasha Banks’ Face turn appears to be complete as of the Royal Rumble. We knew there was no way in hell Charlotte was gonna be able to feud with Becky Lynch as a Face so…yeah. What’s likely is Charlotte will drop the title to Sasha or Becky at Wrestlemania. It feels like that’s how things are being set up to be.

Moving on to the Injured list:

  • is reporting Nikki Bella will be out indefinitely due to injury. We know this is a work and she’s just fine. It’s likely she’s just taking time off to be PR work for the company in other capacities.
  • As a reminder, Seth Rollins is gone until July the earliest.
  • Randy Orton is scheduled to return from injury after Wrestlemania.

The big news on Daniel Bryan…that’s getting a separate blog post =O

…And thus, the Main Event for Wrestlemania 32 has been set

TNA’s Latest big export to WWE getting set up for a title shot?

…I’m talking about AJ Styles.

For those who haven’t heard by now, the former TNA superstar made his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble last Sunday. Above is his new entrance music. Styles is the latest big name from TNA to bring his talents to the WWE.

Here is his electric WWE Debut at the Royal Rumble:

Even though the commentators are going out of their way to not say he’s from TNA, everyone knows where he just came from. TNA hasn’t been doing so good in recent years. The new IP Lucha Wrestling promotion that appeared on ESPN over the weekend is doing better in comparison. For those who don’t know, that’s where Rey Mysterio went after his contract with WWE expired.  He would later be joined by John Morrison aka Johnny Mundo.

Anyways, it’s clear Vince is looking to show TNA it was a mistake to think it could compete with WWE. Unlike with WCW he’s not pulling any punches this time. LOL. Alot of folks have said for the last 10 years Kurt Angle’s the one holdout keeping TNA going. As a former WWE Superstar. he knows the game well. He’s been reportedly approached by WWE several times with contact offers and refused them all. He clearly wants to end his wrestling career win TNA. His career’s just about done as it is.

In the end, Styles made the smart move going to WWE. He’s got job security and will likely get put in the title picture after Wrestlemania. He might even get thrown a bone by getting booked to face Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania. THAT would be awesome.


Speaking of Dean Ambrose, he is the only active WWE Superstar who’s held both the US Championship and the Interncontinental Championship. A WWE Title reign might not be too far off for him =D

On that note, we all know Roman Reigns is gonna face Triple H at Wrestlemania. It is SO obvious. Reigns wins the triple threat match and main events Wrestlemania. The question is what does Lesnar get in return? ‘Taker will likely be booked to face Sting if he returns this year and Lesnar, like ‘Taker can prettymuch choose who he wants to fight.

TNA’s Latest big export to WWE getting set up for a title shot?

Don’t listen to the Internet, Vince knows what he’s doing

Triple H said on the Stone Cold Podcast last year Paul Heyman rides the line between Sanity and Insanity like a razor. It’s fair to say Vince McMahon wrote the book on it. Now, the internet armchair quarterbacks would have you thinking “Vince McMahon’s back? LOL the Brand’s in trouble!”

…Not true. Vince is just an egolomaniac.

Trips being out of action is a work. Everyone knows that. Since The Authority is supposed to be Heel, naturally Vince had to come back as a Heel. A Mary Sue Heel yes but a damned good one. Vince put the”S” on to win the Monday Night Wars during the Attitude Era 20 years ago. WWE’s a global powerhouse again and thanks to NXT,  new talent is coming in with in-ring and experience they the WWE knows of in detail.

Some–ok, many–will say the One VS. All gimmick for the Royal Rumble is a bad idea because it shows “WWE’s writers are grasping for ideas”. 10 years ago I might have agreed but this year, it works because both of these guys are in it:

Wrestlemania’s Main Event is wide open and even better, we know at least one of them is guaranteed to be in it. Let’s be honest, Lesnar being forced to compete in the Royal Rumble match wasn’t just some arm-twisting on Stephanie McMahon’s part: One of them will definitely Main Event Wrestlemania.

If Lesnar wins, it’s doubtful he will rematch Reigns this time. Yeah, I know we’ve been seeing Wrestlemania rematches alot in recent years (Undertaker vs. Triple H/Shawn Michaels and John Cena vs. The Rock) but as we were reminded on the 1/18 RAW, Reigns is the only guy other than The Undertaker who doesn’t seem to mind fighting The Beast. If Lesnar doesn’t fight Reigns in the main event…well, we know for sure John Cena won’t be available for Wrestlemania!

Reigns’ storyline post-Royal Rumble could go one of two ways:

  • If he wins, he faces Triple H at the Main Event. The storyline would go Reigns is forced to defend his title at Fastlane after winning the Royal Rumble against Lesnar. Whoever wins goes on to Main Event Wrestlemania while the other faces a “mystery opponent” at Wrestlemania. Reigns retains while Lesnar goes on to face Braun Strowman of the Wyatt Family. After the Fastlane Match, Triple H comes down to the ring and destroys Reigns, saying he’ll be taking the WWE Title come Wrestlemania.
  • If he loses, he will likely be booked in a tag team match alongside The Rock against Triple H and Vince McMahon. For those who haven’t yet heard, The Rock has been booked for a match in Wrestlemania. Putting him in a tag team match with his cousin against The Cerebral Assassin and The WWE Chairman? After Lesnar Wins, Vince McMahon comes down to ring and tells Reigns not to worry, he’s still going to have a match at Wrestlemania. Triple H comes down to the ring and destroys Reigns. McMahon then says he forgot to mention it will be a tag team match: He will team with Triple H against Reigns and a partner of his choice. We find out the next day on RAW The Rock will be Reigns’ partner from The Rock himself.

I’ll be genuinely surprised if things do play out as I predicted: Randy Orton won’t be back until after Royal Rumble, Seth Rollins is out until at least July and John Cena is taking some long needed time off–the “injury” is a work, they needed to give a reason for his long absence–to do other things. Who does that leave? No one else.

‘Taker vs. Sting is definitely possible. Fans have wanted it forever. We just don’t yet know if ‘Taker is on board. He’s definitely gotten healthier as his feud with Lesnar indicated. Sting has been doing promotional work since Wrestlemania 31 and hasn’t competed since.


Yes indeed. 2016 is sure to be one to remember!


Don’t listen to the Internet, Vince knows what he’s doing